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Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management 8 Essentials

Question No: 31

You are in a governance organization that has established a project management methodology with work product and document requirements that must be included in every project. You are doing an audit prior to a gate review for a specific project. You are fairly certain that the project manager and project are in compliance with these requirements, but you cannot see the required work products and documents in the project workspace. How can you solve this problem?

  1. Go to Activities and search tor the Work Products and Documents by using an Activity view.

  2. Go to a dashboard and look for the Work Products and Documents in a portlet.

  3. Create a global activity code for required Work Products and Documents to call out activities.

  4. Go to the Project section and click Work Products and Documents to view the portlet.

Answer: D

Explanation: Before you can assign WPs and Docs, you must create them at the project level.

On the left-hand toolbar, click on the icon to open up the WPs amp; Docs window The WPs amp; Docs window is shown in the following screenshot:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Here you can add new documents to your project and categorize them.

Note: Work Products and Documents (WPs amp; Docs) allows you to provide documentation for the project. Examples include material safety data sheets, punch lists, specifications, project

manager notes and reports, product guides, and more. To add a document, choose Assign, and select the appropriate document. You may

Question No: 32

Select the true statement regarding live or summarized data.

  1. Live data is used for resource management.

  2. Live data is used for portfolio management.

  3. Summarized data is used for resource management.

  4. Summarized data is used for project management.

    Answer: D

    Explanation: The Project Baseline is a single metric for comparison that enables all members of a team to have a shared and consistent set of data against which to evaluate project progress. There is only one Project Baseline at any time. All pages that display summarized data compare and display data against the Project Baseline.

    Reference; P6 EPPM User#39;s Guide, About Baselines

    Question No: 33

    You are developing a reporting strategy for a customer who requires monthly reports showing cost variance. The customer has two requirements.

    1. Each report must come from Primavera.

    2. Each month#39;s report must become a quot;snapshotquot; for legal traceability purposes. Which P6 R8 solution addresses each of the customer#39;s requirements?

      1. Email monthly report to distribution list

      2. Send reports directly to printers at all user locations

      3. Archive printed reports in files under security

      4. Send generated report to content repository

Answer: D

Explanation: The BI Publisher report is generated by the BI Publisher engine and rendered into a desired format.

The same report can be rendered as PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, or even in an interactive web view. This rendered output can then be sent on demand or on a schedule to many destinations including e-mail, content repository, a file system, and more.

Note: Having a content repository integrated with P6 can turn cluttered, unstructured content

into organized assets by making it easier to catalog, access, search, and reuse documentation.

Note 2: BI Publisher

BI Publisher is a key part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack. The technology for BI Publisher was originally developed for Oracle E-Business suite, but it is now used in a wide range of systems, including Primavera Contract Manager, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft. From a user#39;s point-of view, it is very convenient to learn one well designed

reporting tool that is also used in many other systems. BI Publisher has many users, and many resources available to help with reporting needs.

BI Publisher is designed such that the data being reported on is completely separated from the layout of the report, and the layout of the report is completely separated

from the report output format.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Reference: Oracle Primavera, Connecting the Content Repository to P6

Question No: 34

You are a portfolio manager. You opened a portfolio and you refreshed the filter. However, some of the projects that were previously in the portfolio are no longer there.

What happened?

  1. You no longer have sufficient project-level security to view the quot;missingquot; project#39;s data.

  2. Your web interface license was revoked to allow other users to interface with the projects.

  3. The value of the code assigned to the missing projects has changed.

  4. The projects were deleted when the filter was refreshed.

Answer: A

Explanation: If you choose to update Primavera activities that fall within a filter and choose to add new activities, only activities that meet that filter’s criteria will be added.

Question No: 35

Identify the true statement regarding project templates.

  1. They are managed using Methodology Manager.

  2. They are managed in the web in the same database.

  3. They are created in the client and managed in the web.

  4. They are created using Project Architect.

Answer: B

Explanation: Oracle Primavera EPPM 8.0 (also known as P6 Release 8.0 or P6R8) introduces users to Project Templates. In previous versions, Oracle Primavera had Methodology Manager and Project Manager. Now with P6 R8 (P6R8, P6R8.2) Templates can be easily identify and stored within the Project Management database. This new feature enables the Project Controls/Project Management Office (PMO) having one single global dictionary for project codes, activity codes, roles, administration preferences and security profiles.

Note 1: Project templates help you create new projects by providing a

common set of project properties and items that can be used to create new projects quickly. This will allow you to get right to implementing your project plan.

Note 2: Templates Features

Same Graphical User Interface (GUI) Single Application

One Global Dictionary

Templates within the EPS Hierarchy Re-use existing project data

Project setting for Templates Apply partial Template information Template Description

Project Codes Same GUI

There is a new Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) view that easily allows the addition of Project Templates.

Question No: 36

You are an application administrator. You received a change request to alter the relationship between an EPS node and its associated OBS element.

What would be a prudent course of action to complete before moving forward with this change?

  1. Merge the old OBS element with the requested OBS element.

  2. Create a new OBS element per the change request.

  3. Determine which users would be affected.

  4. Delete the old OBS element per change request.

Answer: C

Explanation: Users might be affected.

Note: The OBS and EPS are interconnected such that the OBS can be used to apply security roles and access all projects below specific EPS elements.

Question No: 37

By default, a role#39;s limit is determined by .

  1. the manually entered value on the Limit tab in the Role Dictionary

  2. the combined limit of all resources assigned to the role

  3. the combined limit of all primary resources assigned to the role

  4. the combined limit of all primary resources assigned to a project

Answer: A

Explanation: By default, role limits are calculated based on the limit defined for each role’s primary resource, which may not accurately reflect a role’s planned allocation.

Reference; Oracle Primavera P6 Project Management, Reference Manual, Define role limits

Question No: 38

You are an application administrator. You have been asked by your CEO to simplify the user interface for executives like her who are interested in high level summary information. Identify two ways to satisfy this request.

  1. Customize the toolbar in a saved view.

  2. Customize the EPS In a global view.

  3. Customize security In the OBS.

  4. Customize the Details fields in the Activity view.

  5. Customize the menu bars in a saved view.

Answer: A,E Explanation: A:

  • Customize a toolbar icon. You can individually customize icons in the module. T

  • Rather than customizing existing toolbars, you can create custom toolbars that include only the icons you want to display in groups meaningful to you.

  • E: Customizing menus

    The module provides customizable toolbars that enable you to quickly access all available windows, dialog boxes, and associated functionality.

    Reference: P6 Professional User#39;s Guide, Working with Toolbars and Menus

    Question No: 39

    An activity is to be completed within a fixed time period and the total effort is also fixed. What duration type should be used?

    1. Fixed Units

    2. Fixed Duration and Units/Time

    3. Fixed Units/Time

    4. Fixed Duration and Units

    Answer: D

    Explanation: For Fixed Duration amp; Units, the duration and units remain constant as the units/time are changed. Use this duration type when the activity must be completed within a fixed time period and the total amount of work is fixed.

    Question No: 40

    Identify this icon:

    Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

    1. Customize Columns in the View

    2. Customize Tabs in the Details

    3. Customize GANTT Chart Options

    4. Customize and Save View

    Answer: C

    Explanation: See 3) below for the use of the Gantt Chart Options button.

    Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

    Customizing the Resources Assignments Gantt Chart Bars

    Customize the settings for the Gantt chart view on the Resources Assignments page. You can set features for up to three bars per assignment.

    To customize the resource assignments Gantt chart bars:

    1. Click Resources.

    2. On the Resources navigation bar, click Assignments.

    3. On the Assignments page, click View and choose:

    Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

    Gantt Chart Options.

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