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Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Essentials

Question No: 21

In the ILOM CLI from an Exalogic compute node, which command can be used to view a list of components that have been faulted?

  1. view /SP/faultmgmt

  2. show /SP/faultmgmt

  3. view /CMM/faultmgmt

Answer: B

Question No: 22

On Oracle Solaris, which command is used to create a virtual IPoIB interface?

  1. dladm create – vnic – 1 lt;physical_IPoIB_interfacegt; lt;virtual_interface_namegt;

  2. ipadm createvnic – 1 lt;physical_IPoIB_interfacegt; lt;virtual_interface_namegt;

  3. dladm create – part – 1 lt;physical_IPoIB_interfacegt; – P lt;partition_keygt;


  4. ipadm create – vnic – 1 lt;physical_IPoIB_interfacegt; – P lt;partition_keygt;


Answer: C

Explanation: Configure IPoIB on Solaris 10 branded zone

Login to the global zone as root user and run the following commands Example:

#dladm create-part -P ffff -l ibp0 s10zone0_bond0_0

Question No: 23

When configuring a Solaris zone, which command would you use to list all available physical network interfaces in the global zone?

  1. ipadm show – phys

  2. ipadm show – link

  3. dladm show – link

  4. dladm show – phys

Answer: D

Question No: 24

What is true about the Exalogic InfiniBand network?

  1. On each compute node, one HCA port (Active) connects to one gateway leaf switch and the other HCA port (passive) connects to another gateway leaf switch.

  2. On compute node, both the HCA ports connect to one gateway leaf switch in the rack.

  3. On each compute node, both the HCA ports connect to the InfiniBand 36-port spine switch in the rack.

  4. On each compute node, both the HCA ports connect to the InfiniBand 36-port spine switch in the rack.

Answer: A

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18476_01/doc.220/e18478/network.htm#CACEJAIH

Question No: 25

Which three statements are correct about Node Manager?

  1. Node Manager starts, shuts down, and restarts an administration server.

  2. Node Manager starts, shuts down, suspends, and restarts managed servers.

  3. Node Manager generates a log file for each server instance it controls.

  4. Node Manager enables you to reconfigure the network on Exalogic compute nodes.

  5. Node Manager starts, shuts down, and restarts an Exalogic compute node.

Answer: A

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18476_01/doc.220/e18479/create_domain.htm (Configuring Java Node Manager)

Question No: 26

Managed servers in a cluster .

  1. Must all reside in the same domain because you cannot split a cluster over multiple domains

  2. Can have different deployments from their peers

  3. Must all be deployed on the same operating

  4. Must be able to communicate with the node manager in order for clustering to function properly

Answer: A

Question No: 27

Which three statements are correct concerning scaling the deployment topology on Exalogic to additional machines?

  1. If using Active GridLink datasource, then adding a RAC node requires no reconfiguration.

  2. Adding a Coherence node requires no application reconfiguration.

  3. Adding an OHS instance requires reconfiguration of the dynamic server list.

  4. Adding a WebLogic Server instance to the cluster requires that the administration is running.

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 28

In which scenario would you configure a set of floating IP addresses using the BOND1 interface for WebLogic managed servers and administration server?

  1. When HTTP traffic comes from the external data center

  2. For the private InfiniBand fabric network traffic used by the WebLogic Server instances and coherence servers

  3. For WebLogic Server replication traffic

  4. When database traffic needs to be isolated on a separate virtual LAN

Answer: A

Question No: 29

Which two statements best describe an Exalogic configured environment? (Choose Two)

  1. Each compute node uses NFS to access the Sun ZFS storage.

  2. The ZFS shared storage appliance is used to host only application log files. Other binaries and data are stored locally on the compute nodes.

  3. The Sun ZFS storage houses all application binaries, log files, and other required data. Only the operating system is stored locally on compute node storage.

  4. In the reference topology, the Sun ZFS storage appliance spare storage head is used to run the domain administrative server.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 30

Which two are correct about Node Manager configuration?

  1. Modify and use the original Node Manager configuration and local files located in the middleware home directory.

  2. Copy the original Node Manager configuration and log files to a new directory outside of middleware home. Then, modify properties as necessary.

  3. There is no need to modify the default configuration.

  4. The Node Manager instance running on an Exalogic compute node listens on the BOND0/private address of the compute node.

Answer: B,D

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