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By | January 25, 2018

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SPARC T4-Based Server Installation Essentials

Question No: 31

The customer wants power-on self-test (POST) to be triggered any time power is applied, or there is an error-invoked reset. How is this best accomplished?

  1. Set the diagnostic trigger value to quot;power-on-resetquot; and level of diagnostic s to quot;debugquot;

  2. Set the diagnostic trigger value to quot;error-resetquot; and level of diagnostics to quot;debugquot;.

  3. Set the diagnostic trigger value to quot;all resetsquot;.

  4. Set the diagnostic trigger value to quot;power-on-reset error-resetquot;.

Answer: D

Question No: 32

On a SPARC T4 server running Oracle Solaris 11, you execute the following:

% beaddm create alt_krit What is the result?

  1. Creates a snapshot of the boot environment quot;alt_kritquot;

  2. Makes quot;alt_kritquot; the default boot environment

  3. Renames the default boot environment to quot;alt_kritquot;

  4. Creates a new boot environment named quot;alt_kritquot;

Answer: D


Question No: 33

You are installing a SPARC T4 server at a customer site using a single-phase power feed. The power outlet is 15 meters (16.4 feet) from device. Which Enterprise Installation Standard (EIS) document would you have highlighted this issue prior to installation?

  1. Site audit report

  2. Test procedure plan

  3. Power routing map

  4. Server operational checklist

Answer: D

Question No: 34

On SPARC T4-2 server, if the memory riser has four dual-rank DIMMs, its bandwidth is approximately 94% of the possible maximum. If the memory riser has only two dual-rank DIMMs, what is the approximate bandwidth as a percent of the total bandwidth?

A. 29%

B. 35%

C. 41%

D. 47%

Answer: D

Question No: 35

In the ILOM if you redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS, but disable HTTPS, what will be the result?

  1. You will only be able to access the ILOM web interface via HTTPS, since HTTPS cannot be disabled.

  2. You will be able to access the ROM web interface via HTTP or HTTPS.

  3. You will only be able to accessthe ILOM web Interface via HTTP.

  4. You will not be able to access the ILOM web interface.

Answer: D

Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19201-01/820-6411- 12/configcomm_web.html(enable http or https web access, see the note)

Question No: 36

Activating Auto Service Request (ASR) Assets .

  1. Is done on the Asset only

  2. Is done on both the Asset and the ASR Manager system

  3. Is done on the ASR Manager system only

  4. Is done on My Oracle Support only

Answer: D Reference:http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/systems/asr/overview/index.html(second para)

Question No: 37

According to the Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS) for SPARC T4 servers running Oracle Solaris 10, what steps are required in order to configure the server to use Auto Service Request (ASR)?

  1. 1. Enable ILOM telemetry

    2. Activate the ASR Asset

  2. 1. Enable SunMC telemetry

    1. Enable FMA telemetry

    2. Activate the ASR Asset

  3. 1. Enable SunMC telemetry

    2. Activate the ASR Asset

  4. 1. Enable ILOM telemetry

  1. Enable FMA telemetry

  2. Activate the ASR Asset

    Answer: D

    Question No: 38

    You are running Oracle Solaris on a SPARC T4 server and wish to enable network traffic control and guest domains. What action needs to be performed?

    1. Nothing, since networking between the control and guest domains are automatically enabled

    2. Add a virtual network device to each guest domain

    3. Configure the virtual switch device as a network device

    4. Set up an I/O domain that has direct access to a physical I/O device

Answer: B

Question No: 39

The runs its own embedded operating system.

  1. Logical Domains Manager

  2. Oracle ILOM service processor

  3. OpenBoot PROM

  4. Hardware Management Pack

Answer: B Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18476_01/doc.220/e18478/ilom.htm(ILOM overview, see the para immediately after the bulleted points)

Question No: 40

You have set up several guest domains on a SPARC T4 server. Which operating system(s) are supported in these guest domains?

  1. Oracle Solaris only

  2. Oracle Linux only

  3. Oracle Solaris or Oracle Linux

  4. Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and OpenSolaris

Answer: A

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