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Oracle Solaris 11 Advanced System Administration

Question No: 71

You are tasked to reconfigure zone1 to use virtual interface vnic1 as its network interface. Which two steps must be included?

  1. Disable IP Filter and IPsec.

  2. Configure the NWAM NCP to Automatic.

  3. Change the shared IP zone to an exclusive IP zone.

  4. Reboot zone1 so that changes made with zonecfg take effect.

  5. From the global zone, set the IP address of vnic1 and configure the default route.

    Answer: C,D

    Explanation: * How to Reconfigure a Zone to Use a VNIC

    1. Become an administrator.

    2. Create the VNIC.

(C) 3. Change the zone#39;s IP type from shared to exclusive. 4.Change the zone#39;s interface to use a VNIC.

5. Verify and commit the changes you have implemented and then exit the zone.

(D) 6. Reboot the zone.

  1. Log in to the zone.

  2. Configure the VNIC with a valid IP address.

  • Example. Reconfiguring a Zone Configuration to Use a VNIC

  • In this example, zone2 already exists as a shared zone. The zone also uses the primary interface of the system rather than a virtual link. You need to modify zone2 to use vnic2. To use vnic2, zone2#39;s IP type must first be changed to exclusive. Note that some of the output is truncated to focus on the relevant information that relates to virtual networks.

    global# dladm create-vnic -l net0 vnic2 global# zonecfg -z zone2

    1. zonecfg:zone1gt; set ip-type=exclusive zonecfg:zone1gt; remove net physical=net0 zonecfg:zone1gt; add net zonecfg:zone1:netgt; set physical=vnic2 zonecfg:zone1:netgt; end

      zonecfg:zone1gt; verify zonecfg:zone1gt; commit zonecfg:zone1gt; exit

    2. global# zoneadm -z zone2 reboot

    global# zlogin zone2

    zone2# ipadm create-ip vnic2

    zone2# ipadm create-addr -a vnic2 ipadm: vnic2/v4

    zone2# exit

    global# vi /etc/hosts


    1 localhost localhost loghost #For net0 zone1 #using vnic1 zone2 #using vnic2

    Question No: 72

    Which two statements are correct regarding IPS repositories?

    1. Remote client access is governed by svc:/application/pkg/server.

    2. Every new repository contains the solaris publisher by default.

    3. One repository can replicate the contents of another.

    4. The pkg.depotd process makes all local repositories remotely available.

    5. A repository uses separate protocols for pkg and browser clients.

    Answer: A,D

    Explanation: A: The pkd.depotd service is managed by SMF under the service identifier svc:/application/pkg/server.


    * Example:

    Configure pkg.depotd to provide remote access. pkg.depotd provides an HTTP interface to a pkg repo. Here we are going to make the repo server listen on port 10000, and use the repo dir we created as its default.

    # svcadm disable pkg/server

    # svccfg -s pkg/server setprop pkg/inst_root = /data/myrepo

    # svccfg -s pkg/server setprop pkg/port = 10000

    # svcadm refresh pkg/server

    # svcadm enable pkg/server

    * pkg.depotd is the depot server for the image packaging system. It provides network access to the data contained within a package repository. Clients that do not support direct access to a repository through the file system, or for which network access is the only available or preferred method of transport, typically use the package depot.

    Question No: 73

    Which two commands restart the pkg server daemon?

    1. pkill -HUP pkg.depotd

    2. svcadm restart svc:/application/pkg/server

    3. pkill -USR1 pkg.depot

    4. svcadm refresh svc:/application/pkg/server

    5. pkg fix

    Answer: B,C

    Explanation: Use one of the following methods to restart the depot server process: B: Use svcadm(1M) to restart the application/pkg/server instance.

    C: Send a SIGUSR1 signal to the depot server process using kill(1). This executes a “graceful restart” that leaves the process intact but reloads all configuration, package, and

    search data:

    # kill -USR1 pid Note:

    • The pkd.depotd service is managed by SMF under the service identifier svc:/application/pkg/server.

      Question No: 74

      You have a ZFS pool that contains a hierarchy of data file systems. You create snapshots of the file systems and you created a clone (dpool/export/CID) of the dpool/export/home/CID file systems. The file systems are as follows:

      Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

      Now you remove a file from the cloned file system: root@sll-server1:~# rm /export/CID/core.bash.8070 How will space usage be changed for dpool/export/CID?

      1. The USED value will increase and the REFER value will decrease; the AVAIL value will be unchanged.

      2. The USED value will decrease and the REFER value will increase; the AVAIL value will increase.

      3. The USED value will decrease, the REFER value will decrease; the AVAIL value will increase.

      4. USED, REFER and the AVAIL value will be unchanged.

      Answer: A

      Question No: 75

      You want to create a ZFS file system with the following specifications:

      lzjb compression enabled

      Cannot consume more than 2 GB from the storage pool Redundant data at the block level eliminated

      Mounted as /data

      Which command creates the desired file system?

      1. zfs create -o mountpoint=/data,compression=on,algorithm=lzjb,deduplication=on,quota=2g /pool1/data

      2. zfs create -o mountpoint=/data compression=on algorithm=lzjb deduplication=on quota=2g /pool1/data

      3. zfs create -o mountpoint=/data -o compression=on -o dedup=on -o quota=2g


      4. zfs create -o mountpoint=/data -o compression=on -o algorithm=lzjb -o deduplication=on -o quota=2g /pool1/data

      5. zfs create pool/data zfs set mountpoint=/data,quota=2g, dedup=on,compression=on


      Answer: C

      Explanation: Not on compression setting: compression=on | off | lzjb | gzip | gzip-N

      Controls the compression algorithm used for this dataset. The quot;lzjbquot; compression algorithm is optimized for performance while

      providing decent data compression. Setting compression to quot;onquot; uses the quot;lzjbquot; compression algorithm.


      Not A, Not E: Should not use commas like this.

      Not B, Not D: There is no property algorithm named to this command. To specify the use of the lzjb compression command we must use compression=lzjb.

      Question No: 76

      What does the following command change?

      pkg set-publisher -G ‘*’ -g http://server1.domain.com solaris

      1. It updates all Solaris publishers and deletes the server1.domain.com origin.

      2. It deletes all Solaris publishers and adds the server1.domain.com origin.

      3. It adds server1.domain.com to the Solaris publisher list.

      4. It sets the origin for the Solaris publisher to server1.domain.com.

      5. It adds the server1.domain.com repository as an origin for the solaris publisher.

      Answer: B

      Question No: 77

      Frank is a member of two projects on you system. He has a process running in a project called project-clock and needs to move it under the other project he belongs to.

      Which command must Frank use to move the process?

      1. setproject

      2. newtask

      3. projmod

      4. prtcl

        Answer: B

        Explanation: How to Move a Running Process Into a New Task

        This example shows how to associate a running process with a different task and new project.

        To perform this action, you must either be superuser, or be the owner of the process and be a

        member of the new project.

        1. Become superuser or assume an equivalent role

        2. Obtain the process ID of thebook_catalogprocess.

          # pgrep book_catalog 8100

        3. Associate process8100with a new task ID in thebooksiteproject.

          # newtask -v -p booksite -c 8100 17

          The -coption specifies that newtaskoperate on the existing named process.

        4. Confirm the task to process ID mapping.

          # pgrep -T 17 8100


          Not C: projmod does not change the processes of a project.

          The projmod utility modifies a project#39;s definition on the system. projmod changes the definition of the specified project and makes the appropriate project-related system file and file system changes.

          Question No: 78

          You must configure a ZFS file system on an Oracle Solaris 11 server to share it over NFS. (rpool/export/share/data mounted on /export/share/data)

          The file system must be configured for read-only access and must assign anonymous users a UID of 0. The file system must allow read and write access for local users.

          Assuming all ZFS properties except mountpoint are at their default settings, which option supports these requirements?

          Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

          1. Option A

          2. Option B

          3. Option C

          4. Option D

      Answer: B

      Explanation: Create the NFS share.

      # zfs set share=name=fs1,path=/fs1, prot=nfs tank/fs1

      Set the sharenfs property to on.

      # zfs set sharenfs=on tank/fs1 Incorrect:

      Not A, Not C: The share is not published until the sharenfs or sharesmb property is set to on. For example:

      # zfs set sharenfs=on rpool/fs1

      # cat /etc/dfs/sharetab

      /rpool/fs1 fs1 nfs sec=sys,rw

      Not B: First create the share, then set the sharenfs to on. Note:

      When you create a NFS share of a ZFS file system, you must provide the following share components:


      Identify a name for your share. Maximum share name is 80 characters.


      Identify a path for your NFS share that must exist within the file system or directory to be shared.

      prot=nfs or smb

      Identify the protocol as NFS or SMB.


      Identifies the ZFS file system to be shared.

      Additional share options include: rw= or ro=

      Identifies whether the share is available as read/write or read-only to all clients. You can also specify a colon-separated list that includes hostnames, IP addresses, or a netgroup.

      Question No: 79

      Link aggregation and IP multipathing both offer some benefits for network performance and reliability. Identify two correct statements.

      1. IPMP requires full duplex, point-to-point links.

      2. A router is a single point of failure for link aggregation.

      3. Link aggregation allows a standby interface to be automatically enabled if another interface fails.

      4. Depending on load balancing algorithms, packets may not be balanced among all IPMP active interfaces.

      5. Link aggregation uses additional interfaces to improve performance, without requiring additional IP address.

      Answer: C,E

      Explanation: C: If LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) cannot aggregate all the ports that are compatible (for example, the remote system might have more restrictive hardware limitations), then all the ports that cannot be actively included in the channel are put in hot standby state and are used only if one of the channeled ports fails.

      E: Link aggregations provide high availability and higher throughput by aggregating multiple interfaces at the MAC layer. IP Multipathing (IPMP) provides features such as higher availability at the IP layer. Both IPMP and Link Aggregation are based on the grouping of network interfaces, and some of their features overlap, such as higher availability. These technologies are however implemented at different layers of the stack, and have different strengths and weaknesses.


      Not A: MP is built into Oracle Solaris and does not require any special hardware. Any interface that is supported by Oracle Solaris can be used with IPMP. However, IPMP does impose the following requirements on your network configuration and topology:

      /All interfaces in an IPMP group must have unique MAC addresses.

      / All interfaces in an IPMP group must be of the same media type.

      / All interfaces in an IPMP group must be on the same IP link

      Not B: A switch, not a router, would be a single point of failure of link aggregation (as it works on the Mac layer and not on the IP layer.

      not D: Internet Protocol Network Multipathing (IPMP) provides fault-tolerance and load balancing across multiple network interface cards. By using IPMP, you can configure one or more interfaces into an IP multipathing group. After configuring IPMP, the system automatically monitors the interfaces in the IPMP group for failure. If an interface in the group fails or is removed for maintenance, IPMP automatically migrates, or fails over, the failed interface#39;s IP addresses

      Question No: 80

      Your company has set a policy that all Oracle Solaris 11 instances must have a backup boot environment created whenever software packages are added, removed, or updated. The current boot environment must not be modified. The backup boot environment must represent the system image before the procedure and the new boot environment must represent the image before the procedure. The image properties on your system are as follows:

      Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

      You are instructed to install the top utility.

      Which two will allow the top package to be installed on the system while adhering to the company policy?

      1. pkg property pkg-install=backup-bepkg install top

      2. pkg set-property be-policy create-backuppkg install top

      3. pkg install -be-name BE2 top

      4. pkg set-property be-policy always-newpkg install top

      5. pkg set-property create-backup truepkg install top

      Answer: C,D

      Explanation: By default, a new BE is automatically created when you perform one of the following operations:

    • (D) Set the be-policy image policy to always-new. Under this policy, all package operations are performed in a new BE set as active on the next boot.

    • Update particular key system packages such as some drivers and other kernel components. This can happen when you install, uninstall, update, change variant, or change facet.

    • Often a new BE is created when you execute the pkg update command to update all packages that have updates available.

    • Specify any of the following options: -be-name, -require-new-be, -backup-be-name, – require-backup-be.

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