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By | January 25, 2018

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Oracle Solaris Certified Associate Exam

Question No: 101

Wally has a file with data about various coffee plants, the data is stored in a file named plants, the file is in the coffee directory of Wally#39;s home directory. He wants to find the number of entries that are NOT the plant quot;Gallieniiquot; or quot;gallieniiquot;. Choose the command that Wally might use to extract the information from the file.

  1. grep -v Gallienii ./coffee/plants | wc -l

  2. grep -nv Gallienii ./coffee/plants| wc -l

  3. find ./coffee/plants ( !G* -o !g* ) | wc -l

  4. grep -ivn Gallienii ./coffee/plants| wc -l

  5. grep -vc Gallienii ./coffee/plants | wc -l

Answer: D

Question No: 102

Jane is writing a shell script. While testing the script, she finds that the script is in a infinite

loop. She issues the following command:

$ kill `pgrep affiliate.sh`

Which signal does this command send to the process?





Answer: D

Question No: 103

Click the Exhibit button.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

The exhibit shows both the data from Jane#39;s home directory and a command. Based on the data shown, choose the command that would move Jane into the directory named things.

A. mv ../..

  1. cd ./things

  2. cd ./../../things

  3. chdir ../../things

  4. cd /../../things

Answer: C

Question No: 104

Wally notices that the system seems to be running slower, and he wants to run a command to determine which process might be using the most system resources. Choose the command he might use for this purpose.

  1. pstack

  2. ps

  3. prstat

  4. prun

Answer: C

Question No: 105

You have a parts list, and you need to search it for all parts that contain the string V1 or the string R3. You decide to use a grep utility to search the file. Which grep command will you use?

  1. grep -F #39;V1|R3#39; ./parts_list

  2. fgrep #39;V1|R3#39; ./parts_list

  3. egrep #39;V1|R3#39; ./parts_list

  4. grep #39;V1|R3#39; ./parts_list

Answer: C

Question No: 106

You need to find all files in your home directory hierarchy that contain the string sample in

the file name. You want a relative path to each file so you can easily retrieve it. Choose the command that will find these files.

  1. ls -l * | grep -v sample

  2. find . -print | grep sample

  3. ls -Rl | grep -i sample

  4. grep sample lt; find . -print

Answer: B

Question No: 107

Wally is searching for the PID of the syslog process on his system. He uses the following command:

$ pgrep syslogd

Choose the answer that describes the outcome of this command.

  1. The PIDs of all syslogd processes are displayed.

  2. The PID and full path of the first syslogd process is displayed.

  3. The PIDs and name of each syslogd process is displayed.

  4. The PIDs and full path of all syslogd processes is displayed.

Answer: A

Question No: 108

Which grep program is used to search for literal strings and does not interrupt regular expressions?

  1. grep

  2. lgrep

  3. egrep

  4. fgrep

Answer: D

Question No: 109

Frank is the administrator of the site where you work. You notice Frank issues the following command:

# kill -HUP `cat /usr/local/apache2/logs/httpd.pid`

Choose the answer that best describes what this command will do.

  1. Terminate the httpd process and all the child processes.

  2. Restart the httpd process and all child processes.

  3. Force the httpd process to reread it#39;s configuration file.

  4. Terminate the httpd process but not the children.

Answer: C

Question No: 110

Val is searching through a file using the following egrep command:

$ egrep #39;3 #39; ./customer-data

Choose the answer that best describes what the result of this search will be.

  1. Find all lines with #39;3 #39; in the line.

  2. Find all lines with one or more #39; #39; characters.

  3. Find all lines with three #39; #39; characters.

  4. Find all lines with one or more 3#39;s.

  5. Find all lines with more than three 3#39;s.

Answer: D

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