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By | January 25, 2018

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Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam, Part II

Question No: 191 – (Topic 2)

When will Solaris Volume Manager software volumes continue to function normally in the event of the corruption of one copy of its state database?

  1. when the master copy of the state database is NOT corrupted

  2. when the copy of the state database on the boot disk is available

  3. when more than half of the copies of the state database are available

  4. when NOT more than a single copy of the state database is corrupted

Answer: C

Question No: 192 – (Topic 2)

Based on the business needs of the company, highly available data are very important. However, the cost of a fully mirrored data configuration is beyond the current financial resources of the company. Which RAID configuration should be used to hold the company#39;s data?

  1. RAID 0

  2. RAID 1

  3. RAID 5

  4. RAID 0 1

  5. RAID 1 0

Answer: C

Question No: 193 – (Topic 2)

Which statement correctly describes the following output?

# metadb

flags first blk block count

a u 16 8192 /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s0

  1. The first volume is 8192 blocks in size.

  2. The state database replica is 4 megabytes in size.

  3. This site has followed the Sun guidelines for replicas.

  4. The slice c1t1d0s0 has 8192 disk blocks of free space.

Answer: B

Question No: 194 – (Topic 2)

You are creating a RAID-5 volume. You have several drives available to use. Which configuration allows the volume to remain available and online in case of a failure of the c3 controller?

  1. c1t0d0, c3t0d0, c3t1d0

  2. c3t1d0, c3t1d1, c3t1d2

  3. c0t0d0, c3t0d0, c4d0d0

  4. c3t1d0s0, c3t1d0s1, c3t1d0s3

Answer: C

Question No: 195 – (Topic 2)

Given the following output from the metastat command:

# metastat d10 d10: Mirror Submirror 0: d11 State: Okay Submirror 1: d12 State: Resyncing

Resync in progress: 34 % done Pass: 1

Read option: roundrobin (default) Write option: parallel (default) Size: 69029766 blocks (32 GB) d11: Submirror of d10

State: Okay

Size: 69029766 blocks (32 GB)

Stripe 0:

Device Start Block Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare c0t0d0s0 0 No Okay Yes

d12: Submirror of d10 State: Resyncing

Size: 69029766 blocks (32 GB)

Stripe 0:

Device Start Block Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare c0t1d0s0 0 No Okay Yes

What RAID level is the d10 volume?

  1. RAID 0

  2. RAID 1

  3. RAID 5

  4. RAID S

Answer: B

Question No: 196 – (Topic 2)

A database administrator requests additional disk space for database scratch space. The administrator requires the space be protected from a disk failure and wants the space to have a good response time. The database will be writing 70 percent of the time to this file system and reading 30 percent of the time. Which RAID level most efficiently satisfies these requirements?

  1. RAID 0

  2. RAID 1

  3. RAID 5

  4. simple slice

Answer: B

Question No: 197 – (Topic 2)

What is the maximum size of a RAID-5 volume that can be created using five, 20 gigabyte disks?

  1. 20 gigabytes

  2. 40 gigabytes

  3. 80 gigabytes

  4. 100 gigabytes

Answer: C

Question No: 198 – (Topic 2)

What are three functions of the metaroot command? (Choose three.)

  1. It reboots the system.

  2. It configures network multipathing.

  3. It configures the swap device to use a metadevice.

  4. It configures the / (root) file system to use a metadevice.

  5. It configures the /etc/vfstab file to allow for booting from a metadevice.

  6. It configures the /etc/system file to allow for booting from a metadevice.

  7. It configures the /etc/services file to allow for booting from a metadevice.

Answer: D,E,F

Question No: 199 – (Topic 2)

Which statement is true about the state database and its replicas?

  1. They cannot be deleted.

  2. A majority (half one) are required for boot.

  3. They are created with the metainit command.

  4. They are created with the metadatabase command.

  5. They contain a binary form of the /etc/lvm/md.conf file.

Answer: B

Question No: 200 – (Topic 2)

A disk drive fails in the production server and the database is down for three days while a new drive is installed and the database is recovered from tape. You must mirror the /opt file system without ordering any additional hardware. Given the size of the /opt file system:

# df -h

Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on

/dev/dsk/c0t0d0s5 5.1G 1.2G 3.9G 24% /opt The following disk slices are available for use:

c0t0d0s4 5.18 GB

c1t0d0s1 1.24 GB

c1t0d0s2 8.43 GB

c1t0d0s4 1.19 GB

c1t0d0s6 6.00 GB

Without repartitioning any disks, which is the smallest slice that is appropriate for creating a mirror (RAID 1) of /opt?

  1. c1t0d0s1

  2. c1t0d0s2

  3. c0t0d0s4

  4. c1t0d0s4

  5. c1t0d0s6

Answer: B

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