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By | January 25, 2018

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Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam, Part II

Question No: 51 – (Topic 1)

You are troubleshooting an LDAP problem for a client. Which command can be used to provide extensive status information for troubleshooting?

  1. ldaplist

  2. ldapclient

  3. ldap_cachemgr

  4. ldapstatus

Answer: C

Question No: 52 – (Topic 1)

You are configuring a PXE boot jumpstart server and the add_install_client scripts has returned two macros, Boot srvA and BootFile that must be configured in DHCP. Select the two commands that can be used to configure the BootscvA and BootFile DHCP macros.

  1. dhtadm or dhcptab

  2. dhcpadm or dhcpagent

  3. dhcpmgc or dhcpInfo

  4. dhcpmgc or dhtadm

Answer: D

Question No: 53 – (Topic 1)

Click the Exhibit button.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Your colleague is configuring a client for installation with jumpstart. They have entered the command shown in the exhibit. Examine the exhibit, on which server will the profile file be found?

  1. The profile file server is not defined

  2. serverl in the /jumpstart/os directory

  3. server2 in the /jumpstart/config directory

  4. server3 in the /jumpstart/config directory

Answer: C

Question No: 54 – (Topic 1)

Which four are types of AutoFS maps? (Choose four)

  1. Direct

  2. Slave

  3. Binary

  4. Master

  5. Special

  6. Indirect

  7. Sparse

  8. Cannonical

Answer: A,D,E,F

Question No: 55 – (Topic 1)

systemA has a file system that is being shared as follows:

– /data/dbase rw quot;quot;

systemB mounts that file system as follows:

/data on systemA:/data/dbaseN remote/read/write/setuid/devices/xa11r/dev=4c00002

On systemB, whenever root tries to create or copy a file to the /data directory, root receives the following error: cannot create Which answer describes a solution to this problem?

  1. On system A, give root write privileges to the /data/dbase directory.

  2. On systemA, Share /data/dbase as follows: share -F nfs -o root=systemB /data/dbase

  3. On systemA, Share /data/dbase as follows: share -F nfs -o rw=systemB /data/dbase

  4. On systemB, mount the remote file system as follows: mount -F nfs -o rw systemA:/data/dbase /data

Answer: B

Question No: 56 – (Topic 1)

DotClown company, which sells circus supplies, has an order-processing server that has only 512 megabytes of physical RAM and no disk-based swap space. Because of a sudden increase in orders and corporate growth, 512 megabytes of disk swap space was added to the system:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What is the total virtual memory configured on the system?

  1. 512 megabytes

  2. 1024 megabytes

  3. 1049312 blocks

D. 170480k 744232k=914712k

Answer: B

Question No: 57 – (Topic 1)

A machine running Solaris 10 OS displays the following message during boot: mount: mount-point /opt/local does not exist

The system stops in single-user mode while waiting for the root password. Which two are valid troubleshooting procedures for this problem? (Choose two)

  1. Restart the NFS client using

    # svcadm restart svc:/network/nf s/c1ient.

  2. Boot the machine into single user mode, run fsck on the root file system, and then reboot.

  3. Boot the machine into single-user mode, then check that /opt/local exists and that the

    /etc/vfstab entry is spelled correctly.

  4. Boot the machine into single-user mode, comment the line from the /etc/vtstab file, and reboot.

Verify that the NFS server software is running on the server, and that the directory specified in the client#39;s /etc/vi stab file is properly exported using # showmount -e.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 58 – (Topic 1)

Your server has been crashing intermittently for unknown reasons. Youtfie been told to start saving the information from the crash in the /var/crash directory (c0tid0s4) so that a technician can analyze the problem. Your crash dump configuration file has the following entries:

Dump content: all pages Dump device: /dev/dsk/c0d0s1 (swap) Savecore directory:

/var/crash/ Savecore enabled: no

After the most recent crash, you went into the /var/crash directory to look for the dump file and the directory was empty. What would you need to do to get the system to store the system crash dumps in the /var/crash directory?

  1. coreadm -p /dev/dsk/c0d0s4

  2. coreadm -y

  3. dumpadm -s /dev/dsk/c0d0s4

  4. dumpadm -y

Answer: D

Question No: 59 – (Topic 1)

Which two statements describe paging and swapping on a Solaris 10 OS? (Choose two.)

  1. Adding additional swap will cause more paging to occur and should be avoided.

  2. Both paging and swapping allow for a system to run multiple processes whose total memory requirement exceeds physical RAM.

  3. Swapping occurs frequently on a system with sufficient physical memory for processes running.

  4. Swapping involves moving all modified data memory pages associated with a process to swap space.

  5. Paging involves moving all modified data memory pages associated with a process to swap space.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 60 – (Topic 1)

You no longer require the development zone and want to delete it from the system. Which commands are necessary to permanently remove the development zone from the system? (Choose three)

  1. zoneadm -z development halt

  2. zoneadm -z development delete

  3. zoneadm -z development uninstall

  4. zoneadm -z development detach

  5. zonecfg -z development delete

Answer: A,C,E

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