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By | January 25, 2018

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Oracle Solaris 10 System

Question No: 191 – (Topic 2)

A SPARC-based system, but you are not sure of the physical path information. Which OBP command shows you this information?

  1. probe-all

  2. prtdiag -v

  3. show-devs

  4. printenv

  5. probe-scsi-all

Answer: C

Question No: 192 – (Topic 2)

A user has an entry in both of the files that manage access to the crontab command. What is the result when the user tries to run the crontab command?

  1. The user cannot run the command.

  2. The user can only run the command in read only.

  3. The user can run the command.

  4. Only root can run the crontab command.

Answer: A

Question No: 193 – (Topic 2)

You want to monitor a failed login after five unsuccessful attempts. Which file contains this information?

  1. /var/adm/lastlog

  2. /var/adm/loginlog

  3. /var/adm/sulog

  4. /var/adm/failedloginlog

Answer: B

Question No: 194 – (Topic 2)

An administrator uses a file system snapshot to back up a partition that contains user data. While the backup is in progress, the file system used for the backing store runs out of space.

What are the consequences?

  1. The backup progresses, but processes updating the data to be backed up are suspended until there is more space available for the snapshot.

  2. The backup is suspended until there is more space available for the snapshot.

  3. The backup progresses without incident.

  4. The backup is aborted and the snapshot is deleted.

Answer: D

Question No: 195 – (Topic 2)

The operating system that is installed on the company#39;s server and that runs the invoicing software needs to be upgraded to Solaris 10 OS. The work must be completed with minimal downtime. You have a week to prepare for the upgrade.

Which method results in the least system downtime?

  1. upgrade using the Solaris Live Upgrade software

  2. perform a Solaris Flash install

  3. boot the server from the install CD and upgrade

  4. re-install the OS and applications

Answer: A

Question No: 196 – (Topic 2)

On your x86-based system, what does the Boot Solaris Menu in the Device Configuration Assistant allow you to choose?

  1. the boot timeout value

  2. verbose mode to view detail booting messages

  3. the default networking port

  4. alternate boot disks or CD-ROM/DVD drives

Answer: D

Question No: 197 – (Topic 2)

You are attempting to install Solaris 10 OS on your x86-based laptop. You insert the Solaris Installation CD 1 into the CD-ROM drive. You reboot the system, but it boots into the existing OS that is on the system.

Which two procedures can you use to begin the install process? (Choose two.)

  1. You set the BIOS settings to boot from CD-ROM drive before booting from the hard drive. You then save the settings and reboot the system with Solaris Installation CD 1 in the CD-ROM drive.

  2. You insert the Solaris Installation CD 1 into the CD-ROM drive while the old OS is running and start the install from the old OS.

  3. You boot from a DCA diskette and direct it to read Solaris Installation CD 1 to start the installation.

  4. You boot from a bootable diskette (any OS) and direct that OS to install Solaris OS.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 198 – (Topic 2)

You are asked to perform a Solaris OS installation on a workstation. One requirement is that if the root file system becomes corrupted, the recovery of the root slice must take the minimum amount of time.

Which layout will take the least time to recover the root slice (/)?

  1. / 71.5 gigabyte swap512 megabyte

  2. /20 gigabyte swap1024 megabyte

    /usr10 gigabyte

    /export/home41 gigabyte

  3. /10 gigabyte swap1024 megabyte

    /var10 gigabyte

    /usr30 gigabyte

    /export/home21 gigabyte

  4. /40 gigabyte swap1024 gigabyte

/usr10 gigabyte

Answer: C

Question No: 199 – (Topic 2)

A user is attempting an ftp connection to a server. A check of the server show the ftp service is online. Which file should you check on the ftp server to see if this user is allowed to use ftp?

  1. /etc/ftpd/ftpusers

  2. /etc/default/ftpusers

  3. /etc/ftpd/ftp.deny

  4. /etc/ftpusers

Answer: A

Question No: 200 – (Topic 2)

The security team reports that the log file displaying a list of users logged in on local and remote hosts has not been updated for 18 hours. The team states that the script is still there and has the correct permissions.

Which command checks to see that the daemon is online?

  1. svcs -w | grep rusers

  2. svcs -b | grep rusers

  3. svcs -a | grep rusers

  4. svcs -c | grep rusers

Answer: C

Topic 3, Volume C

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