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By | January 25, 2018

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Oracle Solaris 10 System

Question No: 201 – (Topic 3)

As the system administrator for your department, you are asked to help a user retrieve data from a diskette. The user placed the diskette into the drive, but the OS did not recognize the new media. Volume management is enabled.

After you verify that the volume management daemon is running, which command do you execute to have the OS recognize the floppy disk?

  1. vol verify

  2. volcheck

  3. vol init

  4. volmount

Answer: B

Question No: 202 – (Topic 3)



uid=101(user1) gid=10(user1)

#su user2 and

#tail -2 /etc/passwd

user1:x:101:10:/export/home/user1:/bin/ksh user2:x:102:11:/export/home/user2:/bin/ksh

What is the EUID and the EGID of the new user?

  1. 101 and 11

  2. 101 and 10

  3. 102 and 11

  4. 102 and 10

Answer: C

Question No: 203 – (Topic 3)

Your x86-based system with Solaris 10 OS installed on it is not booting correctly. You think the problem might be that a BIOS setting is not correctly configured.

What should you do to abort the boot process and reboot into the BIOS configuration menu?

  1. You press the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys and reboot the system, or press the reset button. When the screen tells indicates the key to enter the BIOS, you press it and examine your BIOS settings.

  2. You press the middle mouse button. When the screen times out, you enter the BIOS configuration menu and examine the BIOS settings.

  3. You press the Stop-A keys then type reset-all. You reboot directly into the BIOS configuration menu and examine the BIOS settings.

  4. While holding down the reset button, you power cycle the system.

Answer: A

Question No: 204 – (Topic 3)

As system administrator, you want to create an alias for the secondary network interface on a SPARC-based workstation. However, you cannot remember the exact FORTH Monitor syntax for the command that lists all the network interfaces at the ok prompt. All you remember is that the command contains the string net.

Which FORTH Monitor command can you use to list all the commands that contain the net string?

  1. list net

  2. sifting net

  3. show-net

  4. watch-net

Answer: B

Question No: 205 – (Topic 3)

At boot, a SPARC-based system reports this error:

ok boot

Rebooting with command: bootBoot device: disk02 File and args: Evaluating: boot Can#39;t open boot device


To address the problem, you need to reset the boot device parameter to its default value.

There are other variables that need to retain their current values. Which command achieves this?

  1. set-default boot-device

  2. set-default boot-device=default

  3. set-defaults

  4. boot-device=disk net

Answer: A

Question No: 206 – (Topic 3)

The security policy of your company dictates that root logins are only allowed on the console of a system. Which variable should be set?

  1. CONSOLE=/dev/console in /etc/default/login

  2. CONSOLE=yes in /etc/default/su

  3. CONSOLE=yes in /etc/default/login

  4. CONSOLE=/dev/console in /etc/default/su

Answer: A

Question No: 207 – (Topic 3)

You receive a request to set up trusting for user1 when user1 logs in to system1 from system2.

Which entry should you place in the appropriate file to achieve this?

  1. system1 user1

  2. user1 system2

  3. system2 user1

  4. user1 system1

Answer: C

Question No: 208 – (Topic 3)

To investigate the login problems experienced by user fred, you use su to assume the identity for fred.

Which command can you use to verify that you have actually assumed the identity for fred?

  1. /usr/bin/id

  2. /usr/bin/finger

  3. /usr/bin/last

  4. /usr/bin/who

Answer: A

Question No: 209 – (Topic 3)

A server has new disks added and labeled by the engineer, but they need to be formatted identically to an existing disk (c3t0d0). You decide to script the process and run from the command line without interaction.

Which two commands, when used in the correct order, achieve this? (Choose two.)

  1. prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c3t0d0s2 gt; /tmp/c3t0d0.vtoc

  2. fmthard -s /tmp/c3t0d0.vtoc /dev/rdsk/lt;newdiskgt;s2

  3. format c3t0d0

  4. format c3t0d0 lt;newdiskgt;

  5. cat /tmp/c3t0d0.vtoc gt;/dev/rdsk/lt;newdiskgt;s0

Answer: A,B

Question No: 210 – (Topic 3)


online 14:21:27 svc:/network/login:rlogin

You want to control rlogin service using rlogin FMRI (Fault Management Resource Identifier).

Which two are compatible FMRI formats to control rlogin service? (Choose two.)

  1. rlogin

  2. /network/login:rlogin

  3. svcs:/network/login

  4. rlogin:login

  5. network/rlogin

Answer: A,B

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