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By | January 25, 2018

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Oracle Solaris 10 System

Question No: 271 – (Topic 3)

As system administrator, you are asked to install an additional internal disk into a SPARC- based workstation that is needed to store application data.

Which two procedures present the new disk to the Solaris 10 OS? (Choose two.)

  1. 1) execute # init 5

    1. install the new disk into the workstation

    2. power on the workstation

    3. using vi, manually edit the /etc/path_to_inst file and add an entry for the new disk

    4. execute # init 6

  2. 1) execute # touch /reconfigure

    1. execute # init 5

    2. install the new disk into the workstation

    3. power on the workstation

  3. 1) execute # init 0

    1. at the ok prompt, type setenv auto-boot? false

    2. power off the workstation

    3. install the new disk into the workstation

    4. power on the workstation

    5. at the ok prompt, type setenv auto-boot? true

    6. at the ok prompt, type boot -r

  4. 1) execute # halt

    1. power off the workstation

    2. install the new disk into the workstation

    3. power on the workstation

    4. at the ok prompt, type boot -x

  5. 1) execute # devsfadm -C disk

Answer: B,C

Question No: 272 – (Topic 3)

The SPARC-based workstation systems in your accounts department need their PROMs upgraded. Some of the systems fail to upgrade. What is the cause?

  1. The write protect jumper has not been set correctly.

  2. The systems do not have enough memory.

  3. The system is running an earlier version of Solaris OS.

  4. The patch is corrupt.

Answer: A

Question No: 273 – (Topic 3)

A new service named banner needs to be incorporated into SMF. The appropriate entries are placed in the milestones where this service is stopped and started and the service scripts are in the correct locations.

Which command incorporates the banner service into SMF?

  1. svccfg import /var/svc/manifest/site/banner-smf.xml

  2. svccfg add /var/svc/manifest/site/banner-smf.xml

  3. svcadm import /var/svc/manifest/site/banner-smf.xml

  4. svcadm add /var/svc/manifest/site/banner-smf-xml

Answer: A

Question No: 274 – (Topic 3)

You want to set a system#39;s default destination printer, so you run the command:

# lpadmin -d printerE

What file stores this information?

  1. /etc/default/printers.conf

  2. /var/sadm/printers

  3. /etc/default/printerE

  4. /etc/printers.conf

Answer: D

Question No: 275 – (Topic 3)

Given this output from the who(1) command:

$ who

ann console Jan 27 07:25

dave pts/8 Jan 24 15:11 (:0.0)

fred term/a Jan 27 08:00

lisa pts/6 Jan 27 08:28 (physical)

Which two users are physically connected to the system? (Choose two.)

  1. Lisa

  2. Dave

  3. Fred

  4. Ann

Answer: C,D

Question No: 276 – (Topic 3)

After a security review, it has been decided that the sendmail process should NOT be run on one of your customer database servers.

Which command stops the service from running and persists across reboots?

  1. svcadm clear sendmail

  2. /etc/init.d/sendmail stop

  3. svcadm -t disable sendmail

  4. svcadm disable sendmail

  5. pkill sendmail

  6. svcadm restart sendmail

Answer: D

Question No: 277 – (Topic 3)

Your x86-based system uses Xorg to configure the system hardware. You want to use Xsun to manage the hardware configuration.

Which command should you run to switch the hardware management from Xorg to Xsun?

  1. # dtlogin -X start

  2. # Xorg -disable

  3. # kdmconfig

  4. # Xsun -enable

Answer: C

Question No: 278 – (Topic 3)


joe@dhcp-105# ftp dhcp-100 Connected to dhcp-100.corp.com. 220 dhcp-100 FTP server ready. Name (dhcp-100:root): root

331 Password required for root. Password: root

530 Login incorrect. Login failed.


Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

  1. A user on dhcp-105 is not authorized to log in to dhcp-100.

  2. A user on dhcp-105 is trying to use ftp connect to dhcp-100.

  3. The password for root on dhcp-105 is root.

  4. A user on dhcp-100 successfully logged in to dhcp-105.

  5. A user on dhcp-105 is trying to log in to dhcp-100 with the root id.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 279 – (Topic 3)

A SPARC-based system is rebooted, but no one can gain access to it. When investigating, the console shows this message:

Rebooting with command: boot

Boot device: /sbus@1f, 0/SUNW, fas@e, 8800000/sd@0, 0 File and args:

SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic 64-bit

Copyright 1983-2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Use is subject to license terms.

Cannot open #39;/etc/path_to_inst#39; Program terminated

Which two actions can you take to get the system working again? (Choose two.)

  1. boot -s

  2. boot -r

  3. boot -ars

  4. boot /etc/path_to_inst

Answer: B,C

Question No: 280 – (Topic 3)

The disk slice /dev/dsk/c2t2d0s3, which has the /opt/software file system mounted, is starting to report errors that indicate it might crash soon. It is imperative that the file system is unmounted and the disk taken offline quickly. A check indicates that a number of people are accessing this file system.

Which command forcibly unmounts this file system?

  1. umount -f /opt/software

  2. unmount -f /dev/dsk/c2t2d0s3

  3. umount /dev/dsk/c2t2d0s3

  4. unmount /opt/software

Answer: A

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