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Oracle Solaris 10 System

Question No: 301 – (Topic 4)

The organization requires that file systems be backed up from a snapshot. After the file system has been backed up, the two files created by the snapshot process have to be removed. Which two files need to be removed? (Choose two.)

  1. rm snapshot

  2. fssnap -r filesystem

  3. fssnap -d filessytem

  4. rm backing_store_file

Answer: C,D

Question No: 302 – (Topic 4)

Since installing an operating system patch, your server keeps crashing for unknown reasons. You#39;re been told to start saving the information from the crash in the /crash filesystem (c1t1d0s7) so that a technician can analyze the problem.

Which answer displays the configuration file information required to save all crash dumps in the /crash directory?

  1. dump device: /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s7

  2. dump device: /crash

  3. savecore directory: /crash

  4. savecore directory: /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s7

Answer: C

Question No: 303 – (Topic 4)

For which three does NIS provide the ability for central administration? (Choose three.)

  1. network topology

  2. third-party applications

  3. operating system patches

  4. user names and passwords

  5. groups of hosts on a network

  6. host names and IP addresses

Answer: D,E,F

Question No: 304 – (Topic 4)

The security administrator wants to assign user bob to a netsec role so that the user can run the ifconfig(1M) and snoop(1M) commands with a rights profile named NSM. Which entries will be contained in the /etc/security/exec_attr file after the required RBAC configuration has been implemented when using privileges rather than uid 0?

  1. NSM:bob:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:privs=sys_net_config NSM:bob:cmd:::/usr/sbin/snoop:privs=net_rawaccess

  2. NSM:solaris:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:privs=sys_net_config NSM:solaris:cmd:::/usr/sbin/snoop:privs=net_rawaccess

  3. NSM:suser:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:privs=sys_net_config NSM:suser:cmd:::/usr/sbin/snoop:privs=net_rawaccess

  4. NSM:netsec:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:privs=sys_net_config NSM:netsec:cmd:::/usr/sbin/snoop:privs=net_rawaccess

Answer: B

Question No: 305 – (Topic 4)

The security administrator wants to assign user bob to a netsec role so that the user can run the ifconfig(1M) and snoop(1M) commands with a rights profile named NSM. Which entries are contained in the /etc/security/exec_attr file after the required RBAC configuration has been implemented?

  1. NSM:netsec:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:uid=0 NSM:netsec:cmd:::/usr/sbin/snoop:uid=0

  2. NSM:root:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:uid=0 NSM:root:cmd:::/usr/sbin/snoop:uid=0

  3. NSM:suser:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:uid=0 NSM:suser:cmd:::/usr/sbin/snoop:uid=0

  4. NSM:bob:cmd:::/sbin/ifconfig:uid=0 NSM:bob:cmd:::/usr/sbin/snoop:uid=0

Answer: C

Question No: 306 – (Topic 4)

The system administrator assigned a profile entry with sufficient rights to execute the snoop(1m) command. The user comes back and complains that it does NOT work. The system administrator wants the command to work automatically for the user. Which two can be causes after verifying that the RBAC database entries are correct? (Choose two.)

  1. The user should prefix the command line with pfexec.

  2. The user needs to execute the su root command before the user can execute any of the profile commands.

  3. The user needs to log out and log in again to run with the new shell.

  4. The user needs to be assigned a profile shell.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 307 – (Topic 4)

You are attempting to JumpStart a SPARC server. Your JumpStart environment is configured to assign IP addresses to clients using RARP.

Which two commands can be used to diagnose problems experienced during the installation? (Choose two.)

  1. snoop

  2. snmpd -d

  3. in.dhcpd -d

  4. rpc.bootparamd -d

  5. check_install_client

Answer: A,D Explanation: New Questions

Question No: 308 – (Topic 4)

Given the command and output:

# profiles -1 testroie Audit Control:

/etc/init.d/audit euid=0, egid=3

/e t c/securi ty/bsmconv uid= 0

/e t c/secur i t y/bsmunconv u i d = 0

/usr/sbin/audi t euid= 0

/usr/sbin/audi tconfig euid= 0

/usr/sbin/auditd uid=0 All:

And given the fact that testrole executes commands with a profile shell, with what effective UID and real UID will the /usr/sbin/auditd program be started?

  1. effective UID 0 and real UID 0

  2. effective and real UID of testrole

  3. effective UID of testrole and real UID 0

  4. effective UID 0 and real UID of testrole

Answer: A

Question No: 309 – (Topic 4)

Given the entry from the /etc/user_attr file:

Userl0::::profiles=User Security,Maintenance and Repair;roles=MediaAdmin;type=normal Which statement is correct?

  1. The user10 account is a role account.

  2. The MediaAdmin role is defined in the /etc/security/auth_attr file.

  3. The User Security, Maintenance and Repair profile is defined in the

    /etc/security/prof_attr file.

  4. The User Security and Maintenance and Repair profiles are defined in the

/etc/security/prof_attr file.

Answer: D

Question No: 310 – (Topic 4)

On a Solaris 10 OS, you want to enable a sysiog message for all incoming inetd requests. Which command do you need to execute?

  1. inetadm -M tcp_trace=true

  2. inetadm -M tcp_wrappers=true

  3. edit /etc/inetd. conf and add a tcp wrapper to each enabled service

  4. edit /etc/init .d/inetsvc and add the -t option to the inetd invocation

Answer: A

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