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By | January 25, 2018

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Oracle Solaris 10 Security Administrator Certified Expert Exam

Question No: 181 – (Topic 2)

Click the Exhibit button.

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You notice that the following line has been added to /etc/passwd: admin:x:0:0:

Administrator:/:/bin/sh To figure out when this file was changed, you look at the file creation date, but based on that information, the file hasn#39;t been touched since the system was installed. You look at the audit logs for this system and find the three records that are shown in the Exhibit. What happened?

  1. User root changed /etc/passwd and set the date of that file to 05/05/05.

  2. User root changed /etc/passwd after setting the system date to 05/05/05.

  3. User foo used su to become root, changed /etc/passwd, and set the date of that file to 05/05/05.

  4. User foo used su to become root and changed /etc/passwd after setting the system date to 05/05/05.

Answer: D

Question No: 182 – (Topic 2)

Which statement is true about applying Solaris patches to zones?

  1. Patches are NOT applicable to sparse root zones.

  2. You have to install a patch in each zone using zlogin.

  3. Non-global zone administrators can install patches themselves.

  4. The global zone administrator can only administer patches in the global zone.

  5. When you add a patch to the global zone, it is by default added to all non-global zones.

Answer: E

Question No: 183 – (Topic 2)

The Solaris 10 cryptographic framework provides user-level commands to encrypt files. A combination of commands is reported below: # tar cvf – /data | encrypt -a arcfour – k

/tmp/key -o /tmp/backup Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

  1. The key can NOT be a file.

  2. The backup will be an encrypted file.

  3. arcfour is NOT a valid encryption algorithm.

  4. The tar command invocation is NOT correct.

  5. The /data directory is backed up and encrypted.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 184 – (Topic 2)

You want to know when, by whom, and how privileges are used on one of your systems. How can you get that information?

  1. by enabling Solaris Auditing

  2. by using the ppriv command

  3. by creating the file /etc/priv_debug

  4. by adding an audit.debug entry in /etc/syslog.conf

Answer: A

Question No: 185 – (Topic 2)

The system administrator is required by the security policy to restrict the ability of users to view other processes on the system. This needs to be done for all users on the system.

Which course of action should the administrator take?

  1. Edit the file /etc/security/exec_attr and add privs=basic,!proc_info to the quot;Allquot; entry.

  2. Edit the file /etc/security/prof_attr and add privs=basic,!proc_info to the quot;Basic Solaris Userquot; entry.

  3. Edit the file /etc/user_attr and add defaultpriv=basic,!proc_info for all users present in the file.

  4. Edit the file /etc/security/policy.conf and create the following setting: PRIV_DEFAULT=basic,!proc_info.

Answer: D

Question No: 186 – (Topic 2)

Which of the descriptions is a high-level overview of how Kerberos works?

  1. In a Kerberos environment, a user authenticates once to each service.

  2. In a Kerberos environment, a user authenticates once to a central authority.

  3. In a Kerberos environment, a user needs to type a password for each service.

  4. In a Kerberos environment, a user authenticates once to any service of its choosing and is then preauthenticated for all other services.

Answer: B

Question No: 187 – (Topic 2)

A security administrator is required to periodically validate binaries against the Solaris Fingerprint Database. While attempting to capture MD5 file signatures for key Solaris OS files, the security administrator encounters the following error: digest: no cryptographic provider was found for this algorithm – md5 What command should the administrator use

to help determine the cause of the problem?

  1. crypt

  2. digest

  3. kcfadm

  4. openssl

  5. cryptoadm

Answer: E

Question No: 188 – (Topic 2)

During the configuration of a system to install signed patches, you discover that the system does not have the required Sun Microsystems Enterprise Service Patch Management public key installed. Which is true?

  1. The public key can be downloaded from Sun#39;s web site.

  2. The public key must be generated using the keytool command.

  3. The public key is NOT required, as the Root CA will be used to verify the patch if it is NOT available.

  4. The public key must be requested from Sun, and transfered over a secure connection so its authenticity can be confirmed.

Answer: A

Question No: 189 – (Topic 2)

Given: $ ppriv -s I-proc_exec $$ What is the result of this command?

  1. The shell process can no longer execute programs

  2. New commands started by the shell can no longer execute programs.

  3. The command fails because an ordinary user cannot execute this command.

  4. There is no noticible effect because the Inheritable set is NOT used by a process.

Answer: B

Question No: 190 – (Topic 2)

A system administrator wants to share NFS file systems to two different sets of systems. Both sets of systems require integrity checks and Kerberos authentication. The second set of systems also requires encryption. What option is open to the system administrator?

  1. Use an NFS server in two different zones, sharing the same data.

  2. Share the same file system with different sec options for both sets of clients.

  3. Share the file system only with NFSv4, because older NFS versions do not support this.

  4. Logically divide the file system into two separate file systems, each shared with different sec options.

Answer: B

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