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MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator

Question No: 61

In a design situation, there are multiple character sets that can properly encode your data. Which three should influence your choice of character set?

  1. Disk usage when storing data

  2. Syntax when writing queries involving JOINS

  3. Comparing the encoded data with similar columns on other tables

  4. Memory usage when working with the data

  5. Character set mapping index hash size

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 62

What are two methods of taking a binary backup of a Mysql Server using InnoDB storage engine?

  1. Mysql Enterprise Backup

  2. Mysqldump with – binary-data option

  3. Mysqlhotcopy

  4. File system snapshots

  5. Mysqldumpslow

Answer: A,B

Reference: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/innodb-backup.html

Question No: 63

You need to replicate a table from a master to a slave. The master and slave copies of the table will have different number of columns.

Which two conditions must be true?

  1. Each extra column in the copy with more columns must not have a default value.

  2. Columns that are common to both versions of the table must be defined in the same order on the master and the slave.

  3. The slave database cannot have more columns than the master. Only the master database can have more columns.

  4. Columns that are common to both versions of the table must come first in the table definition, before any additional columns are additional columns are defined on either server.

  5. The master database cannot have more columns than the slave. Only the slave deatbase can have more columns.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 64

Assume that you want to know which Mysql Server options were set to custom values. Which two methods would you use to find out?

  1. Check the configuration files in the order in which they are read by the Mysql Server and compare them with default values.

  2. Check the command-line options provided for the Mysql Server and compare them with default values.

  3. Check the output of SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES and compare it with default values.

  4. Query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.GLOBAL_VARIABLES table and compare the result with default values.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 65

Consider the Mysql Enterprise Audit plugin.

A CSV file called data.csv has 100 rows of data.

The stored procedure prepare_db ( ) has 10 auditable statements. You run the following statements in the mydb database:

Mysqlgt; CALL prepare_db ( );

Mysqlgt; LOAD DATA INFILE ‘/tmp/data.cav’ INTO TABLE mytable; Mysqlgt; SHOW TABLES;

How many events are added to the audit log as a result of the preceding statements?

  1. 102; top-level statements are logged, but LOAD DATA INFILE is logged as a separate event.

  2. 3; only the top-level statements are logged.

  3. 111; top-level statements and all lower-level statements are logged.

  4. 12; only top-level statements and stored procedure events are logged.

Answer: B

Reference: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql-security-excerpt/5.5/en/audit-log-plugin- logging-control.html

Question No: 66

You attempt to connect to a Mysql Server by using the mysql program. However, you receive the following notice:

ERROR 2059 (HY000): Authentication plugin ‘mysql_clear_password’ connot be loaded: plugin not enabled

What would you run to fix the issue?

  1. The mysql client with the – ignore-password-hashing option

  2. The mysql_secure_installation script to update server security settings

  3. The mysql client with the – enable-cleartext-plugin option

  4. The mysql_upgrade script

  5. The install plugin command for the mysql_cleartext_password plugin

Answer: C

Reference: http://planet.mysql.com/entry/?id=34077

Question No: 67

A Mysql instance is running on a dedicated server. Developers access the server from the same network subnet. Users access the database through an application that is running on a separate server in a DMZ.

Which two will optimize the security of this setup?

  1. Disabling connections from named pipes or socket files (depending on the operating system of the server)

  2. Running the server with – skip-networking specified

  3. Limiting logins to originate from the application server or the server’s subnet

  4. Starting the server with – bind- address= specified

  5. Installing Mysql on the application server, and running the database and application on the same server

  6. Enabling and using SSL for connections to the Mysql database

Answer: E,F

Question No: 68

Consider the following statement on a RANGE partitioned table: ALTER TABLE orders DROP PARTITION p1, p3;

What is the outcome of executing the above statement?

  1. Only the first partition (p1) will be dropped as only one can be dropped at any time.

  2. All data in p1 and p3 partitions are removed, but the table definition remains unchanged.

  3. A syntax error will result as you cannot specify more than one partition in the same statement.

  4. All data in pi and p3 partitions are removed and the table definition is changed.

Answer: D



Question No: 69

What is true regarding InnoDB locking?

  1. InnoDB row locks may be escalated to page or table-level locks.

  2. InnoDB only uses row locks, not page or table-level locks,

  3. InnoDB uses row and table-level locks, but row locks are not escalates,

  4. InnoDB locks only those rows that are updated.

  5. InnoDB uses row-level or table-level locks depending on the number of rows affected.

Answer: E

Reference: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/table-locking.html

Question No: 70

Compare a typical Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) with MySQL Standard Replication using master-slave replication.

Which two statements are correct?

  1. Both technologies use the TCP/IP stack as their primary transmission medium.

  2. DRBD uses shared-disk technology.

  3. Both technologies guarantee an identical copy of data on the secondary node.

  4. Only MySQL can maintain a time-delayed copy of data on the secondary node.

Answer: A,D Explanation: A:

  • Replication cannot use Unix socket files. You must be able to connect to the master MySQL server using TCP/IP.

  • D: Time Delayed replication is however something quite helpful for some environments. Though DRBD also could be extended to support one if needed.

    Not B: DRBD (Distributed Replication Block Device), one of the leading solutions for MySQL HA (High Availability), offering users:

    / An end-to-end, integrated stack of mature and proven open source technologies, fully supported by Oracle;

    / Automatic failover and recovery for service continuity;

    / Mirroring, via synchronous replication, to ensure failover between nodes without the risk of losing committed transactions;

    / Building of HA clusters from commodity hardware, without the requirement for shared- storage.

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