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By | January 25, 2018

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Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.2 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam

Question No: 161 – (Topic 2)

After the cluster administrator installs the cluster software, it has to be configured. Which method is invalid?

  1. Configure all nodes at one time.

  2. Configure the nodes one by one.

  3. Build various groups of nodes and configure each group one at a time.

  4. Configure a single node cluster.

Answer: C

Question No: 162 – (Topic 2)

What functionality does the global device implementation provide?

  1. A failed device will be transparently replaced by a spare.

  2. .All nodes on the public network can access the cluster storage.

  3. Storage connected to any cluster node is available to all cluster nodes using standard device semantics.

  4. Only cluster nodes that are physically connected to a storage device can directly access that device simultaneously.

Answer: C

Question No: 163 – (Topic 2)

You have two applications. You prefer they run on different nodes because they both use a lot of memory, but you want to preserve high availability for both applications even if only one node is left alive.

Which kind of resource group affinity should you set between the two resource groups?

  1. weak positive affinity

  2. weak negative affinity

  3. strong negative affinity

  4. strong positive affinity with failover delegation

Answer: B

Question No: 164 – (Topic 2)

What identifies the only requirement for creating a Veritas volume in a shared storage disk group for the Sun Cluster 3.2 environment?

  1. You must stripe all data across all available controllers.

  2. You must decide between mirroring on the VxVM layer OR within the hardware raid controller.

  3. You must mirror across controllers unless there is full redundancy provided by the controller itself.

  4. You must make sure that the storage devices you mirror are physically located in different data center rooms.

Answer: C

Question No: 165 – (Topic 2)

As a precautionary measure the cluster administrator wants to have a backup of the cluster configuration.

Which command can be used to provide a usable backup of the entire cluster configuration?

  1. /usr/cluster/bin/cluster status gt; /var/tmp/configfile

  2. /usr/cluster/bin/clrg export -o /var/tmp/configfile.xml

  3. /usr/cluster/bin/cluster export -o /var/tmp/configfile.xml

  4. /usr/cluster/bin/cluster create -i /var/tmp/configfile.xml

Answer: C

Question No: 166 – (Topic 2)

Which command will switch a device group, named ds1, from node1 to node2?

  1. cldg switch -n node2 ds1

  2. haswitch -d ds1 -h node2

  3. node1 gt; metaset -s ds1 -r node2gt; metaset -s ds1 -t

  4. clswitch ds1 from node1 to node2

Answer: A

Question No: 167 – (Topic 2)

You need to take one of your Solaris Volume Manager device groups offline for some emergency repairs. The device group is called ds1 and all devices are used as file systems. You have unmounted all the file systems.

Which command would you run to offline the device group?

  1. cldg offline ds1

  2. cldg switch offline

  3. cldg offline -s ds1

  4. cldg switch offline -s ds1

Answer: A

Question No: 168 – (Topic 2)

In order to use the Cluster Console software on a management workstation, which two files must be created? (Choose two.)

  1. /etc/system

  2. /etc/clusters

  3. /etc/clusters

  4. /etc/serialport

  5. /etc/nsswitch.conf

Answer: B,D

Question No: 169 – (Topic 2)

244. In the Sun Cluster 3.2 environment, where can you store the actual data for RAC databases?

  1. on a ZFS failover file system

  2. on a UFS failover file system

  3. on a shared QFS file system on Veritas Cluster Volume Manager (CVM) feature

  4. on raw devices using the Solaris Volume Manager multi-owner diskset feature

Answer: D

Question No: 170 – (Topic 2)

What is the minimum number of private interconnects recommended to build a two-node cluster using Sun Cluster 3.2?

  1. None

  2. Two

  3. Six

  4. One

Answer: B

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