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Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.2 System Administrator Certified Professional Exam

Question No: 21 – (Topic 1)

Which statement is incorrect regarding the in.mpathd daemon?

  1. IPMP uses ping to contact any router listed in the routing table.

  2. If no router exists, IPMP submits a ping to the all-hosts multicast address.

  3. If static host routes are available, these hosts will be contacted using ping.

  4. You can configure link state monitoring on Solaris 9.

Answer: D

Question No: 22 – (Topic 1)

Occasionally you may need to rebuild your cluster. If you rebuilt a cluster named quot;devquot; without removing the old quorum server information, you may want to clean up the old

quorum server information manually.

Which command would you use to remove the old quorum server information after using the command clqs show to obtain the cluster name and ID?

(– Cluster dev (id 0x448DE82F) Registrations –)

  1. clclust remove -F quorum-serv-v

  2. clqs clear -c dev -I 0x448DE82F 9000

  3. scquorum -c dev -I 0x448DE82F 9000

  4. Reboot the quorum server

Answer: B

Question No: 23 – (Topic 1)

You want to create a role that contains only the authorizations Solaris.cluster.modify and Solaris.cluster.admin. As you then decide which users should be able to successfully access every cluster command, you can just assign these users to the role and give them the role password. These users will never need to have the root password, but they will be able to execute every cluster command.

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

  1. This scheme will work for both cluster commands and Sun Cluster Manager.

  2. There are still some cluster-related activities, such as modifying the /etc/vfstab file, that the user might NOT be able to do.

  3. The users who switch to the role will still NOT have Solaris.cluster.read authorization, so they will not be able to view cluster status and configuration.

  4. This scheme will work as the users try to access command line commands, but it will NOT work if the users execute operations through Sun Cluster Manager.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 24 – (Topic 1)

Which two Veritas Volume Manager packages need to be installed on all nodes connected

to the shared storage? (Choose two.)

  1. VRTSjre

  2. VRTSvlic

  3. VRTSvxvm

  4. VRTSobgui

  5. VRTSvxman

Answer: B,C

Question No: 25 – (Topic 1)

When using ZFS for your shared storage within the cluster, how do you specify the file system mountpoint?

  1. ZFS does not use mountpoints.

  2. You must define mountpoints in the /etc/vfstab file first.

  3. ZFS mountpoints default to /poolname/fsname, but you can change them to whatever you want using the zfs command

  4. Sun Cluster chooses the name of the file system mountpoints for ZFS.

Answer: C

Question No: 26 – (Topic 1)

When using ZFS for your shared storage within the cluster, the mountpoints default to quot;/poolname/fsnamequot;. You can change the mountpoint name to whatever you want. You want to change the mountpoint for the filesystem myfs1 in the pool devpool to /oradb.

Which command do you use?

  1. zset mount=/oradb devpool/myfs1

  2. zpool setmount=/oradb poolname/fsname

  3. zfs /oradb set mountpoint devpool/all

  4. zfs set mountpoint=/oradb devpool/myfs1

Answer: D

Question No: 27 – (Topic 1)

Which is applicable to the Cluster Configuration Repository (CCR)?

  1. The CCR is only accessed by the cluster software at boot time.

  2. The CCR contains information that is critical to the operation of the cluster.

  3. The CCR should be configured on shared storage so that all nodes can access it

  4. To ensure consistency between the cluster nodes the CCR should be manually copied to all nodes on a regular basis.

Answer: B

Question No: 28 – (Topic 1)

Which two components are part of the Sun Cluster 3.2 software stack? (Choose two.)

  1. operating system

  2. Sun Cluster 3.2 agents

  3. Sun Cluster 3.2 framework

  4. volume management software

Answer: B,C

Question No: 29 – (Topic 1)

When using ZFS to maintain your cluster file systems, what other software volume management application do you need to manage the device groups?

  1. You do not need any other volume manager software.

  2. SVM is needed to manage your disksets.

  3. VxVM is needed to manage your disk groups.

  4. Veritas CVM is needed to manage the shared disk groups.

Answer: A

Question No: 30 – (Topic 1)

Solaris 10 allows resource allocation to users by assigning them projects. Consider having to automatically assign a project to an Oracle user, to start your HA-Oracle database.

Which two options would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  1. Use the newtask command

  2. Assign a project to the user using only the /etc/project file.

  3. Assign a project to the user using both the /etc/project and the /etc/user_attr file.

  4. Use the Resource_project_name property to pass the project to be used when starting Oracle.

Answer: C,D

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