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By | January 25, 2018

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Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Exam

Question No: 21

Which method must be used to encode a URL passed as an argument to HttpServletResponse. sendRedirect when using URL rewriting for session tracking?

  1. ServletResponse.encodeURL

  2. HttpServletResponse.encodeURL

  3. ServletResponse.encodeRedirectURL

  4. HttpServletResponse.encodeRedirectURL

Answer: D

Question No: 22

Which security mechanism uses the concept of a realm?

  1. authorization

  2. data integrity

  3. confidentiality

  4. authentication

Answer: D

Question No: 23

Which JSP standard action can be used to import content from a resource called foo.jsp?

  1. lt;jsp:import file=#39;foo.jsp#39; /gt;

  2. lt;jsp:import page=#39;foo.jsp#39; /gt;

  3. lt;jsp:include page=#39;foo.jsp#39; /gt;

  4. lt;jsp:include file=#39;foo.jsp#39; /gt;

  5. lt;jsp:importgt;foo.jsplt;/jsp:importgt;

  6. lt;jsp:includegt;foo.jsplt;/jsp:includegt;

Answer: C

Question No: 24

Given a jar file packaged with three web fragments with names X, Y and Z respectively.

Which of the following deployment descriptor, web.xml, snippets correspond to the web fragment processing orders of X, Y, Z?

  1. lt;absolute-orderinggt;





  2. lt;absolute-orderinggt;




  3. lt;absolute-orderinggt;





  4. lt;absolute-orderinggt;





  5. lt;absolute-orderinggt;





  1. (i) only

  2. (i) and (ii)

  3. (i) and (iv)

  4. (i), (iii), (iv) and (v)

Answer: C

Reference: http://blogs.oracle.com/swchan/entry/servlet_3_0_web_fragment

Question No: 25


Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which three EL expressions, inserted at line 16, are valid and evaluate to “d”? (Choose three)

  1. ${map.c}

  2. ${map.[c]}

C. ${map.[“c”]}

  1. ${map.map.b}

  2. ${map.[map.b]}

  3. ${map. (map.b)}

Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 26

Given an HttpServletRequestrequest and HttpResponseresponse, which sets a cookie “username” with the value “joe” in a servlet?

  1. request.addCookie(quot;usernamequot;, quot;joequot;)

  2. request.setCookie(quot;usernamequot;, quot;joequot;)

  3. response.addCookie(quot;usernamequot;, quot;joequot;)

  4. request.addHeader(new Cookie(quot;usernamequot;, quot;joequot;))

  5. request.addCookie(new Cookie(quot;usernamequot;, quot;joequot;))

  6. response.addCookie(new Cookie(quot;usernamequot;, quot;joequot;))

  7. response.addHeader(new Cookie(quot;usernamequot;, quot;joequot;))

Answer: F

Question No: 27

Given a header in an HI IP request: X-Retries: 4

A Which two retrieve the value of the header from a given HttpServletRequest request? (Choose two)

  1. request-getHeader(quot;X-Retriesquot;)

  2. request.getlntHeader(quot;X-Retriesquot;)

  3. request.getRequestHeader(quot;X-Retriesquot;)

  4. request.getHeaders{quot;X-Retriesquot;).get(0)

  5. request.getRequestHeaders(quot;X-Retriesquot;).get(0)

Answer: A,B

Question No: 28

You are creating a web form with this HTML:

  1. lt;form action=quot;sendOrder.jspquot;gt;

  2. lt;input type=quot;textquot; name=quot;creditCardquot;gt;

  3. lt;input type=quot;textquot; name=quot;expirationDatequot;gt;

  4. lt;input type=quot;submitquot;gt;

  5. lt;/formgt;

Which HTTP method is used when sending this request from the browser?

  1. GET

  2. PUT

  3. POST

  4. SEND

  5. FORM

Answer: A

Question No: 29

Which interface must a class implement so that instances of the class are notified after any object added to a session?

  1. javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionListener

  2. javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionValueListener

  3. javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionBindingListener

  4. javax.servlet.http.HttpSessionAttributeListener

Answer: D

Question No: 30

You are building a dating web site. The client’s date of birth is collected along with lots of other information. The Person class has a derived method, getAge() :int, which returns the person’s age calculated from the date of birth and today’s date. In one of your JSPs you need to print a special message to clients within the age group of 25 through 35.

Which two EL code snippets will return true for this condition? (Choose two.)

  1. ${client.age in [25,35]}

  2. ${client.age between [25,35]}

  3. ${client.age between 25,35}

  4. ${client.age lt;= 35 amp;amp; client.age gt;= 25}

  5. ${client.age le 35 and client.age ge 25}

  6. ${client.age gt; 35 amp;amp; client.age lt; 25}

Answer: D,E

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