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Java EE 6 Web Component Developer Certified Expert Exam

Question No: 41

Which two actions protect a resource file from direct HTTP access within a web

application? (Choose two)

  1. placing it in the /secure directory

  2. placing it in the /WEB-INF directory

  3. placing it in the /META-INF/secure directory

  4. creating a lt;web-resourcegt; element within the deployment descriptor

  5. creating a lt;secure-resourcegt; element within the deployment descriptor

Answer: B,C

Question No: 42

For manageability purposes, you have been told to add a “count” instance variable to a critical JSP Document so that a JMX MBean can track how frequent this JSP is being invoked.

Which JSP code snippet must you use to declare this instance variable in the JSP Document?

  1. lt;jsp:declarationgt; int count = 0;


  2. lt;%! int count = 0; %gt;

  3. lt;jsp:declaration.instancegt; int count = 0;


  4. lt;jsp:scriptlet.declarationgt; int count = 0;


Answer: A

Question No: 43

You are building a dating service web site. Part of the form to submit a client#39;s profile is a group of radio buttons for the person#39;s hobbies:

  1. lt;input type = ‘radio’ name = ‘hobbyEnum’ value = ‘HIKING’gt; Hiking lt;brgt;

  2. lt;input type = ‘radio’ name = ‘hobbyEnum’ value = ‘SKING’gt; Sking lt;brgt;

  3. lt;input type = ‘radio’ name = ‘hobbyEnum’ value = ‘SCUBA’gt; SCUBA lt;brgt;

  4. lt;! – – and more options – – gt;gt;

After the user submits this form, a confirmation screen is displayed with these hobbies listed. Assume that an application-scoped hobbies, holds a map between the hobby enumerated type and the display name.

Which EL code snippet will display Nth element of the user#39;s selected hobbles?

  1. ${hobbies [hobbyEnum[N]}

  2. ${hobbies [paramValues.hobbyEnum[N]]}

  3. ${hobbies [paramValues @ ‘hobbyEnum’ @N]

  4. ${hobbies.get(paramValues.hobbyEnum[N]) }

  5. ${hobbies [paramValues.hobbyEnum.get(N)] }

Answer: B

Question No: 44

When using Servlet asynchronous API if you want to dispatch the request back to a particular url -quot;/urlquot; within the same Servlet Context which of the following API would you use?

  1. ASyncContext.dispatch();

  2. AsyncContext.dispatch(quot;/urlquot;);

  3. AsyncContext.dispatch(servletContext, quot;/urlquot;);

  4. AsyncContext.start(runnable);

  5. RequestDispatcher.fotward(quot;/urlquot;);

  6. RequestDispatcher.forward(servletContext, quot;/urlquot;);

  7. RequestDispatcher.include(quot;/urlquot;);

Answer: C

Reference: http://blogs.oracle.com/enterprisetechtips/entry/asynchronous_support_in_servlet_3 (Topic: AsyncContext Class, third paragraph)

Question No: 45

Which JSTL code snippet can be used to import content from another web resource?

  1. lt;c:import url = “foo.jsp”/gt;

  2. lt;c:import page = “foo.jsp”/gt;

  3. lt;c:include url = “foo.jsp”/gt;

  4. lt;c:include page = “foo.jsp”/gt;

  5. Importing cannot be done in JSTL. A standard action must be used instead.

Answer: A

Question No: 46

Refer to the Exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

A servlet sets a session-scoped attribute product with an instance of com.example.product an forward to a JSP. Which two output the name of the product in the response? (Choose two)

  1. lt;%= product.getName() %gt;

  2. lt;jsp:useBean id=quot;productquot; class=quot;com.example.Productquot; /gt;

    lt;%= product.getName() %gt;

  3. lt;jsp:useBean id=quot;com.example.Productquot; scope=quot;pagequot;gt;

    lt;%= product.getName() %gt;


  4. lt;jsp:useBean id=quot;productquot; type=quot;com.example.Productquot; scope=quot;pagequot; /gt;

    lt;%= product.getName() %gt;

  5. lt;jsp:useBean id=quot;productquot; type=quot;com.example.Productquot;gt;

lt;%= product.getName() %gt;


Answer: B,D

Question No: 47

You want to create a filter for your web application and your filter will implement


Which two statements are true? (Choose two)

  1. Your filter class must implement an init method and a destroy method.

  2. Your filter class must also implement javax.sarvlat.FilterChain.

  3. When your filter chains to the next filter, it should pass the same arguments it received in its doFilter method.

  4. The method that your filter invokes on the object it received that implements javax – servlet.Filterchain can invoke either another filter or a servlet.

  5. Your filter class must implement a doFilter method that takes, among other things, an HttpServletRequest object and an HttpServletresponse object.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 48

Which element of a web application deployment descriptor lt;web-resource-collectiongt; element is used to specify a HTTP method to which the corresponding lt;security- constraintgt; will not apply?

  1. lt;exclude-http-methodgt;

  2. lt;neglect-http-methodgt;

  3. lt;http-method-omissiongt;

  4. lt;http-method-excludedgt;

  5. lt;exceptional-http-methodgt;

Answer: C

Reference: http://java.sun.com/xml/ns/javaee/web-common_3_0.xsd (search http-method- omission)

Question No: 49

A web browser need NOT always perform a complete request for a particular page that it suspects might NOT have changed. The HTTP specification provides a mechanism for the browser to retrieve only a partial response from the web server; this response includes information, such as the Last-Modified date but NOT the body of the page.

Which HTTP method will the browser use to retrieve such a partial response?

  1. GET

  2. ASK

  3. SEND

  4. HEAD

  5. TRACE


Answer: D

Question No: 50

View the Exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which two technologies would be suitable for use as Front Controller elements? (Choose two)

  1. JSP

  2. Servlet

  3. Filter

  4. POJO

  5. Custom Tag

Answer: A,B

Explanation: * Servlet only. Works well when:

  • Output is a binary type. E.g.: an image

  • There is no output. E.g.: you are doing forwarding or redirection as in Search Engine example.

  • Format/layout of page is highly variable. E.g.: portal.

  • JSP only. Works well when:

    • Output is mostly character data. E.g.: HTML

    • Format/layout mostly fixed.

  • Combination (MVC architecture). Needed when:

    • A single request will result in multiple substantially differentlooking results.

    • You have a large development team with different team members doing the Web development and the business logic.

    • You perform complicated data processing, but have a relatively fixed layout


    Not D: In computing software, POJO is an acronym for Plain Old Java Object. The name is used to emphasize that a given object is an ordinary Java Object, not a special object.

    The term quot;POJOquot; is mainly used to denote a Java object which does not follow any of the major Java object models, conventions, or frameworks. The term continues the pattern of older terms for technologies that do not use fancy new features.

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