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Oracle Procurement Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 1

Identify two activities that a Buying Organization will be able to perform after it provides the Supplier Portal access to Suppliers.

  1. Create Negotiation flow internally on behalf ofprospective suppliers.

  2. Import supplier data and related entities.

  3. Consolidate suppliers and supplier sites to clean up duplicate suppliers or support supplier acquisitions.

  4. Evaluate prospective suppliers by routing their registrations through a collaborative review process by using a flexible rules engine.

  5. Collect information about prospective suppliers through a self-guided registration flow.

Answer: D,E Explanation:

E: The buying organization can collect information about the products and services categories supplied by the company on the registration flow by enabling Products and Services using the Configure Supplier Registration flow.

D: The Supplier Registration process is used by companies to submit their registration request in order to become asupplier of the buying organization. The buying organization then reviews the registration request using a collaborative review process and determines if it wants to consider this company as a new source of supply.

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56614_01/procurementop_gs/OAPRC/F1007476A N1079E.htm

Question No: 2

Identify the functionality of Self Service Procurement that allows a Requester a 360-degree view of any purchasing document, such as a Requisition or PO.

  1. View pdf

  2. View Full Details

  3. Workflowadministration

  4. Manage Train Stops

  5. Manage Life Cycle

Answer: E

Question No: 3

Identify three profile options that are available in the ‘Manage Purchasing Profile Options’ setup and maintenance task.






Answer: A,C,E

Reference: http://oracleappscommunity.com/oracle/blog/1115/purchasing-profile-options/

Question No: 4

Your client’s business requires that only requester A is provided access to the punchout catalog and not requester B.

Identify the configuration to achieve this.

  1. Setthe punchout catalog-associated content zone security to “Secured by worker” with the value “Requester A” and no setup for requester B.

  2. Assign the “punchout catalog request” role to procurement requester A and “procurement requester” role to requester B.

  3. Assign the “advance procurement requester” role to requester A and the “procurement requester” role to requester B.

  4. Set the punchout catalog security in the punchout catalog definition page to “Secured by worker” with the value “Requester A” and nosetup for requester B.

Answer: A Explanation:

Secured by worker: This option is always available for procurement or for requisitioning. The content zone is accessible only to those workers assigned to the content zone.

Note: When content zones are created for procurement business units, administrators indicate whether the content zones are to be used for procurement or for requisitioning. Designating the use of the content zone determines to which flow the content zone is applied.

A content zone for requisitioning can be accessible to all users working in specific requisitioning business units or to specific users

References:https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E48434_01/doc.1118/e49610/F1007477AN13B51.h tm

Question No: 5

While creating a Contract Purchase Agreement, a buyer tries to add a Contract Template to it, but the List of Values (VOL) is empty.

Identify three applicable reasons for this issue.

  1. The document type associated with the Contract Template is ‘Blanket Purchase Agreement’.

  2. The Contract Template is not ‘Approved’.

  3. The document typeassociated with the Contract Template is ‘Purchase Order’.

  4. The Contract Template is in ‘Approved’ status.

  5. The document type associated with the Contract Template is ‘Contract Purchase Agreement’.

Answer: C,D,E Explanation:


Your customer wants toconfigure three business units (BUs) as follows: Identify the correct configuration.

  1. The US Header BU needs to be configured as a Payables Payment Service Provider.

  2. The US West BU needs to be configuredas a Customer Payments Service Provider.

  3. The US East BU and US West BU need to be configured as Payables Payment Service Provider.

  4. The US East BU needs to be configured as a Payables Payment Service Provider. Answer: D

Question No: 6

Identify the document in which the Supplier field is not mandatory.

  1. Invoice

  2. Quotation

  3. Requisition

  4. Purchase Order

  5. Request for Quotation

Answer: A

Explanation: This is a not-mandatory field which can be used to enter the supplier invoice number.

Reference: http://wiki.openbravo.com/wiki/Purchase_Invoice

Question No: 7

You are setting up Fusion Sourcing. You would like participants to provide Insurance and

Freight cost for the quotation/RFQ lines.

Identify the configuration that will fulfill this requirement.

  1. Define a negotiation style and enable DFF for Freight and Insurance.

  2. Personalize the negotiation UI to add the Freight and Insurance attributes.

  3. Add negotiation lines separately to capture Freight and Insurance.

  4. Add Cost Factors for Freight and Insurance.

Answer: D

Question No: 8

Identify five business functions that must be configured in order to implement a complete Procure-to-Pay business process in Oracle Procurement Cloud.

  1. Incentive Compensation

  2. Receiving

  3. Invoicing

  4. Payments

  5. Inventory

  6. Purchasing

  7. Requisitioning

Answer: B,C,E,F,G

Question No: 9

Which user-defined attribute type in Purchasing Document Approval Rules Management supports the aggregation of data across lines or distributions based on a set of filters?

  1. Currency attribute

  2. Summation attribute

  3. Custom attribute

  4. Category attribute

Answer: B

Explanation: Summation attributes support the aggregation of data across lines or

distributions using a set of filters. You can set up the filters using requisition attributes, or you can use rollups in the Procurement Category Hierarchy, Cost Center, Balancing Segment, Management Segment, or Natural Account hierarchies.

Question No: 10

You define a payment term Net 30 in the “Define Payment Terms” task. While configuring a supplier, you try to assign the payment term Net 30 to a supplier site but the list of values (LOV) is empty.

  1. The supplier site is inactive.

  2. The data set containing the payment term Net 30 is not assigned to the procurement BU.

  3. The payment term Net 30 is not active.

  4. The payment term Net 30 is not defined at procurement options.

Answer: B

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