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Oracle Talent Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 21

What happens when a Performance Document approval is rejected?

  1. It is deleted.

  2. It is inactivated.

  3. It is suspended.

  4. It is returned to the submitter.

Answer: A

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/common/FAUPM/F1436468AN10076.htm

Question No: 22

The Department Manager has created and published an organization goal “Improve Organization Performance”. The goal-setting process is completed across the organization. At the end of the goal-setting process, the Department Manager wants to know how many workers in his or her organization have set goals to “Improve Organization Performance”.

How can the Department Manager see the desired information?

  1. View either the Goal Alignment Summery report orthe Goal Progress Summary report.

  2. View the Goal Progress Summary report.

  3. Create a new dashboard report on the Organization Goals page.

  4. Create a new dashboard report on the My Goals page.

  5. View the Goal Alignment Summary report.

Answer: E

Question No: 23

As an HR specialist, you want to mass-assign goals to workers. While assigning the goals, you selected a goal plan but did not select a goal plan period. Choose the correct option that holds true for the goal plan period in this scenario.

  1. The organization owner of the respective worker assigns a goal plan period based on the individual organization goal plan period.

  2. The HR specialist who assigned the goal plan either sends notification to workers about the goal plan period or manually populates the plan period based on the expected goal completion date.

  3. The workers populate the plan period for the goal plan based on the expected goal’s target completion date.

  4. The system determines and auto-populates appropriate goal plan and sub-period based on the goal’s target date.

Answer: B

Question No: 24

Your customer has enabled the notification Participant Feedback – Worker deletes participant. One of the workers has an open performance document and requested a Participant Feedback. In the middle of the performance cycle the worker had a Line manager change, but the worker’s performance document owner remained the old manager. The worker deletes a feedback participant since the feedback was no longer required by the previous co-worker.

Which two will be receiving a notification for this action?

  1. Feedback Participant

  2. Old Line Manager

  3. Worker

  4. Current Line Manager

  5. HR Specialist

Answer: A,D

Question No: 25

A manager has several goals and has assigned some of those goals to his or her direct

reports. However, when direct reports complete the goal, their profiles are not updated with the competencies associated with the goal as Target Outcomes. What is the possible reason that the competencies were not added to the profiles?

  1. The Target Outcome was added to the goal after the goal was submitted.

  2. The goal was assigned to the direct reports after the Target Outcome was added.

  3. The Target Outcome was added, but the target proficiency was not selected.

  4. Goal Tasks were not associated with the goal.

  5. The Target Outcome was added after the goal was assigned to the direct reports.

Answer: E

Question No: 26

When a performance document is shared by the manager or acknowledged by the worker, what will the corresponding subtask status change to?

  1. Acknowledged

  2. Shared

  3. Completed

  4. Acknowledged or Shared

  5. In Progress

Answer: A

Question No: 27

Which three statements are true about the Notes added in the Talent Review Meeting?

  1. Reviewers can see all notes created for the meeting for their direct and indirect reports.

  2. Facilitators create and manage notes on the Talent Review dashboard.

  3. Business Leaders create and manage notes on the Talent Review dashboard.

  4. Reviewerscreate and manage notes for their direct and indirect reports on the Prepare Review Content page.

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 28

What can you use Questionnaires for before a Talent Review meeting?

  1. to view and track development goals of workers outside of your direct reporting line

  2. to assign qualitativeor quantitative measurements to assess the level of success of achieving a goal

  3. to assign Development Goals to workers in your direct reporting line

  4. to calculate the worker potential rating during the content preparation stage

Answer: D

Question No: 29

A talent review meeting in your organization has completed. An action plan was identified during the talent review meeting and created in the system. Who has the privilege to review the action plan after the meeting is over?

  1. Business leader

  2. Review participants

  3. Business leader and review participants

  4. Facilitator

  5. Business leader and facilitator

Answer: C

Question No: 30

You have specified the minimum number of participants for each role in the performance template. While creating the performance document, you .

  1. cannot add any more participant over and above the minimum number specified for the role

  2. can add only one more participant over and above the minimum number specified for the role

  3. can add only two more participant over and above the minimum number specified for the role

  4. can add more than two more participant over and above theminimum number specified

for the role

Answer: D

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