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By | January 25, 2018

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VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Beta

Question No: 41

An administrator is experiencing network connectivity issues between virtual machines. The virtual machines and hosts are configured as follows:

->VM1 is running on Host1

->VM2 is running on Host2

->Both Host1 and Host2 are attached to the vSphere Distributed Switch dvSwitch1

->Both Host1 and Host2 are using vmnic0 and vmnic1 on dvSwitch1

->Both virtual machines are using the default portgroup for network traffic

What are three settings the administrator should investigate while troubleshooting the connectivity issue? (Choose three.)

  1. VLANs of the physical NICs

  2. Failover order of the uplinks

  3. Virtual NIC connectivity to the dvSwitch

  4. Security policy of the portgroup

  5. Traffic shaping on the portgroup

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 42

Which two conditions would prevent an administrator from upgrading an existing vCenter Server Appliance to vSphere 6.x? (Choose two.)

  1. The appliance has been configured to use an external Single Sign-On server.

  2. The administrator did not export the appliance configuration.

  3. The administrator is using an appliance with an embedded Platform Services Controller.

  4. The ESXi Host that the appliance will run on has not been placed into Maintenance Mode.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 43

What is the name of the command line utility that checks for VMFS5 metadata corruption?

  1. vmkfstools -check

  2. voma

  3. vmfsanalyzer

  4. esxcli vmfs check

Answer: B

Question No: 44

An administrator is troubleshooting a virtual machine that has unexpectedly powered off. Which two logs should be used to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose two.)

  1. vmware.log

  2. hostd.log

  3. syslog.log

  4. shell.log

Answer: A,B

Question No: 45

An administrator uses the df -h command and notices that an NFS datastore is reporting a capacity of 0 Bytes.

What condition would cause this to occur?

  1. The NFS server on which the datastore resides is down.

  2. The datastore was mounted as Read/Write.

  3. The datastore was mounted as Read-Only.

  4. The datastore was created with NFS version 4.1.

Answer: A

Question No: 46

An administrator is unable to patch an ESXi 6.x host using VMware Update Manager. What is an alternative option for patching a host?

  1. Upload the offline bundle to a datastore and execute the command esxcli software vib install -d to apply it manually.

  2. Upload the vib to a datastore and execute the command esxcli software vib install -d to apply it manually.

  3. Upload the offline bundle to a datastore and execute the command esxupdate install -v to apply it manually.

  4. Upload the vib to a datastore and execute the command esxupdate install -v to apply it manually.

Answer: A

Question No: 47

When attempting to place a datastore in Maintenance Mode, the task remains at 1%.

What are two potential causes for this? (Choose two.)

  1. Storage DRS is disabled on one or more virtual machine(s) disk(s).

  2. Storage DRS rules prevent migration recommendations for the disk.

  3. Storage DRS datastores have insufficient space to accommodate failover.

  4. Storage DRS provisioning network has been limited with I/O control policies.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 48

Which two scenarios could cause Storage DRS to be disabled on a Virtual Disk (VMDK)? (Choose two.)

  1. The VMDK is an independent disk.

  2. The virtual machine has vSphere Fault Tolerance enabled.

  3. The VMDK is hosted on NFS storage.

  4. The virtual machine has a CD-ROM/ISO image connected.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 49

A vSphere Web Client task fails while creating a VMFS datastore on a disk with these characteristics:

->The disk was formatted with an Master Boot Record (MBR) partition table

->The disk was not erased

->The disk is visible in the vSphere Web Client

What action needs to be performed to resolve the issue?

  1. Delete the partitions manually with partedUtil.

  2. Create a VMFS3 file system first, then upgrade it.

  3. Create a VMFS5 file system with the command esxcli storage filesystem add.

  4. Delete the data with the vmkfstools command.

Answer: A

Question No: 50

Which two statements are true regarding VMFS3 volumes in ESXi 6.x? (Choose two.)

  1. Creation of VMFS3 volumes is unsupported.

  2. Upgrading VMFS3 volumes to VMFS5 is supported.

  3. Existing VMFS3 volumes are unsupported.

  4. Upgrading VMFS3 volumes to VMFS5 is unsupported.

Answer: A,B

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