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By | January 25, 2018

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VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization

Question No: 21

A vSphere administrator observes a CPU spike on one of the web servers (view the Exhibit.)

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which two statements can describe the cause of this activity? (Choose two.)

  1. The network packet size is too large.

  2. VMware Tools is not installed.

  3. Disk latency is present on the datastore.

  4. The network packet size is too small.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 22

Which three requirements are needed to apply RAID 5 or RAID 6 erasure coding on a vSAN 6.2 or 6.5 object? (Choose three.)

  1. on Disk Format 3.0

  2. Hybrid vSAN

  3. All Flash vSAN

  4. vSAN Advanced License

  5. Stretched Cluster Configurations

Answer: A,C,D Explanation:

RAID 5 or RAID 6 Design Considerations for Virtual SAN:

RAID 5 or RAID 6 erasure coding is available only on all-flash disk groups. On-disk format version 3.0 or later is required to support RAID 5 or RAID 6. Need valid license to enable RAID 5/6 on a cluster.

RAID 5/6 is not supported on stretched VSAN clusters.

Enable deduplication and compression on the Virtual SAN cluster to achieve additional space savings.

Question No: 23

Which three statements are correct regarding booting an ESXi Host from Fibre Channel SAN? (Choose three.)

  1. Direct connect topology is supported.

  2. Each host must have its own boot LUN.

  3. ESXi hosts do not require local storage.

  4. Multipathing to a boot LUN on an active-passive array is supported.

  5. Hosts can share one common boot LUN.

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 24

An administrator sees the following error in the log files:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

Which two events could be the source of the error message? (Choose two.)

  1. vCenter Server failure

  2. VXLAN failure

  3. Disk array failure

  4. Network failure

  5. ESXi host failure

Answer: C,D Explanation:

To determine why the heartbeat, I/O operations never complete:

Note the date/time when the lost access to volume message was reported and check the ESXi host logs for related information.

Verify that there are no connectivity issues between the ESXi host and the storage device.

Question No: 25

Which three types of Content Libraries exist within vSphere 6.5? (Choose three.)

  1. Remote Content Library

  2. Published Content Library

  3. Local Content Library

  4. Shared Content Library

  5. Subscribed Content Library

Answer: B,C,E Explanation:

Local Libraries

Subscribed Libraries (You subscribe to a published library by creating a subscribed library.)

Question No: 26

What three options can improve network performance for a virtual machine? (Choose three.)

  1. MLD

  2. TSO

  3. NetFlow

  4. LRO

  5. SR-IOV

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 27

An administrator finds that the Microsoft Exchange virtual machines are exhibiting network latency.

What two in-guest changes can help decrease latency? (Choose two.)

  1. LRO

  2. TSO

  3. SR-IOV


Answer: A,B Explanation:

Using TSO and LRO on physical and virtual machine NICs improves the performance of ESX/ESXi hosts by reducing the CPU overhead for TCP/IP network operations. The host uses more CPU cycles to run applications.

If TSO is enabled on the transmission path, the NIC divides larger data chunks into TCP segments. If TSO is disabled, the CPU performs segmentation for TCP/IP.

TSO is referred to as LSO (Large Segment Offload or Large Send Offload) in the latest VMXNET3 driver attributes.

LRO reassembles incoming network packets into larger buffers and transfers the resulting larger but fewer packets to the network stack of the host or virtual machine. The CPU has to process fewer packets than when LRO is disabled, which reduces its utilization for networking.

Question No: 28

An administrator is trying to set up Host Partial Failure Response, but the Automated option is grayed out.

What can the administrator change to enable the Automated option?

  1. Change the vSphere DRS Automation level to Partially Automated.

  2. Change the vSphere DRS Automation level to Fully Automated.

  3. Enable vSphere HA Host Monitoring.

  4. Change the vSphere DPM Automation level to Automatic.

Answer: C

Question No: 29

What two services run on all nodes in a vCenter Server HA cluster? (Choose two.)

  1. vmware-vmon

  2. vmware-vpostgres

  3. vmare-rbd-watchdog

  4. vmware-vcha

Answer: B,C

Question No: 30

What are two features introduced in Network I/O Control version 3? (Choose two.)

  1. Bandwidth reservation per traffic type

  2. Network resource pools

  3. CoS tagging

  4. Bandwidth guarantee to virtual machines

Answer: A,D Explanation:

Version 3 of the Network I/O Control feature offers improved network resource reservation and allocation across the entire switch.

Models for Bandwidth Resource Reservation

Network I/O Control version 3 supports separate models for resource management of system traffic related to infrastructure services, such as vSphere Fault Tolerance, and of virtual machines.

The two traffic categories have different nature. System traffic is strictly associated with an ESXi host. The network traffic routes change when you migrate a virtual machine across the environment. To provide network resources to a virtual machine regardless of its host, in Network I/O Control you can configure resource allocation for virtual machines that is valid in the scope of the entire distributed switch.

Bandwidth Guarantee to Virtual Machines

Network I/O Control version 3 provisions bandwidth to the network adapters of virtual machines by using constructs of shares, reservation and limit. Based on these constructs, to receive sufficient bandwidth, virtualized workloads can rely on admission control in vSphere Distributed Switch, vSphere DRS and vSphere HA

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