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VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization

Question No: 91

Assuming a mirrored (RAID-1) object configuration, how many hosts must contribute storage in a non-stretched VMware vSAN cluster to satisfy the 鈥淣umber of failures to tolerate鈥?policy option?

鈥渘鈥?is the desired 鈥淣umber of failures to tolerate鈥?value for all options.

  1. 2n 2

  2. 2n

  3. 2n 1

  4. 3n

Answer: C Explanation:

If fault domains are configured, 2n 1 fault domains with hosts contributing capacity are required. A host, which is not part of any fault domain is considered its own single-host fault domain

Question No: 92

Which two components are part of storage I/O multipathing on ESXi? (Choose two.)

  1. SATP

  2. VASA

  3. PSP

  4. VAAI

Answer: A,C Explanation:

The NMP associates a set of physical paths with a specific storage device, or LUN. The specific details of handling path failover for a given storage array are delegated to a Storage Array Type Plug-In (SATP). The specific details for determining which physical path is used to issue an I/O request to a storage device are handled by a Path Selection Plug-In (PSP). SATPs and PSPs are sub plug-ins within the NMP module.

Reference https://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere- 50/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.vsphere.storage.doc_50/GUID-9DED1F73-7375- 4957-BF69-41B56C3E5224.html

Question No: 93

What VM Monitoring setting would ensure that the maximum reset window for a virtual machine is 24 hours?

  1. Medium

  2. Low

  3. High

  4. Normal

Answer: A Explanation: Explanation

There are 3 built in presets (Low, Medium amp; High) and the option to select custom settings for any of these options.

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Question No: 94

A Telco customer is implementing NFV using vSphere as the virtualization platform. Which feature can help achieve a high packet rate with lower CPU consumption?

  1. Network I/O Control

  2. SplitRX


  4. LACP

Answer: B Explanation:

SplitRx mode will typically improve throughput and maximum packet rates.

Question No: 95

Which is the maximum number of block devices (LUNs) that are supported by ESXi hosts that are running version 6.5?

A. 1024

B. 512

C. 2048

D. 256

Answer: B Explanation:

LUNs per server 512

Question No: 96

An attempt to delete NFS datastore from a ESXi host returns the error: Sysinfo error on operation returned the following status: Busy

Which two statements could explain this failure? (Choose two.)

  1. NFS datastore is a part of Storage DRS Cluster.

  2. NFS.VolumeRemountFrequency value is set to 30.

  3. Storage I/O Control is enabled on NFS datastore.

  4. NFS datastore has running or registered virtual machines.

Answer: C,D Explanation:

The busy status indicated that either storage I/O control is enabled on NFS datastore or the NFS datastore is running on registered virtual machines. In both cases, sysinfo error on operation will be returned with busy status.

Question No: 97

What availability mode does vCenter HA provide?

  1. Active-Passive

  2. Active-Standby

  3. Active-Active

  4. Load-balanced

Answer: A

Question No: 98

An administrator has a large boot from SAN cluster and wants to ensure consistent configuration by using host profiles.

What special considerations are required for boot from SAN hosts?

  1. Change the 鈥淒evice is shared clusterwide鈥?setting to 鈥渇alse鈥?in the host profile.

  2. Verify that the boot LUN is correctly identified as the boot device in the host profile.

  3. The boot from SAN device must report as a local device.

  4. Host profiles are incompatible with boot from SAN hosts.

Answer: B

Question No: 99

Which guest operating system supports PVRDMA?

  1. Windows (32-Bit)

  2. Linux (32-Bit)

  3. Windows (64-Bit)

  4. Linux (64-Bit)

Answer: D Explanation:

The guest operating system that supports PVRDMA is Linux 64 bit. Reference https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-

vSphere/6.5/com.vmware.vsphere.networking.doc/GUID-4A5EBD44-FB1E-4A83-BB47- BBC65181E1C2.html

Question No: 100

What are two reasons why a datastore in a Storage DRS cluster cannot enter maintenance mode? (Choose two.)

  1. Storage latency is too high to allow Storage DRS initiate Storage vMotion.

  2. Storage DRS is configured for a VMFS3 datastore.

  3. Storage DRS is disabled on the virtual disk.

  4. Rules prevent Storage DRS from making migration recommendations.

Answer: C,D

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