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By | January 25, 2018

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VMware Certified Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility Exam

Question No: 41

Which two procedures assign a Base Layer to centralized virtual desktops (CVDs) in VMware Mirage? (Choose two.)

  1. ClickValidationbutton to validate CVDs.

  2. ChooseCommon Wizards gt; Assign Base Layer.

  3. Select individual, multiple or a collection of CVDs.

  4. Assign an App Layer.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 42

Which two capabilities are true for Writable Volumes? (Choose two.)

  1. They can be used to enable users to install their own applications.

  2. They can be used to store local profile information.

  3. They can be used with RDS session hosts.

  4. They can be connected to more than one virtual machine at the same time.

Answer: A,B Explanation:



Question No: 43

Which two operating systems are supported for App Volumes Management Server? (Choose two.)

  1. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Datacenter

  2. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard

  3. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

  4. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Answer: B,C Explanation:

Referencehttp://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/en/appvolumes/2.12/app-volumes-212- release-notes.html

Question No: 44

An ESXi host has instant clone virtual machines running on it. What tool should be used to

place it into maintenance mode?

  1. VMware vSphere Client

  2. ViewDbChk

  3. vdmadmin

  4. IcMaint

Answer: D Explanation:

Referencehttps://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon- 7/7.2/com.vmware.horizon.virtual.desktops.doc/GUID-6025D684-2E05-4857-9C24- 18F16DDC38FD.html

Question No: 45

Which statement is a restriction associated with the use of instant clones?

  1. vMotion is not available.

  2. 3D rendering is not available.

  3. App Volumes is not compatible.

  4. Transparent Page Sharing is not compatible.

Answer: A

Question No: 46

Which two choices are VMware Mirage App Layer Capture Steps? (Choose two.)

  1. Install layer driver.

  2. Adjust the INI file with an MSI=1 value.

  3. Prepare the reference machine.

  4. Capture the Pre-install State.

Answer: C,D


Referencehttp://pubs.vmware.com/horizonmirage- 44/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.horizonmirage.admin.doc/GUID-A6F9D2A4- 3C42-4240-B4C6-61C3C3A15CFD.html

Question No: 47

What are two View requirements for ThinApp Appliance? (Choose two.)

  1. Grant read permission to the network share.

  2. Grant full control permission to the network share.

  3. Store Microsoft Installation (MSI) packages on a Windows network share.

  4. Store Microsoft Installation (MSI) packages on a VMFS datastore.

Answer: A,C Explanation:

Referencehttps://pubs.vmware.com/view- 51/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.view.administration.doc/GUID-BD84A763-EA51- 44B0-A271-762279E7460E.html

Question No: 48

The User Environment Manager management console has the ability to hide certain features that are not needed.

What are the default-enabled Personalization Features?

  1. Advanced, Backups, DirectFlex, Conditions, Predefined Settings, Profile Cleanup, User Environment

  2. Basic, Backups, DirectFlex, Predefined Settings, Profile Cleanup, Silo Support, User Environment

  3. Advanced, Backups, DirectFlex, Conditions, Predefined Profiles, Restore, Silo Support,

    User Environment

  4. Backups, Desktop Support, DirectFlex, Conditions, Predefined Settings, Profile Cleanup, User Environment

Answer: A Explanation:


Question No: 49

What are the two required steps for VMware Identity Manager to centrally distribute and manage ThinApp packages? (Choose two.)

  1. Sync the packages with VMware Identity Manager.

  2. Enable VMware Identity Manager to locate the repository that stores ThinApp packages.

  3. Publish the ThinApp package through Horizon View.

  4. Modify the package.ini file withThinApp=1.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 50

While a View administrator is configuring the vRealize for Horizon Broker Agent, this error message is displayed:

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What two actions should the administrator take to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

  1. Verify that the pairing key is correct.

  2. Start the VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon Broker Agent service on the virtual desktops.

  3. Configure the firewall to allow communications.

  4. Configure DNS to properly resolve the hostnames.

Answer: A,D

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