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By | January 25, 2018

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VMware CertifiedAssociate-Cloud (VCA-Cloud)

Question No: 11

You work at a small, but rapidly expanding chain of retail stores. You have a private cloud in place which works well most of the year, but to manage the annual holiday peak load on your Internet store, you have decided to utilize a hybrid cloud as needed. Which two components are required when deploying a hybrid cloud environment? (Choose two.)

  1. vFabric Hyperic

  2. vCloud Connector

  3. vCenter Operations Management Suite

  4. vCloud Director

Answer: B,D

Reference: http://download3.vmware.com/vcloud_assets/Doc/PDF/MovingCloudWorkloads-vCC.pdf

Question No: 12

Your manager wants you to make sure your cloud environment is performing well and is not exhibiting any serious problems. Which vCenter Operations Manager Super Metric do you use to help analyze workload, anomalies and faults?

  1. Health

  2. Status

  3. Risk

  4. Performance

Answer: A

Reference: http://blogs.vmware.com/management/2012/01/vmware-vcenter-operations- management-suite-50-now-available.html (see the bulleted point under the image)

Question No: 13

Your development team is using pre-configured and deployed web, database, and application servers installed as virtual machines in your company cloud. Which type of service are they using?

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  3. Data Processing as a Service (DPaaS)

  4. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Answer: B

Reference: http://docs.hol.vmware.com/HOL-2013/HOL-SDC-1314_html_en/

Question No: 14

Management at your company has asked you to give a presentation outlining why you want to move to a private cloud. As part of this presentation you are explaining vCloud Director and its capabilities. Which of the following describes something vCloud Director can do for your cloud project?

  1. Provide Fault Tolerance (FT) protection for your cloud workloads

  2. Move workloads between a private and a public cloud

  3. Allow multiple tenants to run on the same vSphere Cluster

  4. Move your cloud to a remote site when disaster strikes

Answer: C

Reference: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/VMware-Architecting-vCloud-WP.pdf (page 15, vcloud director constructs)

Question No: 15

Your manager is concerned that, even in the cloud, provisioning hundreds or thousands of VMs will result in a lot of redundant storage use. You explain that you can minimize the use of redundant storage with vCloud by making use of which of the following features?

  1. Snapshots

  2. Fast Provisioning

  3. Templates

  4. Storage DRS

Answer: B

Reference: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/VMware-Architecting-vCloud-WP.pdf

Question No: 16

You manager wants to utilize the platform capabilities of a VMware partner application in order to automate the delivery of network services in your environment. Which extensibility feature can provide this functionality?

  1. vCenter Hyperic

  2. vCenter Server

  3. vCloud Automation Center Server Catalog

  4. VMware NSX API

Answer: D

Question No: 17

You have been asked to install and verify network security for the multiple tenants in your public cloud. Which of the following will you primarily work with to secure your tenants?

  1. vCloud Networking and Security

  2. vSphere Distributed Switch

  3. vShield Zones

  4. vCloud Security Server

Answer: A

Reference: https://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/products/vcns/vmware-vcloud-networking-

and-security-overview.pdf (page 2)z

Question No: 18

You have installed and configured Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to protect your private cloud infrastructure. Your manager wants assurances that the plan you have put in place will actually work. How would you go about testing your Site Recovery Manager setup?

  1. Tell SRM to initiate an HA failover test.

  2. Execute a non-disruptive SRM recovery test.

  3. Tell SRM#39;s to simulate moving your workloads using vCloud Connector.

  4. Tell SRM to vMotion protected VMs to the recovery site.

Answer: B

Reference: http://info.vmware.com/content/enterprise-NA-vcentersiterecovery-17668 (See non disruptive testing)

Question No: 19

A potential customer asks you to explain the benefits of using VMware NSX versus another vendor and product that utilizes physical networking infrastructure.

Which two benefits of implementing VMware NSX would you include in your answer? (Choose two.)

  1. No more physical switches

  2. Reduced network provisioning time

  3. Non-disruptive server hardware upgrades

  4. Non-disruptive deployment

Answer: B,D

Question No: 20

At your company you have several research projects which require separate networks in your cloud. Although the servers on these networks will require access to the rest of the company, it is not required that any of the servers deployed on these networks have static or public IP addresses. Which vCloud Networking and Security feature will allow you to reuse the same subnet/IP address range on each of these networks without causing any IP address conflicts or collisions?

  1. NAT

  2. Fencing

  3. Firewall

  4. VPN

Answer: A

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