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VMware Certified Associate- Network Virtualization

Question No: 21

An administrator manages a TFTP server virtual machine that is connected to a Logical Switch with a VNI of 7321. The TFTP server has been configured to use port 1069. An NSX Edge Service Gateway is connected to VNI 7321 and has an uplink interface with access to the physical network. Assume external users can reach the Service Gateway.

What should the administrator configure to ensure external connections to the TFTP server are successful?

  1. Create a DNAT rule with the original port of 69 and translated port of 1069.

  2. Create a SNAT rule with the original port of 1069 and translated port of 69.

  3. Create a SNAT rule with the original port of 69 and translated port of 1069.

  4. Create a DNAT rule with the original port of 1069 and translated port of 69.

Answer: A

Question No: 22

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

An NSX administrator is examining an error in the Event Console as shown:

Which condition would result in this error?

  1. The configured MTU size on the physical network is too small.

  2. The VTEP IP pool addresses are on the ESXi management network subnet.

  3. VLANs are configured on the logical network.

  4. A VXLAN segment ID pool is not configured.

Answer: B

Question No: 23

Which Layer 2 bridge is supported by the Distributed Router?

  1. VCD-NI to VLAN bridge

  2. VXLAN to PVLAN bridge

  3. VCD-NI to PVLAN bridge

  4. VXLAN to VLAN bridge

Answer: D

Question No: 24

What is the appropriate source from which to deploy the VMware NSX Manager component?

  1. Open Virtualization Appliance (OVA) file

  2. VMware Infrastructure Bundle (VIB) file

  3. VMware vSphere Update Manager update baseline

  4. MSI install package

Answer: A

Question No: 25

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

An NSX administrator creates the NSX network in the exhibit:

What destination IP address will Host-A use when sending a VXLAN frame to Host-B?

  1. The IP address of one of Host-B#39;s new vmkernel ports created during host configuration.

  2. The IP address of Host-B#39;s management vmkernel port, which is also the VTEP IP address.

  3. The IP address of Host-B#39;s NSX Controller. The NSX Controller forwards the VXLAN frame to Host-B.

  4. The IP address Host-B provided to Host-A during VXLAN tunnel setup negotiations.

Answer: A

Question No: 26

An administrator configures the IPSec VPN service on an NSX Edge instance, but the negotiation fails. Examining the log file, the administrator notices the following message:


Which misconfiguration caused the error?

  1. Pre-shared key (PSK) does not match

  2. Diffie-Hellman (DH) Group does not match

  3. Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) does not match

  4. VPN tunnel address incorrect

Answer: A

Question No: 27

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

The diagram displays various points where QoS configuration may be used.

Based on the diagram, which two statements correctly identify the appropriate QoS usage? (Choose two.)

  1. Location A should provide Trust DSCP.

  2. Location A should provide either Trust DHCP or Set DSCP.

  3. Location B should provide Trust DSCP and Trust COS.

  4. Location B should provide Set DSCP and Set COS.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 28

A company hosts an internal website on multiple virtual machines attached to a Logical Switch with VNI 7321. A Distributed Router serves as the virtual machines#39; default gateway.

When an user resolves the URL for the website, the internal DNS server responds with the IP address of one of the virtual machine#39;s IP addresses in a round robin fashion. This approach results in some virtual machines having a much higher number of user sessions than others.

The company wants to deploy a NSX Edge Service Load Balancer to improve on this situation. Which distribution method can be configured on the NSX Edge Load Balancer to meet the company#39;s needs?


  2. IP_HASH


  4. URI

Answer: A

Question No: 29

– Exhibit –

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

– Exhibit –

An administrator is deploying a distributed router and is adding an interface for a logical switch, as shown in the following exhibit:

The administrator clicks on the Change link to specify the network to connect to. Selecting the distributed portgroup, the administrator finds that no portgroups are listed. The administrator verifies the desired portgroup exists in vCenter Server.

What condition would result in this behavior?

  1. The MTU size is set to 1500

  2. A subnet has not been configured

  3. The interface name has an invalid character

  4. The interface type is incorrect

Answer: D

Question No: 30

Which two Virtual Private Networks are supported by the NSX Edge Service Gateway? (Choose two.)

  1. Layer 2 VPN

  2. GRE VPN

  3. IPSec VPN

  4. Layer 3 VPN

Answer: A,C

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