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By | January 25, 2018

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VMware Certified Associate – Workforce Mobility (VCA-WM)

Question No: 41

You are a VMware consultant. Your client is concerned about being able to run multiple version of IE simultaneously on a virtual desktop, to ensure website compatibility. Which solution will help in this situation?

  1. vFabric Application Director

  2. ThinApp

  3. Horizon Mirage

  4. Horizon Workspace

Answer: B


Question No: 42

You are interested in using Thin Clients in your new environment. Which statement is true concerning Thin Clients?

  1. Thin Clients do not have local PCI slots

  2. Thin Clients provide more hardware capabilities than a comparable physical desktop

  3. Thin Clients are powered by a rechargeable battery

  4. Thin Clients have the same expansion slots as a physical desktop

Answer: A

Question No: 43

You are experiencing a high amount of read I/O as shown on your storage array. Which

Horizon View option will help to minimize the I/O read from your array?

  1. Horizon Mirage

  2. Host caching

  3. Endpoint

  4. Local Mode

Answer: C

Question No: 44

A colleague asks you how to manage Horizon View desktops. How should you respond?

  1. You should use the PowerCLI command set to manage your virtual desktops

  2. You should always use Viewmanagerto manage your virtual desktops

  3. You should always use vCenter to manage your virtual desktops

  4. You can use either vCenter or View Administrator to manage your virtual desktops

Answer: B


New Questions:

Question No: 45

A colleague asks if there is a way to reduce storage latency for the virtual desktops. Which of the following will help reduce storage latency?

  1. vMotion

  2. DRS

  3. View Storage Accelerator

  4. HA

Answer: C Reference:http://www.cisco.com/en/US/solutions/collateral/ns340/ns517/ns224/ns836/ns97 8/cisco_ucs_stroage_accele.pdf

Question No: 46

What are disposable disks typically used for with Linked Clones?

  1. Storing user profiles

  2. Storing paging and temp files

  3. Storing persona management content

  4. Storing customer data

Answer: B

Reference:http://myvirtualcloud.net/?p=1222(See the disposable disk)

Question No: 47

Which customer requirement would be met by a VMware Horizon deployment?

  1. We need to centralize access to common services and provide a uniform, secure, easy to manage image for employee access.

  2. We want to reduce the amount of hardware in our datacenter by making more efficient use of the existing hardware we have.

  3. We are looking for an easy way to recover our user services in the event of unplanned downtime.

  4. We need to centralize our management functionality and be able to quickly and efficiently monitor our datacenter services.

Answer: A

Question No: 48

You are a VMware consultant. A client is concerned about being able to deploy updates to Executives as they travel. Which solution will allow them to keep the Executives#39; physical devices updated while they travel?

  1. View Administrator

  2. Horizon Workspace

  3. vShield Endpoint

  4. Horizon Mirage

Answer: D

Reference:http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/techpaper/vmware-horizon-mirage-reviewers- guide.pdf

Question No: 49

You are the VMware Administrator for your company. You are required to perform an operating system upgrade for your environment of Linked Clones. Which option is the best choice?

  1. Perform a recompose operation

  2. Redeploy each pool individually

  3. Use Update Manager to perform the operating system upgrade

  4. Manually upgrade each virtual desktop to the new version

Answer: A

Reference:http://searchvirtualstorage.techtarget.com/tip/VMware-linked-clones-Making-the- most-of-the-snapshot-feature(4th para on the page)

Question No: 50

Which statement reflects an Application challenge that must be addressed for a new VMware Horizon deployment?

  1. Employees in our call center need access to Internet and E-mail services. We#39;d like to make it as easy as possible to deploy, patch and upgrade these services.

  2. All of our PCs are the same, yet they need to be upgraded every few years and when a desktop fails. We would like to minimize this maintenance cycle.

  3. We want to minimize our licensing costs as we have 3 shifts per day that use the same equipment and there is no need for a virtual desktop for each user.

  4. We use AD extensively and need to leverage that environment to connect into the virtual

desktop infrastructure as easily as possible.

Answer: A

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