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CompTIA Security Certification

Question No: 331 – (Topic 2)

A user was reissued a smart card after the previous smart card had expired. The user is able to log into the domain but is now unable to send digitally signed or encrypted email. Which of the following would the user need to perform?

  1. Remove all previous smart card certificates from the local certificate store.

  2. Publish the new certificates to the global address list.

  3. Make the certificates available to the operating system.

  4. Recover the previous smart card certificates.

Answer: B Explanation:

CAs can be either private or public, with VeriSign being one of the best known of the public variety. Many operating system providers allow their systems to be configured as CA systems. These CA systems can be used to generate internal certificates that are used within a business or in large external settings. The process provides certificates to the users. Since the user in question has been re-issued a smart card, the user must receive a new certificate by the CA to allow the user to send digitally signed email. This is achieved by publishing the new certificates to the global address list.

Question No: 332 – (Topic 2)

To ensure proper evidence collection, which of the following steps should be performed FIRST?

  1. Take hashes from the live system

  2. Review logs

  3. Capture the system image

  4. Copy all compromised files

Answer: C Explanation:

Capturing an image of the operating system in its exploited state can be helpful in revisiting

the issue after the fact to learn more about it. This is essential since the collection of evidence process may result in some mishandling and changing the exploited state.

Question No: 333 – (Topic 2)

A systems engineer has been presented with storage performance and redundancy requirements for a new system to be built for the company. The storage solution must be designed to support the highest performance and must also be able to support more than one drive failure. Which of the following should the engineer choose to meet these requirements?

  1. A mirrored striped array with parity

  2. A mirrored mirror array

  3. A striped array

  4. A striped array with parity

Answer: B Explanation:

Mirroring means the data written to one drive is exactly duplicated to a second drive in real time. Disk mirroring is also known as RAID 1 and the data is intact in a RAID 1 array if either one of the two drives fails. After the failed drive is replaced with a new drive, you remirror the data from the good drive to the new drive to re-create the array.

Question No: 334 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following utilities can be used in Linux to view a list of users’ failed authentication attempts?

  1. badlog

  2. faillog

  3. wronglog

  4. killlog

Answer: B Explanation:

var/log/faillog – This Linux log fi le contains failed user logins. You’ll find this log useful

when tracking attempts to crack into your system.

/var/log/apport.log This log records application crashes. Sometimes these can reveal attempts to compromise the system or the presence of a virus or spyware.

Question No: 335 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following would BEST be used to calculate the expected loss of an event, if the likelihood of an event occurring is known? (Select TWO).

  1. DAC

  2. ALE

  3. SLE

  4. ARO

  5. ROI

Answer: B,C Explanation:

ALE (Annual Loss Expectancy) is equal to the SLE (Single Loss Expectancy) times the annualized rate of occurrence. SLE (Single Loss Expectancy) is equal to asset value (AV) times exposure factor (EF).

Question No: 336 – (Topic 2)

Three of the primary security control types that can be implemented are.

  1. Supervisory, subordinate, and peer.

  2. Personal, procedural, and legal.

  3. Operational, technical, and management.

  4. Mandatory, discretionary, and permanent.

Answer: C Explanation:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) places controls into various types. The control types fall into three categories: Management, Operational, and Technical.

Question No: 337 – (Topic 2)

After running into the data center with a vehicle, attackers were able to enter through the hole in the building and steal several key servers in the ensuing chaos. Which of the following security measures can be put in place to mitigate the issue from occurring in the future?

  1. Fencing

  2. Proximity readers

  3. Video surveillance

  4. Bollards

Answer: D Explanation:

To stop someone from entering a facility, barricades or gauntlets can be used. These are often used in conjunction with guards, fencing, and other physical security measures.

Bollards are physical barriers that are strong enough to withstand impact with a vehicle.

Question No: 338 – (Topic 2)

It is important to staff who use email messaging to provide PII to others on a regular basis to have confidence that their messages are not intercepted or altered during transmission. They are concerned about which of the following types of security control?

  1. Integrity

  2. Safety

  3. Availability

  4. Confidentiality

Answer: A Explanation:

Integrity means that the messages/ data is not altered. PII is personally identifiable information that can be used to uniquely identify an individual. PII can be used to ensure the integrity of data/messages.

Question No: 339 – (Topic 2)

Why would a technician use a password cracker?

  1. To look for weak passwords on the network

  2. To change a user’s passwords when they leave the company

  3. To enforce password complexity requirements

  4. To change users passwords if they have forgotten them

Answer: A Explanation:

A password cracker will be able to expose weak passwords on a network.

Question No: 340 – (Topic 2)

The information security team does a presentation on social media and advises the participants not to provide too much personal information on social media web sites. This advice would BEST protect people from which of the following?

  1. Rainbow tables attacks

  2. Brute force attacks

  3. Birthday attacks

  4. Cognitive passwords attacks

Answer: D Explanation:

Social Networking Dangers are ‘amplified’ in that social media networks are designed to mass distribute personal messages. If an employee reveals too much personal information it would be easy for miscreants to use the messages containing the personal information to work out possible passwords.

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