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CTT Exam (Certified Technical)

Question No: 131 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following is a learner oriented method of evaluating the delivery of training?

  1. Group discussion

  2. Feedback form

  3. Videotaping

  4. Peer review

Answer: B

Question No: 132 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following would BEST identify a need for additional explanation?

  1. Learners#39; poor evaluation of the course delivery

  2. Learners#39; promptness to class

  3. Learners#39; questions and comments

  4. Learners#39; evaluation of the course design

  5. Learners#39; body language

Answer: D

Question No: 133 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following are the FIRST ways to open a training session? (Select TWO).

  1. Provide instructor introductions.

  2. Start right into the lesson with no introduction.

  3. Hand out supplemental course materials.

  4. Identify the course and state the objectives of the course.

  5. Explain the logistics of the course.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 134 – (Topic 2)

An instructor is preparing to deliver a hands-on lab course. The client provides material and asks the instructor to develop a method to determine the skill increase from the course.

Which of the following should the instructor prepare?

  1. A pre-class and post-class assessment

  2. A verbal quiz to be given at the end of each course topic

  3. A comprehensive lab that incorporates all of the skills taught in the course

  4. A written exam to be given at the completion of the course

Answer: A

Question No: 135 – (Topic 2)

An instructor separates the class into groups. The learners are not working as hard in the groups as they would if they were working individually. Which of the following could the instructor do to create more group interaction? (Select TWO).

  1. Create groups with members from different backgrounds.

  2. Emphasize conformity to move the group along.

  3. The group participation to individual rewards.

  4. Limit the accountability of each individual.

  5. Clearly define the role for each of the group members.

Answer: C,E

Question No: 136 – (Topic 2)

A client has asked an instructor to modify information for a course to give the learners the knowledge needed for their company#39;s proprietary system. The instructor discovers that the material cannot be modified due to copyright regulations. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor?

  1. Modify the material anyway for the client and do not tell them about the regulations.

  2. Call the developer to see what the charge would be to change the material.

  3. Advise the client of the copyright regulations and offer to use different material.

  4. Tell the client class cannot be conducted because of the copyright regulations.

Answer: C

Question No: 137 – (Topic 2)

An instructor notices that the classroom is extremely hot and several participants report that they are having trouble concentrating on the material. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the instructor to take?

  1. Contact facilities management to try to find a prompt interim solution.

  2. Stay on task and use humor to distract.

  3. Cancel class for the remainder of the day and start fresh the next morning.

  4. Tell the learners they have to endure the heat and the problem will be addressed later.

Answer: A

Question No: 138 – (Topic 2)

A client requests a half-day course on a software application from an instructor. The instructor has laptops available for rent, but the client is not interested in paying the cost. Which of the following is the BEST method to handle this situation?

  1. Instruct the client that the course can only be run with the laptop rental fee.

  2. Bring one laptop and a projector to display presentations and demonstrations.

  3. Increase the price of the class and say the laptop usage is free.

  4. Explain the best return on investment (ROI) will be realized by hands-on training.

Answer: B

Question No: 139 – (Topic 2)

The MOST effective way for an instructor to demonstrate active listening is to:

  1. Repeat the learner#39;s question verbatim.

  2. Display open body language to indicate interest.

  3. StatE.quot;So what I hear you asking is. . . quot;

  4. Establish eye contact with the learner.

Answer: C

Question No: 140 – (Topic 2)

An instructor covering industry specific material asks the learners in the class if they believe whether a specific regulation that has been passed will help their industry, hurt it or essentially have no effect. Which of the following question types is the instructor asking?

  1. Higher order

  2. Hypothetical

  3. Open-ended

  4. Closed-ended

Answer: D

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