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CTT Exam (Certified Technical)

Question No: 241 – (Topic 3)

An instructor is approached by a learner that expresses fear that they will not properly understand the material and may lose their job. This fear is preventing the learner from participating in the course. Which of the following is the MOST reasonable course of action for the instructor to take?

  1. Tell the learner that their fears are unfounded and to relax.

  2. Inform the learner they will receive from the course what they put into it.

  3. Remind the learner that the course is designed for their level and they should do fine.

  4. Offer to speak to the learner#39;s supervisor.

Answer: C

Question No: 242 – (Topic 3)

An instructor is being observed while teaching a virtual class with learners from different parts of the country. During the presentation the instructor uses a few colloquialisms.

Which of the following is the BEST action for the observer to take?

  1. Let the instructor keep on going because the training has to get done.

  2. Have the instructor explain the colloquialisms to the learner and go on.

  3. Have the instructor tell the learners to take a break and correct the instructor.

  4. Go to a private chat and explain to the instructor what they are doing wrong.

Answer: D

Question No: 243 – (Topic 3)

An instructor is teaching a week long course for a vendor certification. A few learners are slowing the class down due to the lack of experience with the product. The rest of the learners are doing fine with the pace of the class. Which of the following would the instructor do to BEST assist the less experienced learners?

  1. Slow the pace of the training down to ensure all the learners are learning at the same level.

  2. Maintain the same pace of the class and work individually with the less experienced


  3. Suggest the learners retake the course again at a later time when they have more experience.

  4. Allow the less experienced learners to have additional lab time before or after class.

Answer: D

Question No: 244 – (Topic 3)

A trainer has included a long, high-resolution video to clarify a topic. The video did not work well at several locations due to bandwidth issues. Which of the following is the BEST alternative?

  1. Continue using the video because it works at other locations

  2. Use a few photos discussing what was covered by the video

  3. Provide a link to download the video before viewing

  4. Include the topic in the outline but skip over it in class

Answer: C

Question No: 245 – (Topic 3)

An instructor is teaching a class and is constantly getting interrupted by a learner that is familiar with the subject. The learner#39;s interruptions are starting to affect the class#39;s ability to learn. Which of the following would be the FIRST action that the instructor could take to resolve the issue?

  1. Have one of the other learners inform the disruptive learner that they are affecting everyone#39;s ability to learn.

  2. Firmly tell the learner they are disrupting the class in front of the entire class.

  3. Pull the learner to the side and let them know they are distracting the class.

  4. Ignore the learner#39;s comments and continue to teach the material.

Answer: C

Question No: 246 – (Topic 3)

During a lunch break, several learners state the classroom is too cold. Which of the

following should the instructor do FIRST?

  1. Survey the comfort level of the learners in the class.

  2. Continue on with class and ask the learners to wear more layers the next day.

  3. Assure the learners that the class will end on time, and that the temperature is not that extreme.

  4. Contact the facilities manager for the class and ask that the temperature be adjusted.

Answer: A

Question No: 247 – (Topic 3)

During a training class, a few aggressive learners continued to dominate the question and answer sessions. Which of the following is the FIRST course of action for the instructor to take?

  1. Talk to the learners on break and reprimand them.

  2. Do not make eye contact with these learners when looking for answers.

  3. Ignore the learners so they will know not to answer the questions anymore.

  4. Tell the learners to give other learners a chance.

Answer: B

Question No: 248 – (Topic 3)

It is obvious that the class is becoming uninterested in the material being taught. Which of the following is the BEST way to remedy the situation?

  1. Provide more notes on the content.

  2. Provide links to a website with more information on the material.

  3. Provide detailed review of the material.

  4. Provide tangible rewards for correct answers.

Answer: D

Question No: 249 – (Topic 3)

An instructor is presenting a technical class through a virtual classroom. The instructor provides an essay question for the learners to verify the comprehension of the topic and asks for the answers to be posted to the instructor in private chat. After a few minutes, learners begin sending in their answers and all the responses are identical. Which of the following methods of evaluation would have been BEST to utilize in this situation?

  1. Various questions to each learner individually

  2. Ask probing questions to individual learners

  3. Use an online multiple choice exam

  4. Perform a survey of the class and the understanding of the topics

Answer: B

Question No: 250 – (Topic 3)

After several discussions, a client is insisting that a training course be cut from two days to just one. Which of the following is the BEST way to proceed?

  1. Adjust the material as necessary

  2. Delay the course until other arrangements can be made

  3. Cancel the course

  4. Make no adjustments to the material

Answer: A

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