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Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures

Question No: 171

Which type of connectivity is required for VPLS?

  1. Full mesh

  2. Partial mesh

  3. Star

  4. Bus

  5. Ring

Answer: A

Question No: 172

Which protocol should be configured if a network administrator wants to configure multiple physical gateways to participate simultaneously in packet forwarding?

  1. HSRP

  2. VRRP

  3. GLBP

  4. VTP

Answer: C

Question No: 173

An HSRP design requirement states that preemption must be enabled for the active switch, which is a Cisco 4507R. Assume a boot time of 300 seconds. Which setting of the preemption delay timer minimizes the loss of traffic?

  1. 50 seconds

  2. 100 seconds

  3. 150 seconds

  4. 200 seconds

Answer: D Explanation:

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/solutions/Enterprise/Campus/HA_campus_DG/ hacampusdg.html#wp1107923

quot;The recommended best practice is to measure the system boot time, and set the HSRP preempt delay

statement to 50 percent greater than this value. This ensures that the HSRP primary distribution node has

established full connectivity to all parts of the network before HSRP preemption is allowed to occurquot;-gt; We can#39;t choose 450 secondes so we take the higher delay available..

Question No: 174

What to configure in BGP so that other BGP neighbours cannot influence the path of a route.

  1. Lower MED

  2. Higher Local pref

  3. Higher weight

  4. Lower router ID

Answer: B

Question No: 175

Which two statements about Layer 3 access designs are correct? (Choose two.)

  1. IP address space is difficult to manage.

  2. Broadcast and fault domains are increased.

  3. Convergence time is fractionally slower than STP.

  4. Limits on clustering and NIC teaming are removed.

  5. Fast uplink convergence is supported for failover and fallback.

Answer: A,E

Question No: 176

The Cisco Nexus 1000V is intended to address which disadvantage of the VMware vSphere solution?

  1. Inability to deploy new functional servers without requiring physical changes on the network

  2. Complexity added by the requirement for an ESX host for each virtual machine

  3. Network administrators lack control of the access layer of the network

  4. To increase the number of physical infrastructure and the virtual machines that can be managed

Answer: C

Question No: 177

A company have single ASA hardware box and they need to separate company departments in way that they can apply different rules on them, ACL, NAT, and so on… Which mode is needed?

  1. routed mode

  2. transparent mode

  3. multiple context mode

  4. active failover mode

Answer: C

Question No: 178

Which feature set enables the full OSPF routing process when using a Cisco Catalyst 3750X Switch?

  1. LAN base

  2. IP base

  3. IP services

  4. enterprise access

Answer: C

Question No: 179

Port Security supports which type of port?

  1. IEEE 802.1Q tunnel port

  2. Dynamic trunk

  3. Port-channel

  4. Routed port

Answer: A

Question No: 180

In a collapsed core design, which three benefits are provided by a second-generation Cisco MDS director? (Choose three.)

  1. a higher fan-out ratio

  2. fully redundant switches

  3. 100 percent port efficiency

  4. all ISLs contained within a single chassis

  5. higher latency and throughput than a core-edge design switch

Answer: B,C,D

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