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CCIE Security Exam (v4.1)

Question No: 51 – (Topic 1)

Which three statements about Dynamic ARP inspection on Cisco seithes are true? (Choose three)

  1. The trusted database can be manually configured using the CLI

  2. Dynamic ARP inspection is supported only on access ports

  3. Dynamic ARP inspection does no perform ingress security checking

  4. DHCP snooping is used to dynamically build the trusted database

  5. Dynamic ARP inspection checks ARP packets against the trusted database

  6. Dynamic ARP inspection checks ARP packets on trusted and untrusted ports

Answer: A,D,E

Question No: 52 – (Topic 1)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What feature must be implemented on the network to produce the given output?

  1. CAR

  2. NBAR

  3. WFQ

  4. PQ

  5. CQ

Answer: B

Question No: 53 – (Topic 1)

Refer to the exhibit.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

What is the meaning of the given error message?

  1. The PFS groups are mismatched

  2. IKES disabled on the remote peer

  3. The pre-shared keys are mismatched

  4. The mirrored crypto ACLs are mismatched

Answer: C

Question No: 54 – (Topic 1)

If a cisco ASA firewall that is configured in multiple-context mode of operation receives a packet whose destination MAC address is a multicast address,how is the packet routed?

  1. The Packets dropped

  2. The packet is duplicated and forwarded to every context

  3. The packet is forwarded to the admin context only

  4. The packet duplicated and forwarded to every context except admin

Answer: B

Question No: 55 – (Topic 1)

Which option describes the purpose of Fog architecture in loT?

  1. To provide intersensor traffic routing

  2. To provide highly available environmentally hardened network access

  3. To provide centralized compute resources

  4. To provide compute services at the network edge

Answer: D

Question No: 56 – (Topic 1)

Which two statements about DTLS are true?(Choose two)

  1. When DPD IS disabled, DTLS connections can automatically fall back to TLS.

  2. It can reduce packet delays and improve application performance.

  3. It is more secure than TLS

  4. It supports SSL VPNS without requiring an SSL tunnel.

  5. Unlike TLS DTLS supports VPN connections with ASA

  6. It overcome the latency and bandwidth problems that can occur with SSL

Answer: B,F

Question No: 57 – (Topic 1)

What is an example of a WEP cracking attack?

  1. Cafe Latte attack

  2. Reflected XSS attack

  3. Directory traversal attack

  4. SQL injection attack

Answer: A

Question No: 58 – (Topic 1)

In a Cisco ASA multiple-context mode of operation configuration ,what three session types are resource-limited by default when their context is a member of the default class?(Choose three)

  1. ASDM sessions

  2. Telnet sessions

  3. IPSec sessions

  4. SSL VPN sessions

  5. TCP sessions

  6. SSH sessions

Answer: A,B,F

Question No: 59 – (Topic 1)

Which three statements about SCEP are true? (choose three)

  1. The certificate request format uses PKCS#10

  2. Cryptographically signed and encrypted message are conveyed using PKCS#7

  3. It supports multiple cryptographic algorithms including RSA

  4. CRL retrieval is supported though CDP (certificate distribute point) queries

  5. It support synchronous granting

  6. It supports online certification revocation

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 60 – (Topic 1)

Which two statements about IKEv2 are true?(Choose two)

  1. it uses EAP authentication

  2. At minimum. A complete proposal requires one encryption algorithm and one integrity algorithm.

  3. The profile contains a repository of symmetric and asymmetric and asymmetric preshared keys.

  4. It uses X.509 certificates for authentication

  5. The profile is a collection of transforms used to negotiate IKE SAS

  6. It supports DPD and NAT-T by default.

Answer: A,F

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