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Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures

Question No: 51

Which technology can block interfaces and provide a loop-free topology?

  1. STP

  2. VSS

  3. VLAN

  4. vPC

Answer: A

Question No: 52

SDN solution for WAN which is support automation, PnP (Plug and Play) application delivers on WAN..

  1. APIC

  2. APIC-EM

  3. Enterprise NFV

  4. WAAS

  5. ACI

Answer: B

Question No: 53

Which two options are storage topologies? (Choose two.)

  1. WAS

  2. DAS

  3. CAS

  4. NAS

Answer: B,D

Question No: 54

A network administrator wants to provide high availability in a data center environment by making sure that there is no reconvergence of Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols when there is a Layer 3 switch failure. Which Cisco Nexus feature fulfills this purpose?

  1. ISSU

  2. VSS

  3. vPC

  4. MEC

Answer: C

Question No: 55

Two companies recently merged and want to integrate their networks. Both utilize EIGRP to support their complex enterprise networks. Which action can improve the performance of these two separate EIGRP domains?

  1. Enable route summarization at redistribution points.

  2. Adjust the administrative distance to prefer the best routes to each destination.

  3. Remove EIGRP and utilize OSPF instead.

  4. Utilize EIGRP stub routing between the network boundaries of the companies.

Answer: A

Question No: 56

Which of the following two statements about Cisco NSF and SSO are the most relevant to the network designer? (Choose two.)

  1. You can reduce outages to 1 to 3 seconds by using SSO in a Layer 2 environment or Cisco NSF with SSO in a Layer 3 environment.

  2. SSO and NSF each require the devices to either be graceful restart-capable or graceful restart-aware.

  3. In a fully redundant topology adding redundant supervisors with NSF and SSO may cause longer convergence times than single supervisors with tuned IGP timers

  4. The primary deployment scenario for Cisco NSF with SSO is in the Distribution and Core layers.

  5. Cisco NSF-aware neighbor relationships are independent of any tuned IGP timers

Answer: B,C Explanation:



quot;In a fully redundant topology with tuned IGP timers, adding redundant supervisors with Cisco nonstop forwarding (NSF) and stateful switchover (SSO) may cause longer convergence times than single supervisors with tuned IGP timers.quot;

quot;A graceful restart-aware neighbor is required so that graceful restart -capable systems can rebuild their databases and maintain their neighbor adjacencies across a switchover.quot;

Question No: 57

Two recently merged companies are using EIGRP and RIP. Which two strategies can facilitate a smooth migration? (Choose two.)

  1. Create an OSPF instance between EIGRP and RIP routing domains.

  2. Redistribute routing information between the RIP and EIGRP protocols.

  3. Add EIGRP and then remove RIP on the acquired company network.

  4. Use the EIGRP administrative distance to migrate one site at a time.

  5. Use static routes in place of dynamic routing between companies.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 58

In which multicast configuration is MSDP most useful?

  1. Interdomain IPv4 PIM sparse-Mode

  2. intradomain IPv4 PIM SSM

  3. IPv6 multicast

  4. PIM Dense-Mode

Answer: A Explanation:

quot;Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) is a Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) family multicast routing protocol defined by Experimental RFC 3618. MSDP interconnects

multiple IPv4 PIM Sparse-Mode

(PIM-SM) domains which enables PIM-SM to have Rendezvous Point (RP) redundancy and inter-domain multicasting RFC 4611quot;

Question No: 59

What is the term for a logical SAN which provides isolation among devices physically connected to the same fabric?

  1. ISL

  2. IVR

  3. VoQ

  4. VSAN

  5. Enhanced ISL

Answer: D

Question No: 60

What is an advantage of using the Virtual Device Contexts feature in a data center environment?

  1. The same VLAN cannot be configured in separate Virtual Device Contexts.

  2. This feature provides fault domain separation

  3. Supervisor modules are shared between Virtual Device Contexts.

  4. Fabric modules are shared between Virtual Device Contexts.

Answer: B

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