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CDIA Certification Exam

Question No: 101 – (Topic 2)

A company is generating 10,000 documents a month and is considering if they should go forward with an Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution or continue with the existing paper-based storage strategy. Considering the cost of both strategies the customer


  1. select the EDM solution because it is more expensive in the long term.

  2. stay with the current solution because it is considerably less expensive in the long term.

  3. select the EDM solution because it is more expensive in the near term but becomes less expensive in the long term.

  4. select the EDM solution because it is more expensive but easier to implement and has greater long term benefits.

Answer: C

Question No: 102 – (Topic 2)

A company that builds cruise ships needs help managing the engineering documents, drawings, and material lists that are involved in building and maintaining the ships. The company needs a(n):

  1. imaging system.

  2. Document Management System (DMS).

  3. report archive.

  4. data warehouse.

Answer: B

Question No: 103 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following is a disadvantage of use-specific imaging projects?

  1. Images will be very large in size.

  2. Images will be very small in size.

  3. Images are available for a variety of purposes or users.

  4. Images are limited to a defined purpose or user.

Answer: D

Question No: 104 – (Topic 2)

If the Document Management System (DMS) will need to retrieve user information from the servers, which protocol would MOST likely need to be supported?

  1. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

  2. SMTP

  3. LDAP

  4. FTP

Answer: C

Question No: 105 – (Topic 2)

A city has determined that it will provide access to City Council minutes and upcoming agenda items.

Which is the best solution that will allow for the broadcast access for all interested parties?

  1. Use of an FTP site.

  2. Web-based Internet access.

  3. Publication on CD-ROM for distribution.

  4. Public Kiosk availability at various sites, including libraries.

Answer: B

Question No: 106 – (Topic 2)

A process to open account relationships between businesses includes mailing forms to be filled out, returned, and entered into the accounting system. This occurs 100 times per day. This process will benefit MOST from which one of the following?

  1. An online forms solution

  2. A new e-mail server

  3. A courier service

  4. An FTP

Answer: A

Question No: 107 – (Topic 2)

Certkiller has several departments that operate independently but are on the same LAN, causing

excessive network traffic. Each department has its own scanning stations and servers.

Which of the following actions would be the most appropriate in addressing the problems caused by the excessive network traffic?

  1. Segment the network

  2. Change the networking protocol

  3. Install a modem to isolate the servers

  4. Change to a cable with a higher bandwidth

Answer: A

Question No: 108 – (Topic 2)

Certkiller is scanning images over the network. What effect would increasing the scan resolution have?

  1. A decrease in document quality.

  2. An increase in image size.

  3. An increase in scanning speed

  4. An increase in network performance

Answer: B

Question No: 109 – (Topic 2)

A company hires a consultant to document and automate existing operational processes. The project sponsor indicates that the company intends to keep staffing levels constant as a result of the effort and to promote the best people from operations and train them to be internal auditors. During requirements gathering, most employees decline to help the consultant. Which of the following should the consultant do?

  1. Meet with the employees to address their concerns

  2. Request that the project sponsor require the employees to assist

  3. Write a memorandum and distribute it to the employees

  4. Work with the project sponsor to address their concerns

Answer: D

Question No: 110 – (Topic 2)

A client sets up a customer file for each new customer. The information is collected from the finance department, compliance department, sales department, and accounting department. Each file will consist of 50-65 preprinted forms that are completed in each department. Once all the required forms are received from each department, the records department creates a file folder and stores all the account information in a mobile filing system. As each department completes their process of filling out the forms, the forms are either faxed or copied (original remains in each department so they always have a convenient copy of departmental actions) and hand delivered to the records department. What would be the MOST cost effective option for making these static paper-based documents available for browser-based access?

  1. Departmental scanners would create a file for each department to access.

  2. Departmental scanners pointed at a hot folder that the Records Manager can then combine each departments scans for a particular client into one file published on the corporate intranet.

  3. No change is needed as the current system is superior to the proposed solution.

  4. An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) solution should be purchased that can search, store, and retrieve these static documents.

Answer: C

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