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CompTIA E2C Project Certification Exam

Question No: 121 – (Topic 2)

A stakeholder wants information on how frequently the project manager will provide a status report. Which of the following documents would be the BEST place to find this information?

  1. Stakeholder analysis report

  2. Quality plan

  3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  4. Communication plan

Answer: D

Question No: 122 – (Topic 2)

The project sponsor has just requested a status report be emailed to all project stakeholders every two weeks. Which of the following documents needs to be updated?

  1. Communications plan

  2. Quality plan

  3. Stakeholder analysis report

  4. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Answer: A

Question No: 123 – (Topic 2)

A project manager is performing activity sequencing. The project manager is only using start to finish dependencies. Dummy activities are being utilized to define all logical relationships. Which of the following methods is the project manager demonstrating?

  1. Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM)

  2. Critical Chain Method (CCM)

  3. Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM)

  4. Critical Path Method (CPM)

Answer: C

Question No: 124 – (Topic 2)

The project manager has been informed that the project team cannot procure any more materials until a new purchase order has been received. The project manager should record this information in which of the following documents?

  1. Risk response plan

  2. Communications plan

  3. Issues log

  4. Change control log

Answer: C

Question No: 125 – (Topic 2)

A project manager needs to identify uncertain events during the planning phase. Which of the following documents would be the BEST source of this information?

  1. Quality log

  2. Risk register

  3. Issues log

  4. Responsibility assignment matrix

Answer: B

Question No: 126 – (Topic 2)

Which of the following activities would happen FIRST in procurement management?

  1. Request seller responses.

  2. Perform a make or buy analysis.

  3. Perform contract administration.

  4. Perform vendor selection.

Answer: B

Question No: 127 – (Topic 2)

Control limits would be found in which of the following plans?

  1. Procurement management plan

  2. Quality management plan

  3. Change management plan

  4. Scope management plan

Answer: B

Question No: 128 – (Topic 2)

The project manager needs to determine the relationship between two variables. Which of the following tools will the project manager use?

  1. Histogram

  2. Run chart

  3. Pareto chart

  4. Scatter diagram

Answer: D

Question No: 129 – (Topic 2)

The project cost performance index is 1.2 and the project manager has spent $71,248 dollars to date. The project is currently 50 percent complete. Which of the following is the earned value (EV)?

A. $35,624.00 B. $59,373.33 C. $71,248.00 D. $85,497.60

Answer: D

Question No: 130 – (Topic 2)

A project manager is new to an organization and is about to begin work on a $1,000,000 project. Which of the following would BEST help the project manager?

  1. Reviewing closure reports from previous projects within the organization.

  2. Asking stakeholders what standards they consider important.

  3. Developing a quality management plan.

  4. Talking to other project managers who have been with the organization for a long time.

Answer: A

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