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CompTIA E2C Project Certification Exam

Question No: 261 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following are characteristics of a projects critical path? (Select Two).

  1. The critical path is the longest duration.

  2. The critical path has the least amount of resources.

  3. The critical path is the shortest duration.

  4. The critical path has less than or equal to zero float time.

  5. The critical path has a greater than zero float time.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 262 – (Topic 3)

A project sponsor has requested that weekly status updates are to be sent by email, detailing the schedule performance index (SPI) and schedule variance (SV) of the project. In which of the following documents should these requirements be included?

  1. Communications management plan

  2. Cost management plan

  3. Project charter

  4. Contract management plan

Answer: A

Question No: 263 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following processes incorporates the make-or-buy analysis?

  1. Procurement management

  2. Risk management

  3. Quality management

  4. Scope management

Answer: A

Question No: 264 – (Topic 3)

The method of cost-estimating whereby the costs of the individual work packages are aggregated to form the full cost-estimate is called:

  1. parametric estimating.

  2. bottom-up estimating.

  3. expert judgment.

  4. analogous estimating.

Answer: B

Question No: 265 – (Topic 3)

A project has a CPI of 0.6. Which of the following would BEST describe the cost-efficiency of the project?

  1. The costs are currently over the estimates.

  2. The costs and the estimates are about the same.

  3. The costs are currently under the estimates.

  4. The earned value is greater than the actual cost.

Answer: A

Question No: 266 – (Topic 3)

The EV of a particular project is $6 million. The CV is -$340,000. Which of the following can be determined from this information?

  1. The project costs are currently under-budget.

  2. The AC is less than the EV.

  3. The EV is higher than the AC.

  4. The project costs are currently over-budget.

Answer: D

Question No: 267 – (Topic 3)

Cause and effect diagrams are also referred to as:

  1. run charts.

  2. Pareto charts.

  3. histograms.

  4. fishbone diagrams.

Answer: D

Question No: 268 – (Topic 3)

In order to compare a current projects quality to that of a previously completed project, a project manager should use which of the following techniques?

  1. Process improvement

  2. Quality metrics

  3. Benchmarking

  4. Cost-benefit analysis

Answer: C

Question No: 269 – (Topic 3)

A quality control technician is diagramming test results on a run chart. The chart consists of twenty-five points, with twelve consecutive points below the median line; however, the other thirteen points alternate above and below the median line. The twelve consecutive points represent which of the following?

  1. The run denotes common cause variation.

  2. The quality process is flawed and should be completed again.

  3. The product does not adhere to specification.

  4. The run denotes special cause variation.

Answer: D

Question No: 270 – (Topic 3)

A stakeholder has indicated that a three phase project must be completed in four months instead of the previously agreed upon six months. It is determined that fast-tracking the project is the only option. Which of the following is a characteristic of fast-tracking a project?

  1. Minimizes risk due to decreased timeline.

  2. Requires planning and execution to be completed in parallel.

  3. Minimizes cost since work is completed in four months instead of six.

  4. Requires rework due to decreased timeline.

Answer: B

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