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CompTIA Security E2C

Question No: 541 – (Topic 6)

It is important to staff who use email messaging to provide PII to others on a regular basis to have confidence that their messages are not intercepted or altered during transmission. They are concerned about which of the following types of security control?

  1. Integrity

  2. Safety

  3. Availability

  4. Confidentiality

Answer: A

Question No: 542 – (Topic 6)

A security manager requires fencing around the perimeter, and cipher locks on all entrances. The manager is concerned with which of the following security controls?

  1. Integrity

  2. Availability

  3. Confidentiality

  4. Safety

Answer: D

Question No: 543 – (Topic 6)

A security engineer is reviewing log data and sees the output below: POST: /payload.php HTTP/1.1

HOST: localhost Accept: */*

Referrer: http://localhost/


HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden Connection: close

Log: Access denied with 403. Pattern matches form bypass

Which of the following technologies was MOST likely being used to generate this log?

  1. Host-based Intrusion Detection System

  2. Web application firewall

  3. Network-based Intrusion Detection System

  4. Stateful Inspection Firewall

  5. URL Content Filter

Answer: B

Question No: 544 – (Topic 6)

A security team has identified that the wireless signal is broadcasting into the parking lot. To reduce the risk of an attack against the wireless network from the parking lot, which of the following controls should be used? (Select TWO).

  1. Antenna placement

  2. Interference

  3. Use WEP

  4. Single Sign on

  5. Disable the SSID

  6. Power levels

Answer: A,F

Question No: 545 – (Topic 6)

An organization does not have adequate resources to administer its large infrastructure. A security administrator wishes to integrate the security controls of some of the network devices in the organization. Which of the following methods would BEST accomplish this goal?

  1. Unified Threat Management

  2. Virtual Private Network

  3. Single sign on

  4. Role-based management

Answer: A

Question No: 546 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following would allow the organization to divide a Class C IP address range into several ranges?

  1. DMZ

  2. Virtual LANs

  3. NAT

  4. Subnetting

Answer: D

Question No: 547 – (Topic 6)

A company’s legacy server requires administration using Telnet. Which of the following protocols could be used to secure communication by offering encryption at a lower OSI layer? (Select TWO).

  1. IPv6

  2. SFTP

  3. IPSec

  4. SSH

  5. IPv4

Answer: A,C

Question No: 548 – (Topic 6)

Joe, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), is concerned about new malware being introduced into the corporate network. He has tasked the security engineers to implement a technology that is capable of alerting the team when unusual traffic is on the network.

Which of the following types of technologies will BEST address this scenario?

  1. Application Firewall

  2. Anomaly Based IDS

  3. Proxy Firewall

  4. Signature IDS

Answer: B

Question No: 549 – (Topic 6)

A security administrator wishes to increase the security of the wireless network. Which of the following BEST addresses this concern?

  1. Change the encryption from TKIP-based to CCMP-based.

  2. Set all nearby access points to operate on the same channel.

  3. Configure the access point to use WEP instead of WPA2.

  4. Enable all access points to broadcast their SSIDs.

Answer: A

Question No: 550 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following describes the purpose of an MOU?

  1. Define interoperability requirements

  2. Define data backup process

  3. Define onboard/offboard procedure

  4. Define responsibilities of each party

Answer: D

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