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CompTIA Security E2C

Question No: 581 – (Topic 6)

A hospital IT department wanted to secure its doctor’s tablets. The IT department wants operating system level security and the ability to secure the data from alteration. Which of the following methods would MOST likely work?

  1. Cloud storage

  2. Removal Media

  3. TPM

  4. Wiping

Answer: C

Question No: 582 – (Topic 6)

Customers’ credit card information was stolen from a popular video streaming company. A security consultant determined that the information was stolen, while in transit, from the gaming consoles of a particular vendor. Which of the following methods should the company consider to secure this data in the future?

  1. Application firewalls

  2. Manual updates

  3. Firmware version control

  4. Encrypted TCP wrappers

Answer: D

Question No: 583 – (Topic 6)

A new intern was assigned to the system engineering department, which consists of the system architect and system software developer’s teams. These two teams have separate privileges. The intern requires privileges to view the system architectural drawings and comment on some software development projects. Which of the following methods should the system administrator implement?

  1. Group base privileges

  2. Generic account prohibition

  3. User access review

  4. Credential management

Answer: A

Question No: 584 – (Topic 6)

A system security analyst using an enterprise monitoring tool notices an unknown internal host exfiltrating files to several foreign IP addresses. Which of the following would be an appropriate mitigation technique?

  1. Disabling unnecessary accounts

  2. Rogue machine detection

  3. Encrypting sensitive files

  4. Implementing antivirus

Answer: B

Question No: 585 – (Topic 6)

One of the system administrators at a company is assigned to maintain a secure computer lab. The administrator has rights to configure machines, install software, and perform user account maintenance. However, the administrator cannot add new computers to the domain, because that requires authorization from the Information Assurance Officer. This is an example of which of the following?

  1. Mandatory access

  2. Rule-based access control

  3. Least privilege

  4. Job rotation

Answer: C

Question No: 586 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following common access control models is commonly used on systems to ensure a “need to know” based on classification levels?

  1. Role Based Access Controls

  2. Mandatory Access Controls

  3. Discretionary Access Controls

  4. Access Control List

Answer: B

Question No: 587 – (Topic 6)

A company’s security administrator wants to manage PKI for internal systems to help reduce costs. Which of the following is the FIRST step the security administrator should take?

  1. Install a registration server.

  2. Generate shared public and private keys.

  3. Install a CA.

  4. Establish a key escrow policy.

Answer: C

Question No: 588 – (Topic 6)

Public keys are used for which of the following?

  1. Decrypting wireless messages

  2. Decrypting the hash of an electronic signature

  3. Bulk encryption of IP based email traffic

  4. Encrypting web browser traffic

Answer: B

Question No: 589 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following is a requirement when implementing PKI if data loss is unacceptable?

  1. Web of trust

  2. Non-repudiation

  3. Key escrow

  4. Certificate revocation list

Answer: C

Question No: 590 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following is true about PKI? (Select TWO).

  1. When encrypting a message with the public key, only the public key can decrypt it.

  2. When encrypting a message with the private key, only the private key can decrypt it.

  3. When encrypting a message with the public key, only the CA can decrypt it.

  4. When encrypting a message with the public key, only the private key can decrypt it.

  5. When encrypting a message with the private key, only the public key can decrypt it.

Answer: D,E

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