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CompTIA Network certification

Question No: 341 – (Topic 4)

An application server is placed on the network and the intended application is not working correctly. Which of the following could be used to make sure sessions are being opened properly?

  1. Antivirus scanner

  2. IDS

  3. Packet sniffer

  4. Toner probe

Answer: C

Question No: 342 – (Topic 4)

When configuring a wireless access point, Kurt, a network administrator, needs to determine the MAC address of a local printer. Which of the following commands would be MOST helpful in determining the MAC address?

  1. ping

  2. arp

  3. route

  4. dig

Answer: B

Question No: 343 – (Topic 4)

A technician wants to send management information from devices on the network to a central server and have it encrypted in the process. Which of the following protocols can be


  1. SNMPv3

  2. FTP

  3. TFTP

  4. Telnet

Answer: A

Question No: 344 – (Topic 4)

Management has decided that they want a high level of security. They do not want Internet requests coming directly from users. Which of the following is the BEST recommendation?

  1. Content filter

  2. Proxy server

  3. Layer 3 switch

  4. Firewall

Answer: B

Question No: 345 – (Topic 4)

A user is having trouble with their fax machine disconnecting during transmissions. The technician believes that a DSL signal may be on the same line as the fax. Which of the following tools would MOST likely help prove this hypothesis?

  1. Multimeter

  2. Cable tester

  3. Lineman#39;s handset

  4. Toner probe

Answer: C

Question No: 346 – (Topic 4)

Users are reporting wired connectivity drops in a new office with brand new CAT6 infrastructure. Which of the following tools should a technician use to BEST troubleshoot this issue?

  1. OTDR

  2. Protocol analyzer

  3. Toner probe

  4. Cable certifier

Answer: D

Question No: 347 – (Topic 4)

A computer has lost network connectivity. The network technician determines the network cable and the cable drop are both good. Which of the following would the technician use to test the computer’s NIC?

  1. Cable certifier

  2. Throughput tester

  3. Loopback plug

  4. Multimeter

Answer: C

Question No: 348 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following tools would BEST be used to verify if a network cable is properly terminated?

  1. Multimeter

  2. Cable certifier

  3. Toner probe

  4. Cable stripper

Answer: B

Question No: 349 – (Topic 4)

Two duplicate pieces of equipment can be used in conjunction for which of the following purposes? (Select TWO).

  1. High availability

  2. Fault tolerance

  3. Reduce latency

  4. Wi-MAX

  5. CARP

Answer: A,B

Question No: 350 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following network appliances can BEST be described as allowing multiple servers to share requests for a website through the same public IP address?

  1. VPN concentrator

  2. Content filter

  3. Load balancer

  4. Proxy server

Answer: C

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