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CompTIA Network certification

Question No: 631 – (Topic 6)

A network administrator is configuring PXE boot to reimage a computer lab. Which of the following must be configured on the existing DHCP server to specify the IP address of the imaging server from which the clients must boot?

  1. Scope

  2. Reservation

  3. Option

  4. Lease

Answer: C

Question No: 632 – (Topic 6)

Jeff, a user, is having a problem with a POTS line. Which of the following tools would Jeff use to make sure the phone lines have a dial tone?

  1. Loopback plugs

  2. Butt set

  3. Cable certifier

  4. Toner probe

Answer: B

Question No: 633 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following can be configured on a managed network switch to send real time alerts to a technician?

  1. SSID

  2. SMTP

  3. SNMP

  4. Syslog

Answer: C

Question No: 634 – (Topic 6)

Frequency, channel bonding, and MIMO configuration are all characteristics of which of the following networking technologies?

  1. Wi-Fi

  2. SONET

  3. T1/E1 Internet

  4. Satellite Internet

Answer: A

Question No: 635 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following network topologies is MOST commonly used by online file sharing websites?

  1. Point to multipoint

  2. Peer-to-peer

  3. Ring

  4. Hybrid

Answer: B

Question No: 636 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following appliances creates and manages a large number of secure remote- access sessions, and also provides a high availability solution?

  1. Media converter

  2. Proxy server

  3. VPN concentrator

  4. Load balancer

Answer: C

Question No: 637 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following is MOST commonly used with a fiber-optic network backbone?

  1. 100BaseFX

  2. 100BaseT

  3. 100BaseTX

  4. 1000BaseCX

Answer: A

Question No: 638 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following devices exist as either hardware or software to assist in routing traffic? (Select TWO).

  1. Cable modem

  2. Layer 2 switch

  3. Router

  4. NIDS

  5. Layer 3 switch

Answer: C,E

Question No: 639 – (Topic 6)

A technician installs a new CAT6 cable from one end of the office building to another, a

total distance of 600 feet (182.88 meters). When a laptop is connected to the cable, it cannot connect to the Internet. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of this problem?

  1. Bad connectors

  2. Crosstalk

  3. DB loss

  4. TXRX reversed

Answer: C

Question No: 640 – (Topic 6)

Sandy, a user, is unable to access the Internet. The network administrator notices that the workstation has an APIPA address. Which of the following is MOST likely not functioning correctly in this situation?

  1. Broadcast address

  2. Multicast address

  3. DNS

  4. DHCP

Answer: D

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