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CompTIA Network certification

Question No: 671 – (Topic 6)

The systems administrator has assigned an IP address and default gateway to a standard Layer 2 switch. Which of the following would be the primary purpose of doing this?

  1. Allow VLAN routing

  2. Enable packet filtering on the switch

  3. Allow remote administration of the switch

  4. Enable MAC filtering on the switch

Answer: C

Question No: 672 – (Topic 6)

Zach, a network technician, is configuring several switches to be managed remotely. Which of the following must be configured to connect via SSH to each of those devices, as well as to retrieve various parameters?

  1. PoE settings and VTP configuration

  2. SNMP configuration only

  3. IP address and SNMP configuration

  4. QoS and PoE settings

Answer: C

Question No: 673 – (Topic 6)

In order to discover the currently unknown IP address of the next-hop router, a network

administrator would begin by using which of the following tools?

  1. NMAP

  2. ping

  3. nslookup

  4. tracert

Answer: D

Question No: 674 – (Topic 6)

A network administrator is adding 24 – 802.3af class 2 VoIP phones and needs to purchase a single PoE switch to power the phones. Which of the following is the MINIMUM PoE dedicated wattage the switch supports to power all of the phones at full power?

  1. 96W

  2. 168W

  3. 240W

D. 369.6W

Answer: B

Question No: 675 – (Topic 6)

The Transport Layer of the TCP/IP model corresponds to which of the following layers of the OSI model?

  1. 1

  2. 3

  3. 4

  4. 5

Answer: C

Question No: 676 – (Topic 6)

A network technician is configuring a wireless network. To avoid interference from other wireless networks in the area, the technician should change which setting?

  1. Channel

  2. SSID

  3. Firewall rule

  4. Encryption

Answer: A

Question No: 677 – (Topic 6)

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) decided that only a limited number of authorized company workstations will be able to connect to the Internet. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this goal?

  1. Use content filtering

  2. Install and configure IDS

  3. Enable MAC address filtering

  4. Enable RAS on the network firewall

Answer: C

Question No: 678 – (Topic 6)

A new WAP is configured to only use 802.11g with SSID broadcasts enabled. The encryption is set to WPA and the key is given to the user. A user near the WAP is using a laptop equipped with a 5GHz wireless card and is not able to see the SSID. Which of the following is the problem?

  1. Latency

  2. Incorrect encryption type

  3. EUI-64

  4. Incompatible hardware

Answer: D

Question No: 679 – (Topic 6)

A home user wishes to secure the wireless network using strong encryption, so they decide to use AES. Which of the following would be used as the encryption method?

  1. WEP

  2. CCMP

  3. TKIP

  4. CHAP

Answer: B

Question No: 680 – (Topic 6)

A user at a small business states that they cannot connect to the Internet via the company’s wireless network every time their cordless phone rings. Which of the following is MOST likely occurring?

  1. Interference

  2. Incorrect encryption type

  3. Latency

  4. SSID mismatch

Answer: A

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