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CompTIA Network Certification

Question No: 111 – (Topic 4)

A company has changed ISPs for their office and ordered a new 250 Mbps symmetrical Internet connection. As a result, they have been given a new IP range. The ISP has assigned the company /28. The company gateway router has the following interface configuration facing the ISP:

Interface A:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Default gateway:

Speed: 1000 Mbps Duplex: Auto

State: No Shutdown

None of the workstations at the company are able to access the Internet. Which of the following are the reasons? (Select TWO).

  1. There is a duplex mismatch between the router and ISP.

  2. The router interface is turned off.

  3. The interface is set to the incorrect speed.

  4. The router is configured with the incorrect subnet mask.

  5. The router interface is configured with the incorrect IP address.

  6. The default gateway is configured incorrectly.

Answer: E,F Explanation:

According to the IP Address Range Calculator, for the given subnet mask and the IP range address range assigned by the ISP, the first host address should be and the broadcast address should be Therefore, the router interface is configured with the incorrect IP address and the default gateway is configured incorrectly.

Question No: 112 – (Topic 4)

A network technician is performing a wireless survey in the office and discovers a device that was not installed by the networking team. This is an example of which of following threats?

  1. Bluesnarfing

  2. DDoS

  3. Brute force

  4. Rogue AP

Answer: D Explanation:

A rogue access point is when a wireless access point is located on a network without the administrator being awareof it. Therefore, if the device was not installed by the networking team, the administrator would not know about it being there.

Question No: 113 – (Topic 4)

A network technician is performing a tracert command to troubleshoot a website-related issue. The following output is received for each hop in the tracert:

1 * * * Request timed out. 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 * * * Request timed out.

The technician would like to see the results of the tracert command. Which of the following will allow the technician to perform tracert on external sites but not allow outsiders to

discover information from inside the network?

  1. Enable split horizon to allow internal tracert commands to pass through the firewall

  2. Enable IGMP messages out and block IGMP messages into the network

  3. Configure the firewall to allow echo reply in and echo request out of the network

  4. Install a backdoor to access the router to allow tracert messages to pass through

Answer: C Explanation:

Tracert makes use of ICMP echo packets to trace the route between two hosts. For the command to be successful, the firewall has to allow incoming echo replies and outgoing echo requests.

Question No: 114 – (Topic 4)

While troubleshooting a network outage, a technician finds a 100-meter fiber cable with a small service loop and suspects it might be the cause of the outage. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

  1. Maximum cable length exceeded

  2. Dirty connectors

  3. RF interference caused by impedance mismatch

  4. Bend radius exceeded

Answer: D Explanation:

Theexcessive bending of fiber-optic cables can increase microbending and macrobending losses. Microbending causes light attenuation induced by deformation of the fiber, while macrobending causes the leakage of light through the fiber cladding and this is morelikely to happen where the fiber is excessively bent.

Question No: 115 – (Topic 4)

A user connects to a wireless network at the office and is able to access unfamiliar SMB shares and printers. Which of the following has happened to the user?

  1. The user is connected using the wrong channel.

  2. The user is connected to the wrong SSID.

  3. The user is experiencing an EMI issue.

  4. The user is connected to the wrong RADIUS server.

Answer: B Explanation:

The user is connecting to an SSID assignedto a different subnet. Therefore, the user has access to SMB shares and printers that are not recognizable.

Question No: 116 – (Topic 4)

Which of the following helps prevent routing loops?

  1. Routing table

  2. Default gateway

  3. Route summarization

  4. Split horizon

Answer: D Explanation:

Routing loops occur when the routing tables on the routers are slow to update and a redundant communication cycle is created between routers. Split horizon, which prevents the router from advertising a route back to the other router from whichit was learned, can be used to resist routing loops. Poison reverse, also known as split horizon with poison reverse, is also used to resist routing loops.

Question No: 117 – (Topic 4)

A PC technician has installed a new network printer that was preconfigured with the correct static IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway. The printer was installed with a new cable and appears to have link activity, but the printer will not respond to any network communication attempts. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the problem?

  1. Damaged cable

  2. Duplex mismatch

  3. Incorrect VLAN assignment

  4. Speed mismatch

Answer: C Explanation:

If a port is accidentally assigned to the wrong VLAN in a switch, it’s as if that client was magicallytransported to another place in the network. This would explain the inability to communication with the printer, as it is on a different VLAN.

Question No: 118 – (Topic 4)

A technician is troubleshooting a wired device on the network. The technician notices that the link light on the NIC does not illuminate. After testing the device on a different RJ-45 port, the device connects successfully. Which of the following is causing this issue?

  1. EMI

  2. RFI

  3. Cross-talk

  4. Bad wiring

Answer: D Explanation:

The question states that the device worked on a different port. This indicates that the wiring is faulty.

Question No: 119 – (Topic 4)

A technician is tasked with connecting a router to a DWDM. The technician connects the router to the multiplexer and confirms that there is a good signal level. However, the interface on the router will not come up. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

  1. The wrong wavelength was demuxed from the multiplexer.

  2. The SFP in the multiplexer ismalfunctioning.

  3. There is a dirty connector on the fiber optic cable.

  4. The fiber optic cable is bent in the management tray.

Answer: A Explanation:

A multiplexer (or mux) is a device that selects one of several analog or digital input signals andforwards the selected input into a single line. A demultiplexer (or demux) is a device

taking a single input signal and selecting one of many data-output-lines, which is connected to the single input. Since the signal going in is good, the problem must bewith the signal output. If the correct wavelength was demultiplexed, the interface will be displayed on the router.

Question No: 120 – (Topic 4)

A network technician has detected a personal computer that has been physically connected to the corporate network. Which of the following commands would the network technician use to locate this unauthorized computer and determine the interface it is connected to?

  1. nbtstat -a

  2. show mac address-table

  3. show interface status

  4. show ip access-list

  5. nslookup hostname

Answer: B Explanation:

The show mac address-table command is used to view the ageing timer, and also the unicast and multicast MAC addresses stored in the MAC address table by the switch. Furthermore, you can view all of the addresses in the table or only the addresses learned or specified on a particular port or VLAN.

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