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CompTIA Network Certification

Question No: 261 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following applies to data as it travels from Layer 1 to Layer 7 of the OSI model?

  1. Tagging

  2. Encapsulation

  3. Tunneling

  4. De-encapsulation

Answer: D

Question No: 262 – (Topic 6)

A disgruntled employee executes a man-in-the-middle attack on the company network. Layer 2 traffic destined for the gateway is redirected to the employee’s computer. This type of attack is an example of:

  1. ARP cache poisoning

  2. IP spoofing

  3. amplified DNS attack

  4. evil twin

Answer: A Explanation:


Question No: 263 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following is the BEST way to prevent various types of security threats throughout the network on a routine basis?

  1. Disaster recovery planning

  2. User training and awareness

  3. Penetration testing

  4. Business continuity training

Answer: B

Question No: 264 – (Topic 6)

Users are reporting extreme slowness across the network every Friday. Which of the following should the network technician review first to narrow down the root cause of the problem?

  1. Baseline

  2. Bottleneck

  3. Utilization

  4. Link status

Answer: C

Question No: 265 – (Topic 6)

A network administrator has configured a new 100Mbs WAN circuit, but speed testing shows poor performance when downloading large files. The download initially reaches close to 100Mbps but begins to drop and show spikes in the downloads speeds over time. The administrator checks the router interface and sees the following:

Router01#show interface eth 1/1 GigabitEthernet 1/1 is up, line is up

Hardware is GigabitEthernet, address is 000A.00BB.CC11 Configured speed auto, actual 1Gbit, configured duplex fdx, actual fdx Member of L2 VLAN 1, port is untagged, port state is forwarding

Which of the following is MOST likely to resolve the issue?

  1. Shutdown and then re-enable this interface

  2. Reset the statistics counter for this interface

  3. Remove default 802.1q tag and set to server VLAN

  4. Apply egress port rate-shaping

Answer: C

Question No: 266 – (Topic 6)

A technician has completed a survey of a wireless network and documented signal

strengths. This document is known as which of the following?

  1. LogicalNetwork map

  2. Heat map

  3. Network baseline

  4. Bandwidth survey

Answer: B

Question No: 267 – (Topic 6)

A network technician is tasked with designing a firewall to improve security for an existing FTP server that is on the company network and is accessible from the internet. The security concern is that the FTP server is compromised it may be used as a platform to attack other company servers. Which of the following is the BEST way to mitigate this risk?

  1. Add an outbound ACL to the firewall

  2. Change the FTP server to a more secure SFTP

  3. Use the implicit deny of the firewall

  4. Move the server to the DMZ of the firewall

Answer: D

Question No: 268 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following is a UC application?

  1. Softphone

  2. Intranet

  3. Proxy

  4. Facsimile

Answer: A

Question No: 269 – (Topic 6)

Joe, a system administrator, is troubleshooting an issue with remotely accessing a new

server on the LAN. He is using an LMHOST file and the file contains the hostname and IP address of the new server. The server that he cannot remote to is located on the same LAN as another server that he can successfully remote to. Which of the following output from the command line would BEST resolve the problem?

  1. C:\windows\system32gt;ipconfig /flushdnsWindows IP configurationSuccessfully flushed DNS resolver cache

  2. C:\windows\system32gt;ipconfig /registerdnsWindows IP configurationRegistration of the DNS resource records for all adapters has been initiated. Any errors will be reported in the event viewer in 15 minutes.

  3. C:\windows\system32gt;nslookupDefault server: unknownAddress:

  4. C:\windows\system32gt;nbtstat -RSuccessful purge and reload of the NBT remote cache table

Answer: B

Question No: 270 – (Topic 6)

An administrator notices an abnormally high level of network traffic from a server. Upon logging into the server, the administrator runs the following command:

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Which of the following should the administrator use to correlate the active connection with the running service?

  1. netstat -p

  2. Open task manager

  3. route print

  4. Open services. msc

Answer: A

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