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CompTIA Network Certification

Question No: 91 – (Topic 3)

A technician needs to secure web traffic for a new e-commerce website. Which of the following will secure traffic between a web browser and a website?

  1. SSL


  3. WPA2

  4. MTU

Answer: A Explanation:

Secure SocketsLayer (SSL) provides cryptography and reliability for upper layers (Layers 5-7) of the OSI model. SSL (and TLS) provide secure web browsing (web traffic) via Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Question No: 92 – (Topic 3)

Which of the following types of network would be set up in an office so that customers could access the Internet but not be given access to internal resources such as printers

and servers?

  1. Quarantine network

  2. Core network

  3. Guest network

  4. Wireless network

Answer: C Explanation:

A wireless guest network could be set up so that it haslimited access (no access to local resources) but does provide Internet access for guest users.

Question No: 93 – (Topic 3)

A company has decided to update their usage policy to allow employees to surf the web unrestricted from their work computers. Which of the following actions should the IT security team implement to help protect the network from attack as a result of this new policy?

  1. Install host-based anti-malware software

  2. Implement MAC filtering on all wireless access points

  3. Add an implicit deny to the core router ACL

  4. Block port 80 outboundon the company firewall

  5. Require users to utilize two-factor authentication

Answer: A Explanation:

To protect the computers from employees installing malicious software they download on the internet, antimalware should be run on all systems.

After asingle machine in a company is compromised and is running malicious software (malware), the attacker can then use that single computer to proceed further into the internal network using the compromised host as a pivot point. The malware may have been implemented by an outside attacker or by an inside disgruntled employee.

Question No: 94 – (Topic 3)

A technician wants to securely manage several remote network devices. Which of the following should be implemented to securely manage the devices?

  1. WPA2

  2. IPv6

  3. SNMPv3

  4. RIPv2

Answer: C Explanation:

To manage the remote network devices we need to use a network management protocol.

SNMP has become the de facto standard of network management protocols. The security weaknesses of SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c are addressed inSNMPv3.

Question No: 95 – (Topic 3)

A wireless network technician for a local retail store is installing encrypted access points within the store for real-time inventory verification, as well as remote price checking capabilities, while employees are away from the registers. The store is in a fully occupied strip mall that has multiple neighbors allowing guest access to the wireless networks. There are a finite known number of approved handheld devices needing to access the store#39;s wireless network. Which of the following is the BEST security method to implement on the access points?

  1. Port forwarding

  2. MAC filtering


  4. IP ACL

Answer: B Explanation:

MAC filtering allows traffic to be permitted or denied based on a device’s MAC address. We make a MAC filtering which contains the MAC addresses of all approved devices that need to access the wireless network. This ensures that only approved devices are given access to the network.

Question No: 96 – (Topic 3)

A network technician has been tasked to configure a new network monitoring tool that will examine interface settings throughout various network devices. Which of the following would need to be configured on each network device to provide that information in a secure manner?

  1. S/MIME


  3. PGP

  4. SNMPv3

  5. RSH

Answer: D Explanation:

The network monitoring need to use a network management protocol. SNMP has become the de facto standard of network management protocols. The securityweaknesses of SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c are addressed in SNMPv3.

Question No: 97 – (Topic 3)

An attacker has connected to an unused VoIP phone port to gain unauthorized access to a network. This is an example of which of the following attacks?

  1. Smurf attack

  2. VLAN hopping

  3. Bluesnarfing

  4. Spear phishing

Answer: B Explanation:

The VoIP phone port can be used to attack a VLAN on the local network.

VLAN hopping is a computer security exploit, a method of attacking networked resources on a Virtual LAN (VLAN). The basic concept behind all VLAN hopping attacks is for an attacking host on a VLAN to gain access to traffic on other VLANs that would normally not be accessible.

Topic 4, Troubleshooting

Question No: 98 – (Topic 4)

After repairing a computer infected with malware, a technician determines that the web browser fails to go to the proper address for some sites. Which of the following should be checked?

  1. Server host file

  2. Subnet mask

  3. Local hosts file

  4. Duplex settings

Answer: C Explanation:

The local hosts file is a text file thatcontains hostname-to-IP address mappings. By default, host to IP address mappings that are configured in the Hosts file supersede the information in DNS. If there is an entry for a domain name in the Hosts file, then the server will not attempt to query DNS servers for that name. Instead, the IP address that is configured in the Hosts file will be used. If the IP address corresponding to a name changes and the Hosts file is not updated, you may be unable to connect to the host.

Question No: 99 CORRECT TEXT – (Topic 4)

Wireless network users recently began experiencing speed and performance issues after access point 2 (AP2) was replaced due to faulty hardware. The original network was installed according to a consultant#39;s specifications and has always worked without a problem.

You, a network technician, have been tasked with evaluating the situation and resolving the issues to improve both performance and connectivity. Refer to the following diagram and perform any NECESSARY changes to the wireless and wired infrastructure by adjusting devices.

Note: Adjust the LEAST number of devices needed to fix the issue, all blue icons in the image are clickable. When you feel the simulation is complete please select the Done


Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Answer: Here is the solution below.


Since we know that the network was running perfectly before replacing AP2 we should start by looking at this new device thatwas used to replace the old one. Here we see that the other AP’s have hard coded the speed and duplex settings to 100/full, while AP2 is set to auto/auto.

Also, the other AP’s have been configured to use 802.11G, while AP2 is using 802.11B. Finally the channel that AP2 is using overlaps with AP1 which can cause problems.

Channels 1, 6, and 11 are spaced far enough apart that they don’t overlap. On a non- MIMO setup (i.e. 802.11 a, b, or g) you should always try to use channel 1, 6, or 11. Since AP1 is using1, and AP3 is using 11, AP2 should be using 6.


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Question No: 100 – (Topic 4)

A technician recently ran a 20-meter section of CAT6 to relocate a control station to a more central area on the production floor. Since the relocation, the helpdesk has received complaints about intermittent operation. During the troubleshooting process, the technician noticed that collisions are only observed on the switch port during production. Given this information, which of the following is the cause of the problem?

  1. Distance limitation

  2. Electromagnetic interference

  3. Cross talk

  4. Speed and duplex mismatch

Answer: B Explanation:

When cables are installed near electrical devices the signal within the cable might become corrupt. The cable connecting the control station to theswitch port is now surrounded by the production machinery. Electromagnetic interference could occur when the machinery is running, causing the intermittent operation.

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