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CompTIA Network Recertification Exam for Continuing Education

Question No: 201 – (Topic 6)

A network technician is asked to redesign an Ethernet network before new monitoring software is added to each host on the network. The new software will broadcast statistics from each host to a monitoring host for each of the five departments in the company. The added network traffic is a concern of management that must be addressed. Which of the following solutions should the technician design into the new network?

  1. Place each department in aseparate VLAN

  2. Add a router and create a segment for all the monitoring host stations

  3. Increase the number of switches on the network to reduce broadcasts

  4. Increase the collision domain to compensate for the added broadcasts

Answer: A

Question No: 202 – (Topic 6)

A NAC service has discovered a virus on a client laptop. In which of the following locations would the NAC service place the laptop?

  1. On the DMZ network

  2. On the sandbox network

  3. On the honeypot

  4. On the quarantine network

Answer: D

Question No: 203 – (Topic 6)

During a high availability test of a system, a fiber interruption did not re-route traffic. This is an indication of which of the following routing concepts?

  1. Static

  2. Dynamic

  3. Hybrid

  4. Routing loops

Answer: A

Question No: 204 HOTSPOT – (Topic 6)

Workstations are unable to access the Internet after a recent power outage. Configure the appropriate devices to ensure ALL workstations have Internet connectivity.

Instructions: All ports can be enabled (green) or disabled (red). When you have completed the simu-lation please select the Done button.

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE


Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE


All ports should be enabled.

Question No: 205 – (Topic 6)

Ann, a network technician is preparing to configure a company#39;s network. She has installed a firewall to allow for an internal DMZ and external network. No hosts on the internal network should be directly accessible by IP address from the internet, but they should be able to communicate with remote networks after receiving a proper IP address. Which of the following is an addressing scheme that will work in this situation?

  1. Teredo tunneling

  2. Private

  3. APIPA

  4. Classless

Answer: B

Question No: 206 – (Topic 6)

A network administrator is tasked with building a wireless network in a new adjacent building. Wireless clients should not have visibility to one another but should have visibility to the wired users. Users must seamlessly migrate between the two buildings while maintaining a connection to the LAN. Which of the following is the BEST way to configure the new wireless network in the new building?

  1. Use the same SSIDs on different channels and AP isolation

  2. Use different SSIDs on different channels and VLANs

  3. Use different SSIDs on the samechannels with VLANs

  4. Use the same SSIDs on same channels with AP isolation

Answer: A

Question No: 207 – (Topic 6)

A client is concerned with theft of equipment from the datacenter. Which of the following would provide the highest level of physical security for the client?

  1. Cipher lock

  2. Proximity reader

  3. Magnetic key swipe

  4. Man trap

  5. CCTV

Answer: D

Question No: 208 – (Topic 6)

Which of the following describes what occurs with the ID of a specified native VLAN when traffic passes over a trunk?

  1. It becomes the gateway of last resort for the switch or router.

  2. it becomes the default VLAN for the untagged frames.

  3. it becomes the priority ID for all the VLAN traffic across the device.

  4. It becomes the default gateway for the port or ports.

Answer: B

Question No: 209 – (Topic 6)

A network architect is designing a highly redundant network with a distance vector routing protocol in order to prevent routing loops, the architect has configured the routers to advertise failed routes with the addition of an infinite metric. Which of the following methods has the architect chosen?

  1. Spanning tree

  2. Split horizon

  3. Route poisoning

  4. Hold down timers

Answer: C Explanation:

https://books.google.co.za/books?id=C5G6DAAAQBAJamp;pg=PT1507amp;lpg=PT1507amp;dq=adv ertise failed routes with the addition of an infinite metricamp;source=blamp;ots=hPhUeuDuis

amp;sig=d2zmlLrjHOSadqWLfeFEPjfNJjUamp;hl=enamp;sa=Xamp;ved=0ahUKEwi_z9Gr5vXQAhUhJM AKHRFHCeQQ6AEIGjAA#v=onepageamp;q=advertise failed routes with the% 20addition of an infinite metricamp;f=false

Question No: 210 – (Topic 6)

An administrator needs to set up a space in the office where co-workers can relax. The administrator sets up several TV#39;s with interconnected gaming systems in the office. Which of the following did the administrator set up?

  1. CAN

  2. MAN

  3. WAN

  4. LAN

Answer: A

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