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CompTIA Server

Question No: 61

An administrator needs to control servers locally via a console. The administrator wants a rack mounted solution for easy access. Which of the following should be installed?

  1. iDRAC

  2. KVM

  3. ILO

  4. RDP

Answer: B

Question No: 62

A technician is asked to troubleshoot a hardware alert on a server. The server is up and running and all users can access their data. Which of the following could the technician use to find the failed component? (Select TWO).

  1. LEDs

  2. Dataflow diagram

  3. Power supply tester

  4. LCD messages

  5. Cabling diagram

Answer: A,D

Question No: 63

A system administrator is asked to set up several physical file serversthat have recently crashed due to apower failure. Which of the following documents should the administrator refer toin order to complete this task?

  1. Server configuration documentation

  2. Network diagram

  3. Asset management documentation

  4. Dataflow diagram

Answer: A

Question No: 64

Which of the following server types stores the list of network usernames and passwords required for authentication?

  1. File server

  2. Directory

  3. DHCP

  4. SNMP

Answer: B

Question No: 65

A server administrator wants to upgrade the memory of the server using two memory modules. The server has two banks of memorywith the followingslotsavailable: A2, A3, A4, B2, B3, and B4. In whichof the following two slotsshould theadministrator install the additional RAM?

  1. Slots A2 and A3

  2. Slots A2 and B2

  3. Slots A2 and B4

  4. Slots B2 and B3

Answer: B

Question No: 66

A technician needs to add a processor to a server. Which of the following specifications should the technician examine? (Select THREE).

  1. Bus multiplier

  2. Processor speed

  3. Socket type

  4. Processor stepping

  5. L3 cache size

  6. Thermal specifications

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 67

When troubleshooting a failed backup, atechnician runs the backup using the same tape

but on a different tape drive in the same tape library. The backup fails again. Which of the followingshould be the FIRST item the technician should examine as a failure?

  1. Tape drive

  2. Tape library

  3. Tape media

  4. Tape capacity

Answer: C

Question No: 68

Which of the following protocols is considered stateless and utilizes TCP when communicating between a server and client?

  1. IMAP

  2. SMTP

  3. HTTP

  4. SSH

Answer: C

Question No: 69

A customer reports that connectivity to their web server has been sporadic throughout the morning. An administrator has applied OS patches periodically throughout the morning and rebooted the server. Which of the following has the administrator MOST likely violated?

  1. Service level agreement

  2. Mean time before failure

  3. Mean time to repair

  4. Request for proposal

Answer: A

Question No: 70

A technician is called upon to add storage to a database server. The database administrator needs the maximum performance for accessing many small files. Which of the following specifications should the technician focus on when selecting the drive to add to the server?

  1. Form factor

  2. Capacity

  3. Bus bandwidth

  4. Seek time

Answer: D

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