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CompTIA Server

Question No: 81

A system technician is asked to create a test environment that will consist of 45 computers and a file server. Which of the following types of servers is BEST suited for IP management in the lab network?

  1. Domain Name Service

  2. Window Internet Naming Services

  3. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

  4. Routing and Remote Access

Answer: C

Question No: 82

A company has hired a consultant to review the production storage infrastructure and provide suggestions on improving performance. The consultant has identified a bottleneck in the production switching fabric and successfully tested the solution in a lab environment. Which of the following should the consultant perform NEXT, according to best practices?

  1. Implement the solution in production since it was tested in the lab.

  2. Establish a plan of action to implement the solution in production.

  3. Perform a root cause analysis of what caused the bottleneck.

  4. Establish a theory describing the possible issue in the production network.

Answer: B

Question No: 83

A user is unable to save an image file to their home directory on a server. The server technician checks the disk space and ACL on the user#39;s home directory and finds that the user has enough space and required access to write to the directory. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason why the user is unable to save the file?

  1. The user is attempting to save a file with a prohibited file extension.

  2. There are too many open files on the server.

  3. The user does not have permission to save files to the server.

  4. The hard drive containing the user#39;s home directory, is failing.

Answer: A

Question No: 84

The shortest time to recovery method in the event of a complete datacenter failure is to utilize a:

  1. warm site.

  2. hot site.

  3. cold site.

  4. private cloud.

  5. hybrid cloud.

Answer: B

Question No: 85

An administrator has a UPS rated at 200 amps per hour. Which of the following is the maximum runtime of this UPS when hooked up to a server drawing 400 amps per hour?

  1. 15 minutes

  2. 30 minutes

  3. 60 minutes

  4. 120 minutes

Answer: B

Question No: 86

Which of the following is an example of the principle of least privilege and is the MOST secure when granting access to a shared network drive used by the Accounting department?

  1. Grant appropriate permissions to only users in the Accounting department for both the share and NTFS

  2. Grant all users full control permissions for the share only

  3. Grant the Accounting department full control for the share and appropriate NTFS permissions

  4. Grant modify permissions to the Accounting department and deny NTFS permissions to all other users

Answer: A

Question No: 87

A technician is upgrading the memory in a server. The server requires DDR3 Registered DIMMs. The server hasfourbanks ofthreeslots for memory and currently there is one 2GBmodule in each bank. When the technician attempts to add eight more 4GB modules of DDR3unbuffered ECC memory,the memory does notfit in the slots. Which of the following is thecause ofthis issue?

  1. In a bank, 2GB and 4GB memory cannot be mixed.

  2. The server cannot use ECC memory.

  3. The server requires fully buffered memory.

  4. The total memory on the server cannot exceed 24GB of RAM.

Answer: C

Question No: 88

An administrator hasbeentaskedwithconsolidatingsixindividual serversinto one blade enclosure. Theadministrator completed the task successfully.A week later, all of the bladeswould not boot properly. Which of the followingwould MOST likely be causing this issue?

  1. The blade servers are faulty.

  2. The network module on the blade enclosure is faulty.

  3. The backplane of the enclosure is faulty.

  4. The management modules in the enclosure are faulty.

Answer: C

Question No: 89

An administrator is updating theserver infrastructure atacompany#39;s disaster recovery site. Currently, an enormous amount of effortisrequired by theadministratorto replicate operations. Which of the followingtypes of siteis the administrator currently using?

  1. Cold site

  2. Hot site

  3. Warm site

  4. Replication site

Answer: A

Question No: 90

A server administrator has been given the following information from the network team in order to configure IP addresses on a new server:

Network Address:

The network team also instructed the server administrator to use the LAST usable address on the given network. Which of the following IP address/subnet mask combinations should the server administrator use?





Answer: C

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