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Implementing Cisco Unified Wireless Mobility Services (IUWMS v2.0)

Question No: 101

What are two benefits of Cisco wireless Mesh? (Choose two.)

  1. per-user or per-WLAN traffic rate limiting

  2. static AP Channel Balancing

  3. intelligent Tx_Pwr Levels

  4. fixed Root AP Assignment

  5. does not require a WLC

Answer: A,C

Question No: 102

How is password recovery performed on a Cisco 3300 Series MSE v7.0?

  1. Interrupt the boot sequence and modify the BIOS bootloader.

  2. Interrupt the boot sequence and modify the GRUB bootloader.

  3. Reboot using a CD that is imaged with an ISO bootable file to reimage Cisco MSE.

  4. Use the emergency TFTP bootable image.

Answer: B

Question No: 103

An engineer is connecting a Mesh AP to a controller for the first time. What action must be taken for this to occur?

  1. set the AP#39;s CLI to configure it as MAP or RAP

  2. import the Self-Signed cert into the WLC

  3. add the MAC address to the AP Policy: Authorization List

  4. power the AP on while holding the reset button to force WLC discovery

Answer: C

Question No: 104

Which two statements describe WGB access to a Cisco Unified Wireless Network that is running code (Choose two.)

  1. Only Cisco WGB or universal WGB is supported.

  2. WGBs other than Cisco are supported with Layer 3 roaming.

  3. WGBs other than Cisco are supported with Layer 2 roaming.

  4. Cisco WGB devices are supported with VLAN tagging.

  5. Cisco WGB devices are supported only with a single native VLAN.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 105

What is the maximum number of APs that are supported in a mobility group using Cisco WLC 2500?

  1. 24

  2. 72 C. 1200 D. 2400 E. 3600

Answer: C

Question No: 106

What are two limitations of using a Mesh AP as a workgroup bridge? (Choose two.)

  1. There is a limit of 20 wired client devices.

  2. Multiple VLANs are not supported for wireless clients.

  3. A limited subset of Layer 2 security types are supported for wireless clients of a WGB.

  4. Only factory configured Mesh APs can support WGB mode.

  5. Mesh APs configured in WGB mode do not answer S36 radio measurement requests.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 107

Which two formats can be used by Cisco WCS v7.0 to export reports? (Choose two.)

  1. JPEG

  2. PDF

  3. HTML

  4. CSV

  5. XML

  6. RTF

Answer: B,D

Question No: 108

Through which method can a client device connect to a MAP v7.0 to access the corporate network?

  1. wired Ethernet only

  2. 5-GHz radio only

  3. 2.4-GHz radio only

  4. 2.4- or 5-GHz radio only

  5. wired Ethernet or 2.4- or 5-GHz radio

Answer: E

Question No: 109

How is the zipped code that is downloaded from Cisco.com handled for a Cisco 3300 Series MSE v7.0 upgrade?

  1. Unzip the file on Cisco WCS before sending to Cisco MSE via TFTP.

  2. Unzip the file on Cisco WCS before sending to Cisco MSE via FTP.

  3. It is automatically unzipped during TFTP from Cisco WCS to Cisco MSE.

  4. It is automatically unzipped during FTP from Cisco WCS to Cisco MSE.

Answer: D

Question No: 110

Which location-tracking solution requires clock synchronization on receivers only?

  1. cell of origin

  2. modified cell of origin

  3. AoA

  4. ToD

  5. TDoA

  6. RSS trilateration

Answer: E

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