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By | April 18, 2018

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CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Functionality Exam

Question No: 61

You have a customer who wants to move files and settings from an old PC to a new one she is buying. What tool do you recommend?

  1. Windows Explorer

  2. User State Migration Tool

  3. Disk Management

  4. File and Settings Transfer Wizard

Answer: D

Question No: 62

Which of the following are removable storage devices/media? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.

  1. SD card

  2. Hard disk drive

  3. USB Pen drive

  4. CD-ROM

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 63

You are responsible for assigning equipment in your company. An employee has requested a docking station. Which of the following would NOT be a valid reason for the employee to request a docking station?

  1. A need for connecting a ps2 keyboard to a laptop

  2. A need to connect multiple printers to a desktop computer

  3. A need to easily plug the laptop into a large monitor

  4. A need for more USB ports on a laptop

Answer: B

Question No: 64

Which of the following are Internet standard protocols for email retrieval? Each correct answerrepresents a complete solution. Choose two.

  1. IMAP4

  2. POP3

  3. SMTP

  4. SNMP

Answer: A,B

Question No: 65

Which of the following programs under Control Panel changes, adds, or deletes software?

  1. Administrative tools

  2. Power options

  3. Display

  4. Add/Remove programs

Answer: D

Question No: 66

Which of the following buses has a maximum data transfer rate of 2400 Mbps?

  1. USB 1.1

  2. FireWire 800

  3. USB 2.0

  4. eSATA

Answer: D

Question No: 67

Which of the followingsoftware displays advertisements, whether or not the user hasconsented?

  1. Trojan horse

  2. Spyware

  3. Adware

  4. Honeypot

Answer: C

Question No: 68

Which of the following AT Attachment (ATA) standards supports transfer mode UltraDMA/133?

  1. ATA-7

  2. ATA-5

  3. ATA-6

  4. ATA-4

Answer: A

Question No: 69

Which of the following types of attacks entices a user to disclose personal information such as social security number, bank account details, or credit card number?

  1. Replay attack

  2. Password guessing attack

  3. Phishing

  4. Spoofing

Answer: C

Question No: 70

Which of the following terms refers to very low powered and short-range radio connections?

  1. CDMA

  2. Infrared

  3. GSM

  4. Bluetooth

Answer: D

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