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VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5

Question No: 171 – (Topic 5)

An administrator must determine which Update Manager procedures can be performed using the vSphere Web Client, and which must be completed using the Windows vSphere client.

Which two tasks require the use of the Windows vSphere client? (Choose two.)

  1. Attach and detach baselines to inventory objects

  2. Scan inventory objects for compliance

  3. Create a baseline for an inventory object

  4. Stage a baseline for remediation

Answer: C,D

Question No: 172 – (Topic 5)

The vSphere administrator needs to migrate a virtual machine from one host to another. The virtual machine .vswp file resides in local storage.

Which two techniques can the administrator use to migrate the virtual machine? (Choose two.)

  1. vMotion migration

  2. Cold migration

  3. Storage vMotion migration

  4. Enhanced vMotion migration

Answer: A,B

Question No: 173 – (Topic 5)

What will cause the validation of a vMotion migration to fail?

  1. A virtual machine configured for CPU affinity

  2. A virtual machine configured with a local .vswp file

  3. A virtual machine configured to use NUMA

  4. A virtual machine configured with a shared Raw-Device Mapped disk

Answer: A

Question No: 174 – (Topic 5)

While testing a Fault Tolerance setup on a virtual machine, a system administrator notices that the DRS automation level of the virtual machine has been automatically set to Disabled.

The administrator needs to enable DRS to migrate the Fault Tolerance virtual machine to balance the cluster#39;s CPU and memory loads.

What should the administrator do?

  1. Enable Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) in the vSphere cluster.

  2. Move the virtual machine to a VMFS 5 datastore built on shared storage.

  3. Manually change the DRS automation level of the virtual machine to Enabled.

  4. Move the secondary virtual machine to a host with a Fault Tolerance VMkernel port.

Answer: A

Question No: 175 – (Topic 5)

The load on a Fully Automated HA/DRS cluster is critically unbalanced. What condition could cause this issue?

  1. DRS is disabled on one or more virtual machines.

  2. The migration threshold is set to Moderate.

  3. Storage vMotion is not enabled on the cluster.

  4. Storage DRS is disabled on the datastore hosting the cluster#39;s virtual machines.

Answer: A

Question No: 176 – (Topic 5)

An organization#39;s wants to ensure that if a host in a High Availability (HA) cluster fails, critical virtual machines resume operation even if there are insufficient resources to continue to run all virtual machines in the cluster.

Which HA setting should be configured to ensure the cluster operates as expected?

  1. VM restart priority

  2. Admission Control policy

  3. VM monitoring sensitivity

  4. das.checkVmStateDelay

Answer: B

Question No: 177 – (Topic 5)

An administrator has deployed vSphere Data Protection and wants to configure several virtual machine backup jobs. When using the vSphere client on a Windows 7 desktop, the administrator notices that there is no icon for vSphere Data Protection in the Solutions and Applications area of the vSphere client.

What is the reason the administrator is unable to access vSphere Data Protection from the vSphere client on their desktop?

  1. The vSphere Data Protection client plug-in is not installed on the administrator#39;s desktop.

  2. Accessing vSphere Data Protection requires the use of the vSphere Web Client.

  3. The vSphere Data Protection plug-in is disabled in the vSphere Client on the administrator#39;s desktop.

  4. The administrator#39;s desktop does not have connectivity to the vSphere Data Protection virtual appliance.

Answer: B

Question No: 178 – (Topic 5)

A vSphere administrator needs to reconfigure the Distributed Power Management (DPM) threshold to be more aggressive.

Where should the administrator edit the settings of DPM in the vSphere Web Client?

  1. DPM plug-in settings

  2. Cluster settings

  3. ESXi host power settings

  4. vCenter Service Status

Answer: B

Question No: 179 – (Topic 5)

An administrator needs to unmount a datastore that is also used for HA storage heartbeats.

What is the least disruptive method for an administrator to perform this activity on a slave HA host?

  1. On the Datastore Heartbeating tab, unmount the datastore normally and confirm a new datastore has been selected.

  2. On the Datastore Heartbeating tab, specify an alternate datastore, then unmount the datastore normally.

  3. Disable HA datastore heartbeats, then unmount the datastore.

  4. Reduce the number of heartbeat datastores, then remove the datastore from the heartbeat list.

Answer: B

Question No: 180 – (Topic 5)

A host in a 4-node HA\DRS cluster has failed. HA initiates restart tasks for the virtual machines on the remaining hosts in the cluster but half of them fail to restart.

What is the likely reason virtual machines fail to restart?

  1. HA admission control is blocking the restart of the virtual machines due to insufficient resources to support the configured failover level of the cluster.

  2. The vMotion network has failed on the remaining hosts preventing the virtual machines

    from migrating.

  3. Storage vMotion has failed on the datastore containing the virtual machines preventing them from migrating.

  4. The failed host was the Master host in the cluster and no other hosts are able to perform the necessary HA function to restart the virtual machines.

Answer: A

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