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Which command is used to enable CHAP authentication, with PAP as the fallback method, on a serial interface?


A.     Router(config-if)# ppp authentication chap fallback ppp

B.     Router(config-if)# ppp authentication chap pap

C.     Router(config-if)# authentication ppp chap fallback ppp

D.     Router(config-if)# authentication ppp chap pap


Correct Answer: B



Which protocol is an open standard protocol framework that is commonly used in VPNs, to provide secure end-to-end communications?


A.     RSA

B.     L2TP

C.     IPsec

D.     PPTP


Correct Answer: C




At which layer of the OSI model does PPP perform?


A.     Layer 2

B.     Layer 3

C.     Layer 4

D.     Layer 5


Correct Answer: A




The command frame-relay map ip 102 broadcast was entered on the router. Which of the following statements is true concerning this command?


A.     This command should be executed from the global configuration mode.

B.     The IP address is the local router port used to forward data.

C.     102 is the remote DLCI that will receive the information.

D.     This command is required for all Frame Relay configurations.

E.      The broadcast option allows packets, such as RIP updates, to be forwarded across the PVC.


Correct Answer: E







Which two options are valid WAN connectivity methods? (Choose two.)


A.     PPP

B.     WAP

C.     DSL

D.     L2TPv3

E.      Ethernet


Correct Answer: AC




Which Layer 2 protocol encapsulation type supports synchronous and asynchronous circuits and has built-in security mechanisms?


A.     HDLC

B.     PPP

C.     X.25

D.     Frame Relay


Correct Answer: B




Which encapsulation type is a Frame Relay encapsulation type that is supported by Cisco routers?


A.     IETF

B.     ANSI Annex D

C.     Q9333-A Annex A

D.     HDLC


Correct Answer: A













RouterA is unable to reach RouterB. Both routers are running IOS version 12.0. After reviewing the command output and graphic, what is the most likely cause of the problem?




A.     incorrect bandwidth configuration

B.     incorrect LMI configuration

C.     incorrect map statement

D.     incorrect IP address


Correct Answer: C




Refer to the exhibit. What is the meaning of the term dynamic as displayed in the output of the show frame-relay map command shown?




A.     The Serial0/0 interface is passing traffic.

B.     The DLCI 100 was dynamically allocated by the router.

C.     The Serial0/0 interface acquired the IP address of from a DHCP server.

D.     The DLCI 100 will be dynamically changed as required to adapt to changes in the Frame Relay cloud.

E.      The mapping between DLCI 100 and the end station IP address was learned through Inverse ARP.


Correct Answer: E







A network administrator needs to configure a serial link between the main office and a remote location. The router at the remote office is a non-Cisco router. How should the network administrator configure the serial interface of the main office router to make the connection?


A.     Main(config)# interface serial 0/0

Main(config-if)# ip address

Main(config-if)# no shut


B.     Main(config)# interface serial 0/0

Main(config-if)# ip address

Main(config-if)# encapsulation ppp

Main(config-if)# no shut


C.     Main(config)# interface serial 0/0

Main(config-if)# ip address

Main(config-if)# encapsulation frame-relay

Main(config-if)# authentication chap

Main(config-if)# no shut


D.     Main(config)# interface serial 0/0

Main(config-if)#ip address

Main(config-if)#encapsulation ietf

Main(config-if)# no shut


Correct Answer: B


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